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Author Topic: electric bløøm [O P E N !] inspired by digimon & his dark materials  (Read 1445 times)

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this is a
warning shot.

an advanced roleplay
inspired by digimon & his dark materials

the original world thread
the digital world thread
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« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2009, 12:45:57 PM »

an empty morgue.

There are millions of worlds other then our own, overlapping and intertwining
throughout the layers of the universe.  Sometimes, the worlds are completely
different in aspects of appearance or even scientific laws.  Other worlds are
almost identical to this one, where there are only different fate's for its
occupants.  The youngest of these worlds is actually a sister of this one,
comprised of data that was created and then disposed of by human's latest
technology; computers.  Whatever was cast away was never really erased,
and eventually all of this virtual trash built up to develop an entire world
of it's own--overlapping so closely with the original that there are many
cases of crossing over.  Although this digital world is technically built up
by old data, zeros and ones, it has somehow created its own life forms.
They've developed cultures, societies, emotions and even have a similar,
if not stronger, brain capacity as the humans who inadvertently created them.
But along with the constructive traits, these creatures also obtained many
negative aspects of human nature.  Some were built entirely off of these
detrimental attributes, and seeing as most of the data deleted by humans
tended to be viruses, their numbers began to grow at an exceeding rate
until the digital world slowly began to be dragged down by it.  Now, areas
are controlled by hateful dictators and war is viewed as commonplace.
These are very dark times.
In an attempt to somehow revive the dying world, a young scientist and
his partners have been spending years designing a program that may be
their last chance.  They somehow bound newborns to counterparts in the
original world, connecting them in a similar way that the two worlds were
connected initially.  This way, these digital creatures can obtain more
energy from their counterparts and grow to be more powerful then any
of their enemies.


London has been experiencing some very odd weather.  Although its only October,
its been sporadically snowing or hailing (though, the fog and grey skies is pretty
common year round).  Despite these strange conditions, people still would rather
turn their attention towards London's latest visitor, French pop sensation "Bell",
then listen to environmentalists complain about England's weather conditions.
Belle Pasteur is expected to give an interview before the show, but unknown to her
and everyone else, the journalist isn't really who she thinks he is.  And so, it comes
to much surprise when the young french girl cannot be found minutes before she's
expected to go on.  No--instead, she's being dragged away by a young man named
Tobias Hart and his strange accomplice.  In the meantime, Hart's roommate has found
himself in a drunken stupor without a pence to his name.  This can be quite a problem
since he's just lost another round of Black Jack, and might have gotten his face blown
off if a certain fiery redhead hadn't intervened.  The girl, Piper, somehow finds herself
a heart and reluctantly agrees to help the Brit back to his apartment where an unusual
reunion is about to take place.

The story begins just before Belle's interview, and just after Michael gambles his life
savings away.
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« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2009, 12:46:52 PM »

with gurning hearts.

Unlike the television series, there is no announcing evolutionary stages or
screaming attack's nicknames in mid-battle.  Each creature's species (since no one
refers to them as "digimon") has their own special abilities.  However, using
these abilities requires immense amounts of energy.  The more powerful a creature
is, the more energy and stamina they'd have giving them more opportunities to
make use of their abilities.  The same idea would apply to evolutionary habits.
The idea of binding the creatures to a human counterpart is that they'd share
their energy, as since humans are actual "life" beings (and anything from the
digital world is still data, despite being alive as well) they have much more energy
to spare.  It does wear on them, though, and the connection also means that wounds
obtained by either one of them inflicts damage on both.  If one dies, the other will
eventually die as well, since now that they're bound they require one another to
live (much like dæmons in His Dark Materials).  This energy is much more
easily manipulated thanks to the invention of special devices which aids in transferring
energy more efficiently.


Destineds --- The counterparts selected to be bound to the selected creatures
of the digital world.

Devices ---  Small, hand-held, white objects that aid in channeling energy more
easily between partners.

The Original World --- The "real" world.

Crests --- Legendary objects that are supposed to be activated by powerful emotions.
Three were destroyed, leaving six still (supposedly) scattered throughout the original
and digital worlds. 

"Mon" --- The ending of each creature's name which is only said when using a great
amount of respect or referring to a species as a whole.  Most of the creature's introduce
themselves without it and claiming it as one's own title is considered rude.  (i.e they'd
call themselves something like Dober instead of Dobermon).

Evolution --- Instead of growing steadily over time like in the original world, creatures here
have the ability to change abruptly once they have developed enough.  The creatures without
counterparts usually remain in their evolved forms unless they experience extreme physical
trauma.  Those who are bound usually evolve when triggered by danger, but will return to
their normal form (or sometimes lower) when they run out of energy or have no more use
for their more powerful forms.  Towards the beginning, they're most likely to get stuck
in certain stages which can be draining on their counterparts if the stage is higher or
dangerous if its lower. 

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« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2009, 12:47:17 PM »

and hallowed crowns.

piper hart.
17 yrs.
hometown; boston, massachusetts
appearance; 5"3', 100 lbs, blue eyes & red hair
The three Hart siblings have had the shittiest luck.  Ever.  They were born into
an abusive family, and from there, thrown into foster care thanks to social
services.  Piper and the youngest, Eric, remained in Boston while Tobias was
shipped off to the other end of Massachusetts.  As the years went by, Eric began
to grow extremely sick and was eventually hospitalized.  Piper, who regrets to
admit that her brother doesn't have very long to live, decided to contact Tobias
in order to allow him to say his last goodbyes.  She was surprised to discover
that Tobias had abandoned his current job in New York, and spent weeks narrowing
down his position to London.  She's grown incredibly bitter over the years and most
of the words that fall from her lips are dripping in sarcasm.  She has little patience
for most people and has a temperament as wild as her hair color (which is, surprisingly
enough, natural).

