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Author Topic: Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.  (Read 2324 times)

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Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.
« on: August 17, 2009, 11:50:32 AM »
ᶈlot ideaʂ;

Any experiment of interest in life
will be carried out at your own expense.

Some plots I am so fond of that I will actually repeat the same or a similar plot
with a different player, especially if the existing threads I have for that plot are
inactive or dead - these plots are labeled as repeatable. Feel free to IM or PM
me with any questions or if you're interested. My ons and offs are linked in my
signature if you would like to suggest a plot idea of your own. I prefer to play a
submissive female, but I will switch or play a male if the role is right, so don't let
that discourage you.

What I am primarily looking for in my experience is a healthy
combination of two things: sex and character relationships. They don't necessarily
have to be blended together for me to enjoy them, and I'm content to roleplay
them by themselves if the part is right and it is understood off the bat that both
players want just that one thing conveyed. I'll be honest, despite all of the
 fantastical things I love to write about, what I crave is realism. I want my fiction
to seem viable, feasible within the confines of suspended disbelief. I want seemless
fiction, a well-crafted world filled with complex characters intrigues me more than a
one-shot sex scene between characters who have never met before and will never
meet again with no past and no future to their person. I want to feel like I'm in a
relationship, a real one. Give me the embrace of something fluid and delicate,
awkward and unsure, symbiotic or destructive or both.

» maiden vs. monster repeatable (0)
I would like to introduce a petite, busty female (in the typical pornographic,
playboy bunny style - blonde, etc.) to an excessively well-endowed and
be-tentacled monster. Typically in some sort of woods or forestry setting.
I would be playing the maiden, you would be playing the monster. I'm open
to negotiations on character design for both characters. I'm open to new
ideas on plot, as this is a repeatable plot for me, but previous ideas include
the maiden being offered as sacrifice or embarking on a journey through
unknown and dangerous lands as some sort of rite of passage. The latter allows for
other monsters to join in the fun, which is encouraged. As this is a NC plot, I will
be very particular who I'll accept to play with me, nothing personal, and I hope
that doesn't discourage you from applying.
For an offshoot of this idea, see The Island, below.

» the island repeatable (0)
An offshoot of the original maiden vs monster idea, this combines the concept
with that of an obstacle course of sorts. The plot is that a maiden is abandoned
(magically or otherwise) on an enchanted island inhabited by all manner of
monsters. The island may or may not be owned by one monster who rules
over all the other monsters, and is introduced as a sort of grand finale to the
story. I will play the maiden, and you will guide her through an island of your
own design that you will inhabit with all manner of strange creatures who, in
true Imma Youjo style, all repeatedly rape (and possibly lightly torture)
the only female on the island. General expectations are that things get wet
and messy (possibly swamps, excessive ejaculation, slime or other secretions),
metaphysical aphrodisiacs are introduced to the subject, there is at some
point a tentacle monster, and one or more gang rape scenes. Again, since this
is a NC plot idea, I may be particular about who I play with. Again, I am open
to negotiations on all character designs. This is a repeatable plot.

» holy matrimony available
I would like to roleplay a happily married and in love couple, possibly newlyweds,
who, although normal in all other aspects of their life, are into BDSM in the bedroom.
I will play the submissive wife, you will play the dominant husband. Kinkyness will
range from bondage, to light spanking and hair-pulling, dirty talk, excessive fellatio,
and beyond.  I expect applicants to have a good handle on the whole BDSM thing
before they apply. Please note that the couple will not retain their dom/sub
relationship outside the bedroom, so it's imperative that the player be able to
segue back and forth from their normal relationship. This plot is restricted to
human characters only.

» to serve with love repeatable (1)
I would like to do a master/servant roleplay. As this is a repeatable plot for me,
the storyline can range from a medieval lord receiving a gift or bribe (or hostage)
and keeping her as a (sex) slave, to the typical modern french maid idea. I
encourage creativity here, but my basic idea is that the girl is not entirely
willing (this may or may not be NC), and is either forced or persuaded (the
latter can include magic, blackmail, etc.) into a sexual relationship. She will
be made to wear a skimpy uniform (among other things), and possibly even
have to "service" her master's guests. Again, I'm open to your ideas and
willing to negotiate plot, setting, and character design. I would play the
female slave, you would play the male master. This plot could include a
monster twist of some sort.

