I Wanna Marry My Stalker (NC, Looking for someone to play Male Character)

Started by DreadD, August 17, 2009, 06:25:34 AM

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Slight note, this handles some rather serious subjects, like rape and stalking in a potentially realistic setting, which are both terrifying and horrible things.  While stalking is going to be dealt with as something rather disturbing, rape is not going to be treated with the completely appropriate sort of apprehension.  While this is not particularly rare on Elli, this RP (as set up) has a slightly greater feel of something that *Could* happen, and so I will note that no, I do not condone rape, nor do I think it is apt to lead to a good relationship or anything of that sort.  Carry on:

The main character of our little tale is an unfortunate fellow.  He's decent looking, gets good grades, has a nice part time job.  Everything is going quite pleasantly for him, and though he's never been very good at getting girlfriends, there's even an attractive woman interested in him.  An attractive... Older woman.  But she's not too much older, just in her late twenties, maybe early thirties.  So that's not so bad.  Except he keeps seeing her places.  On his way home from work.  On his way to school.  During his lunch break.  On his way home from school.  It's a little creepy really, and he's starting to get a bit nervous.  This clearly isn't normal.

And then, one day, things change between them.  He invites her in to his home, hoping to ask her to stop following him around, but when he tries she kisses him, fiercely.  In his bedroom they tangle, and tussle, and as he tries to force her away, to protect himself from her, she introduced him to pleasure.  As he pushed she stroked.  As he struggled she kissed, and as he became confused, uncertain as to what was happening to him, she slid him within and conquered him.  Then, with a soft kiss, she left.

He knew what had happened to him.  He had been taken advantage of.  Raped.  That was the word.  Rape.  But he was not sure.  His body...  His body had wanted it, and he had felt pleasure, pleasure had surged through him.  If he felt good, was it wrong?

If he felt good...  Would she do it again?  And if she wouldn't...  Would someone else help him feel like that again?

This is the story of a boy, the story of a young man.  A young man who's life was sent spinning by a single act, a single, sudden moment of unexpected, perhaps unwanted pleasure.  But now he's had it.  And now he wants the person who gave it to him...  Or perhaps someone, anyone else.

Looking for someone to play our poor, poor protagonist.  For extra confusion making him highly religious or intending to join the clergy, or simply having wanted to save himself for marriage to further conflict him can only be more 'fun.'

Post, PM, or YIM if interested.