michael knight.
19 yrs.
hometown; bristol, england
partner; º
appearance; 5"6', 135 lbs, hazel eyes & black hair
Michael has really hit an all time low.  Suddenly, dropping out of university doesn't
look like such a bright idea anymore.  He was hoping to pursue a career in art,
something his parents never really approved of.  He tries to remain optimistic, but
lately his future is looking bleak.  There isn't even enough money for art supplies
since he's been wasting most of it away through gambling.  He's in some serious
debt, and finds himself in bar fights almost every other night.  Thankfully, a bloke
was kind enough to step in the other day and managed to save him from getting
his nose broken (again).  The young man offered to split the rent for the apartment
with him, which would ease Michael's financial crisis by a margin.  But, perhaps
he was a bit to quick in trusting this fellow.

tobias hart.
23 yrs.
hometown; boston, massachusetts
partner; ºº
appearance; 6"1', 150 lbs, blue eyes & brown hair
Brooding has always been the best word to describe Tobias.  He'd learned from
an early age not to show too much emotion, and many people find him quite
intimidating due to his; drawl, height, expression (or lack of) etc.  He's developed
a bit of snobbery over the years, especially after he received a full ride to NYU due
to his near perfect test scores, GPA and essay.  Which was why it was so surprising
when he dropped out of college, quit his job and disappeared.  He actually ventured
off to London for reasons quite unknown, except to him and his newest companion.

belle pasteur.
21 yrs.
hometown; cannes, france
partner; ºº
appearance; 5"7', 130 lbs, brown eyes & brown hair
The past year has been like a dream.  Belle Pasteur, or "Bell" as she's often known
by fans, has experienced a dramatic increase in her career.  The Euro-pop princess
has reached the top of the charts and became a household name overnight.  She's
scheduled for an American tour in the following year and has events to attend to
on a daily basis.  The public views her as the innocent, sweet and charming
girl who stumbles over her english while batting her lashes playfully at the camera.
In reality, she's cruel and spoiled, throwing temper tantrums almost on a daily basis
when things don't go exactly her way.  She's incredibly vain and, due to growing
up in a privileged life, has developed into being quite the spendthrift.  However, soon
Belle will be in for a rude awakening.
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Re: electric bløøm [u/c no posting!]
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2009, 05:22:56 PM »


Keep in mind that these are just for the beginning of the roleplay.
The relationships are subject to change depending on how characters
are played and the events that occur throughout the story.

Mutual hate.  In a nutshell, they really rub each other
the wrong way.  Piper refuses to give Belle what she wants, and Belle's
constant whining drives the redhead up the wall.  Despite their obvious,
and constantly voiced, dislike for one another, they're often going to
be thrown together due to the fact that they're both girls and once
they're traveling through the digital world they often have to watch
out for one another.  Perhaps their dislike will ebb as Belle matures
and Piper softens?   

They might be brother and sister, but they've grown
apart during their years away from each other.  Piper is still bitter that
her brother never called or tried to contact them after they were separated
and Tobias is glad to be rid of the burden of caring for his younger siblings.
Before that, however, they were incredibly close.  Upon their reunion, a sort
of unusual sexual tension forms between them.

Belle is granted to hate Tobias by default.  He did kidnap
her from her fame and fortune.  But as time goes on, she finds herself
growing to like his calm demeanor (even if it can be a bit creepy at times)
and finds it almost a challenge when he ignores any advances.  Tobias finds
her as a bit of a nuisance, but he knows she and her partner have the potential
of being incredibly powerful so he tries to stay on her good side.

Incompetent is the first word that comes to mind when Piper's
mind shifts to the topic of Michael.  However, she can't help but find him slightly
charming (its the accent, it has to be) and even if they'd gotten off to a rocky
start, she eventually succumbs to his optimistic attitude to develop a friendship.
Michael, who is merely flirtatious by nature, also finds her a good companion
when she isn't in one of her "moods".

A crush would be a bit of an understatement.  Michael is a bit
infatuated with Belle and has been ever since her career first began to take
off earlier that year.  The fact that he's even allowed in her presence is
enough for him, really.  Though, he tries to hard and often stumbles over his
words (and sometimes feet) whenever he's around her.  She, on the other hand,
sees him as a bit of a nuisance.  Plus--she doesn't really like British boys.

Tobias may see Michael as inferior to him, but at the same time
he values his friendship.  He doesn't necessarily trust the Brit but he is willing
to go drinking and share an apartment with him.  Michael, however, looks at Tobias
like his best friend (since he doesn't have many here in London) and a lifesaver.
The  younger boy also looks up to the American since he seems to know so much
about the world and life in general for such a young age.

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Re: electric bløøm [u/c no posting!]
« Reply #5 on: August 12, 2009, 08:52:58 PM »


name; Yours.
character;  The character you're applying for.
RP sample; Doesn't have to be of character, and won't
earn you any brownie points.  KEEP IN MIND THIS IS AN ADVANCED
ROLEPLAY.  Quality and quantity.
partner; Please type out all information about the character's
partner.  This would mean the creature's history as well as how the
two met, and its personality.  It is important that you give as much
thought into this character as you would any other since they play
as much a vital role as any other member of the cast. 

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Re: electric bløøm [O P E N !] inspired by digimon & his dark materials
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Re: electric bløøm [O P E N !] inspired by digimon & his dark materials
« Reply #7 on: August 13, 2009, 04:12:35 AM »
I'm definately interested in Michael, I'll PM you the app when i can.

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Re: electric bløøm [O P E N !] inspired by digimon & his dark materials
« Reply #8 on: August 14, 2009, 01:01:27 PM »
I'm definately interested in Michael, I'll PM you the app when i can.

Take your time.  O8)