» hot for teacher available
I would absolutely love to do a student/teacher fantasy roleplay. Age
of the student can range from high school to college (minimal age is 16), but
the age of her teacher/professor can be anywhere from late twenties to late
fifties. In terms of plot, we could go anywhere from school girl crush turned
to torrid affair, to trying to raise a grade, to something more sinister and less
consensual. I would play the female student, you would play the male teacher.

» wolf queen repeatable (0)
I will play a human girl who has an interest in becoming a werewolf. She knows
that spreading lycanthropy on purpose is illegal, but she seeks out the local
pack anyways and tells their leader that she'll pay good money if he'll allow one
of his wolves to turn her. He refuses her money and says he'll only turn her if
she proves herself "worthy" and can stand a test of the alphas. Not sure what
that means, she agrees. You will play the wolf king and his four most powerful
alphas as they agree to meet her, shift into wolfman form, and gang rape her.
Again, negotiable on character appearance and other minor details. In
response to the high demand of this roleplay, I'm making it repeatable. =]

» bible black available
Loosely based on the original Bible Black hentai, you will play the futanari
succubus who is posing as a teacher at a prestigious private school, seeking both
revenge for your death at the hands of a school magic club there many years
ago, and also a virgin to "sacrifice" on the altar of the dark god who gave you
new life as a sex demon. I will play the only virgin left in the school, whom you
will kidnap and sexually torment with other students (who have joined you under
your magic or just for the chance to rape other students), or other monsters,
 until you take her virginity. Flexible on character design, but would prefer to
roughly keep to original character designs (such as Kitami and Imari).

» my jolly sailor bold available
Pirates. I love pirates. Give me a cutlass and a flintlock and set sail on an aptly
named ship for the promise of gold and glory. Keep to historical realism or add
a dash of myth or magic, either way I'm yours. I was particularly struck by the
recent scene in Pirates IV, and am interested in a mermaid/sailor rp in particular.
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Offline RochesterTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2009, 01:08:42 PM »
ᶈlot indeӽ;

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in
the process he does not become a monster.

» Nietzsche

☆ ącτιvɛ:

˟ Contract Killers
  Featuring: Akioth
   Summary: Two assassins meet when their targets conflict and a spark of attraction is unmistakable.

˟ Scream of the Butterfly
  Featuring: Akioth
   Summary: A swanmane captured from childhood is raised as a servant in the home of a vampire lord.

˟ Breaking the Last Knight
  Featuring: Falanor
   Summary: A succubus captures an important elven general and endeavors to make him her own.

☠ ∂εαđ:

˟ Unrequited Love 2011
  Featuring: Carlcjjohnson
   Summary: The misadventures of a young exotic dancer and the clients who regularly hire her.

˟ Glory Box 2011
  Featuring: Tom
   Summary: Two young women meet in an obscure used bookstore and develop a relationship.

˟ Verona 3072 2011
  Featuring: Rukio
   Summary: A post-apocalyptic, steam-punk rendition of Romeo & Juliet focused on futuristic drug cartel.

˟ Inspiration 2011
  Featuring: Orpheus
   Summary: James is a writer having trouble with his latest novel. That is, until a muse appears to help.

˟ The Lord's Share 2011
  Featuring: Ebb
   Summary: An unsuspecting anthropologist is invited to dine with the magically corrupt vovoide.

˟ The Warlord 2011
  Featuring: Mercurial
   Summary: A respected warlord is given a female prisoner as the spoils of an interplanetary war.

˟ Bound and Wed 2011
  Featuring: Zoarster
   Summary: Masha and Akira are newlyweds, eager to explore their love in the basement of their home.

˟ Bible Black: El Amanecer de Walpurgiss 2011
  Featuring: XenoLord
   Summary: A reinterpretation of the events in the popular Bible Black hentai series with mostly original characters.

˟ Entrapment 2011
  Featuring: BigBadWolf
   Summary: A supermodel blackmails her sleazy boss into a less than consensual sexual relationship.

˟ Oni Island 2010
  Featuring: Zaer Darkwail
   Summary: Yohko must survive one moon cycle on a demonic island in order to become a demon hunter.

