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May 25, 2018, 01:59:28 PM

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Author Topic: General Breeding Privileges License [MUL, leaning NC-H, Seeking Multiple F]  (Read 524 times)

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A soccer mom in Utah whose bone density is high enough that her bones are at least twice as hard to break then a normal person. A teenager in Florida whose brain uses a slightly different set of proteins, guaranteeing that her IQ and the IQ of any offspring will be at least 160. A singer in New York whose vocal cords can produce sound loud enough to be heard in a crowded concert hall without a microphone. A young man in Kansas City whose immune system is so strong that if he ever contracted HIV his system would be clear of the infection in maybe a week.

It seems like a joke, but the comic book mutants are real- even if the "powers" are subtle and weak in comparison. In what is considered a highly controversial move, many governments world wide have decided to embrace this fact and take steps to encourage the "mutants" in passing on their special traits. As such, the General Breeding Privileges License was born. The idea is that if a "mutant" trait is confirmed and considered beneficial, they receive such a license. If the license is then presented to a breedable partner the partner is required by law to either present a solid medical reason why mating shouldn't happen or immediately mate with the license bearer at the soonest available convenience. Opinions on the license vary wildly, some see it as humanity's best option for advancement and adaptation in a changing world. Others see it as nothing more then legalized rape dictated by a bunch of old perverts.

When Alicia invited you to lunch, you knew something was up. Your best friends since the two of you were little kids- you thought it was something to do with her marriage, she did recently tell both you and her husband that her doctor has confirmed she is pregnant. What you didn't expect was the bombshell she dropped, the father isn't her husband. "Immunity Lad" is he's known in medical circles has moved from Kansas City to this city. As a real estate agent, she sold him the house he's living in now and was one of the first women he invoked his license on in his new home town. Whether to be on the look out for or too keep your head down from, Alicia wanted to let you know ahead of time that a licensee is in town- one whose stated that one of his life goals is to have had pregnancy-risk sex with 500 beautiful women before his 30th birthday.

Then a few days later there's a tap on your shoulder. . .

A quick test to see if it was the format of a thread that made it fail, here's an idea I've had floating in my head for a while. Basically, there's a young man out there who has in his possession a special license. If he chooses to exercise the right given to him by this license upon a woman, it becomes a felony to not have unprotected sex with him unless there's a really good and quickly verifiable medical reason. While not straight up NC, like let's say the infamous Campus Rapist game RolePlayingMale had, there's a strong argument that it's legal blackmail. Of course, she could still say no if she was fine with some jail time.

For format, I'm thinking it's a first come, first serve thing where he's just banging all the women that catch his eye- not really going out of his way to hunt the women down, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If I get multiple volunteers, which I hope I do, it will be one at a time but I'll send out PMs when I move on.

Online TheVillainTopic starter

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