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Author Topic: Seeking Dominant Male Character (MxM, Sci-Fi, NC/reluc, player sex not limited)  (Read 513 times)

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Offline NessyTopic starter

The Empires

Seeking Dominate Male Character (MxM, Sci-Fi, NC/reluc, player sex not limited)

So I tried really hard not to make this a five page too detailed request. Hopefully it’s enough to give you the general idea.

This is a space-sci-fi game where two great empires are competing for resources (planets, alliances, technology, etc.) and are frequently at war. At the moment, the empires have a treaty of peace and have been in peace for the better part of four decades. Their territories do not overlap and in fact the fleets, when they do war, are often in the outskirts of the more densely populated areas, in neutral territory.

Aside from the two empires, the other large powers include a very strong and formidable pirate network, a conglomerate  of merchants working a black market (often associated with the pirates but an actual separate entity) and several smaller planets or civilizations that occasionally ally themselves with one empire or the other but mostly try to keep out of things.

Each empire consists of several planets and races, some of the races (not planets) are even split between the two empires resulting in civil wars when the conflicts begin again.

The story begins with a reluctant diplomat arriving at court. He is from one of the smaller systems, a sun with 5 orbiting planets, 4 of them inhabited. This race, the Jarvan, is a peaceful race of scholars and mystics who have managed to avoid taking either side or getting involved in what they see is senseless violence. A new threat, however, has forced the Jarvan to get involved or face the wrath of both empires.  A shapeshiting race, the Gorine, have become active and are believed to be plotting, perhaps to force another war for reasons not exactly known. Before the empire was two distinct powers, it was one and under that leadership the Gorine suffered terribly, imprisoned and distrusted, driven from their home world until they were scattered across the known galaxy as refugees. Both empires believe the Gorine are seeking revenge, but they do not know how that revenge will take place, and only the Jarvan are able to see the true identity of a Gorine in disguise. Since they have no official homeland, neither empire knows where to start looking either.

This diplomat was sent to aid an elite warrior of the empire to track down the Gorine and find out what they are up to. Unfortunately, the Jarvan is unwilling, and like his races believes the empires are less interested in stopping a dangerous plot and more interested in taking advantage of the situation. He only came because the empire could invade their system and force them into the fold.

I figure most the story will take place with the two traveling in a small ship following leads outside of the empire, at spaceports, outposts and colonies, maybe unchartered planets. Their sole mission to uncover the plot although the empire suspects that that their enemies are behind it and are looking for proof.

The Jarvan, aside from their mystical powers that are not well understood by anyone outside the race, are also known for skin that appears metallic in natural light and their eyes glow brightly in the dark.

I figure more details can be formed before and during the game too.

As always, open to suggestions, ideas, questions
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Offline NessyTopic starter

looks like this one is taken. :-)