˟ On Stranger Tides 2010
  Featuring: Yggdrasil
   Summary: A troubled pirate captain abducts Poseidon's favorite daughter to expedite a voyage to the Fountain of Life.

˟ Holy Matrimony 2010
  Featuring: Dirigible
   Summary: Sean and Milagros have been married for two years and still have a very healthy sex life.

˟ Images & Words 2010
  Featuring: Wyrd
   Summary: Two complete strangers have a telepathic link that has been allowing them to see into each other's lives from across the world.

˟ To Twist 2010
  Featuring: JK
   Summary: A wealthy entrepreneur incubus sets his sights on his unsuspecting human personal assistant.

˟ The Prophecy 2010
  Featuring: Ty5550
   Summary: A prophecy destines Mair to be a great priestess that slays a powerful demon, but is that the truth?

˟ Sharing (electrons) is Caring (electrons?) 2010
  Featuring: Scoot Morningside
   Summary: A high school science teacher offers one of his students "extra credit".

˟ The Island 2010
  Featuring: Tiaan
   Summary: A priestess initiate goes on a pilgrimage to obtain a relic of great power on an island infested with monsters.

˟ Hot For Teacher 2009
  Featuring: TheVillain
   Summary: A history professor has an affair with one of his university students.

˟ The Wolf Queen 2009
  Featuring: DJGenXCide
   Summary: A wealthy heiress seeks to obtain lupine lycanthropy in order to cure a terminal illness for which there is no cure.

˟ The Island 2009
  Featuring: Leodran
   Summary: Anca awakens on a strange island she has never seen before. Is she just dreaming, or this real?

˟ To [run] with [wolves] 2009
  Featuring: Hart
   Summary: A young, French middle management type seeks to obtain lupine lycanthropy after she is told she has stage four cancer.

˟ Holy Matrimony 2009
  Featuring: Dirigible
   Summary: An upper-middle class married couple have an active sex life.

˟ The Grimoire 2009
  Featuring: Lirliel
   Summary: An arrogant, amateur witch accidentally transports herself to an unknown land.

˟ Loving Servant 2009
  Featuring: Arkaniel
   Summary: A wealthy casino mogul orders a sex slave off of the internet.

˟ Rite of Passage 2009
  Featuring: Xilos
   Summary: A young knight travels through a broken portal as part of an initiation ritual to the king's army and ends up on a strange island infested with monsters.

˟ Lady Elena's Maid 2009
  Featuring: Red Comet
   Summary: A seasoned sorceress accidentally ingests a potion with adverse side effects.

˟ Welcome to the Island 2009
  Featuring: Served Cold
   Summary: Ione wakes on an island with no memories. This RP utilizes a map and d10 to move through the island.

˟ To Prove Her Worth 2009
  Featuring: PeacethatPowerbrings
   Summary: Bellatrix is transported to a mystical island by a wizard and must kill a certain number of monsters there before she may return home.

˟ Virgin Sacrifice 2009
  Featuring: Dark Clown
   Summary: In an attempt to appease the terrible monsters who live there, Nara is offered as a virgin sacrifice to an evil island.

˟ And you thought YOUR boss was a monster... 2009
  Featuring: Mathim
   Summary: An unsuspecting team of women are hired as maids for an eccentric billionaire on his private island. Little do they know of the dangers that lurk there.

˟ The Offering v2.0 2009
  Featuring: Vekseid, Lirliel
   Summary: A pair of twins are offered as a sacrifice to the monster that plagues their kingdom.

˟ Moonlight Masquerade 2008
  Featuring: Brandon
   Summary: A newly married couple practice BDSM behind closed doors.

˟ War of Ages 2008
  Featuring: Kyrsa
   Summary: A preternatural war has been raging for centuries.

˟ The Offering 2008
  Featuring: Vekseid
   Summary: A pair of twins are offered as a sacrifice to the monster that plagues their kingdom.

˟ Aedammair; Queen's Raven 2007
  Featuring: Elandra
   Summary: The captain of the sidhe queen's royal guard is kidnapped by a slaver.

˟ Your Mother is Emo 2007
  Featuring: Akioth
   Summary: An arrogant sidhe is kicked out of the high court and then accosted by a half-demon.

