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Checkmate Redux: Tournament Play

Started by Shakhmaty, August 19, 2009, 02:30:36 PM

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Shakhmaty, as she's known on the chess circuit, has fallen into a special kind of "fork trap" at the State Chess Finals within the ostentatious and luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Finding herself immensely attracted to her opponent in the final round, she had arranged a clandestine meeting with her more-than-worthy adversary beforehand at the Trois Melange Restaurant and Bar. "If you checkmate me once," she promised, "then you will have me twice. For one evening, and perhaps longer, I power."

Her opponent, knowing exactly what the young lady meant, is positioned between Shakhmaty's two greatest desires: winning the State Chess Finals and losing to win! Unbeknownst to Shakhmaty, the White counterpart to her Black has brought some special accoutrements just for her, in anticipation of this very situation: a full bottle of body wash and multiple washrags, shampoo, a slave collar, a leather bustier, fishnet stockings, high heels, and silk scarves to tie her down! First the cleansing, then the clothing, and then...checkmate. Inevitably.

The first scene is the final scene of the tournament. After that--all bets are off!

Dominant and/or Dominatrix welcome to apply! (I'll actually start this one...*lol*)


I could be the submissive partner for you, i like the idea and if you still need a partner let me know.
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