˟ Johnny Toaster is Confused 2007
  Featuring: Akioth
   Summary: A pair of married assassins have an active sex life.

˟ The Silly Hat Vampire Brigade: An Entirely Serious Roleplay 2007
  Featuring: Akioth
   Summary: A visiting vampire tries to steal Alexander's lover via political power play.

˟ Erotique Digitale 2007
  Featuring: Akioth, AmberMK, Nariel
   Summary: Man vs. Machine: the war against artificial intelligence.
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Offline MasterMischief

Re: LD50's Plots (Male monsters/doms wanted)
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2009, 03:07:17 PM »
These all sound so delectable.  May I lurk?

Offline BigBadWolf

Re: LD50's Plots (Male monsters/doms wanted)
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2009, 03:21:36 PM »
Pm-ed you.

Offline JK

Re: LD50's Plots (Male monsters/doms wanted)
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2010, 01:04:27 AM »
Welcome back LD, I'm sure alot of people will be glad to see your name again. I love M vs. M and The Island, and am also a big fan of Hot For Teacher type scenarios. Read my O/Os and message me if you want to talk about a game.

Offline RochesterTopic starter

Re: LD50's Plots (Male monsters/doms wanted)
« Reply #5 on: November 22, 2010, 03:14:17 PM »
Updated. I added 1 new plot, plus a specific request under "To Serve With Love".

Offline RochesterTopic starter

Re: LD50's Plots (Male monsters/doms wanted)
« Reply #6 on: November 25, 2010, 11:50:04 PM »
Updated. Again.
Added a plot index (which will probably be under construction for the next couple hours) for the perusal of those who wish to see my writing style and activity.
Plot index is complete.
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Re: Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.
« Reply #7 on: January 16, 2011, 12:55:40 AM »
Moved 2 plots to the "dead" list :c
But added a new plot idea (glory box)

Lately I've been toying with the idea of a "call girl" roleplay, wherein I would play a highly paid prostitute, and various players could play her clients. I'm not sure how we would work that out logistically, but more importantly I wonder if anyone would be interested in playing it with me in the first place?

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Re: Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.
« Reply #8 on: January 16, 2011, 01:16:12 AM »
I would be interested in playing one of the clients to your call girl. And I would also like to play either derivative of the monster story. As well as the master/servant story. I know that you said you would be particular about the monster ones but I will prove my worth with what ever test you feel it is best to give me.
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Offline Decrepitdan

Re: Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.
« Reply #9 on: January 18, 2011, 12:32:39 AM »
I also find myself interested in your 'Maiden v. Monster' scenario.

Offline RochesterTopic starter

Re: Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.
« Reply #10 on: June 14, 2011, 06:39:10 AM »
Updated to add a plot idea (my jolly sailor bold) and a diatribe about what I'm looking for on E. >>

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Re: Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.
« Reply #11 on: September 16, 2011, 03:27:15 PM »
Basically, in the last month I started 3 new roleplays and archived 8 dead ones.
Please always remember that unless I specifically requested to terminate our roleplay, I'm probably game to resume playing an archived game with you.

That being said, I think I won't be taking on any new rps for the next while, aside from the two that are in discussion stages currently.

Offline RochesterTopic starter

Re: Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.
« Reply #12 on: September 01, 2012, 11:16:34 AM »
I'm back. Took an unexpected hiatus and don't know if any of the 3 roleplays I left are even still active. Ready to start fresh. Please PM me if you're interested. :)

Offline RochesterTopic starter

Re: Elizabeth had her Shakespeare. You could be mine.
« Reply #13 on: September 07, 2012, 05:37:15 AM »
Please don't message me and ask if a plot is available. This thread is updated regularly and it says RIGHT NEXT TO AN IDEA if it is available or not.
Don't message me if you cannot string together a sentence in English.
Don't message me if you don't like my themes. Like, FOR REAL, PEOPLE? Did you even read this thread? It's a litany of sick, twisted, abusive, violent, bdsm kink. If you're "not into bdsm" then DON'T MESSAGE ME.

I'm honestly just done wading through incoherent messages and people asking me questions that are already covered IN THIS THREAD. So either read my thread or the relevant paragraphs in their entirety, or sod off.
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