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"Request Thread Dos and Don'ts"

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Author Topic: The Diaries of a Madman, My Requests [MUL]  (Read 754 times)

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The Diaries of a Madman, My Requests [MUL]
« on: August 14, 2009, 08:03:30 pm »

First, some Do's and Don'ts.


*Intend to carry out an in Depth and involved Storyline. I absolutely -must- have a developing plot. I can start with something as vague as 'The Kingdom is in turmoil, and guard captain X (Played by A) must help keep the diplomat of a foreign hostile country alive while in his jurisdiction.' But expect that plot to Grow. I'm a big fan of Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, and others, and wish to in some way emulate their worldbuilding techniques and skill.

*Intend to develop your character. I simply melt whenever I can read a players post and be honestly surprised by something they did, as long as they're staying in character. Be as wacky about your history as you want to be, let your characters history take part in your current posts. Used to be a circus performer? Nice! Maybe that teaches you acrobatics or the ability to stand insanely still for a length of time. Use it.

*Intend to post in depth. I don't have a length requirement, but explain and go into detail about what you're doing, where you're doing it, what you're doing it to, and the effects (Possibly) of that action. I like action as much as the next guy, but since neither of us are Move Makers and we can't put this vision on screen for all to share, detail is the next best thing. Actually, -better- than the movies.

Do Not's:

*Intend for your character to be Immortal. Everyone dies, and if we, I, or you get into a situation our character cannot handle....I'm sorry. It's a story, and contrary to Hollywood not all stories have happy endings.

*Start a Roleplay or a Storyline with me and have no intention to keep it going. I understand life happens, one or both might lose interest, but I'm not interested in 'Passing Time' or an RP with a time limit. I enjoy in depth, meaningful interaction.

*Intend to have sex at every available opportunity. In life, that's an admirable prospect. But I dislike typing it out every other page. It's redundant, and slows down character progression and plot. I won't say no if it's tasteful, in character, and well done. I might even come back for seconds, but don't come onto me with a Nympho type character and expect me to put out at every opportunity. We'd do a lot of 'Fade to Black' scenes, that could be acceptable, but I won't type it out repeatably.


Storylines that I enjoy:

I enjoy worldbuilding. I'm currently in the process of building a Fantasy world *nods to Zaila*, and I enjoy placing characters into these worlds, played by all of you! And seeing how they react. Almost like the DM in a DnD game. I keep semi-autonomous control over the world, while my character and others interact in the cities, the nations, and whatever other context they desire.

Once I get that world somewhat built, I'll start some serious looking for players. It would be entertaining, I think. So, that's one(2) storylines, since I'm going to have a Fantasy world, and one Contemporary. (Non-realistic. I don't like this world too much)

That's all I've got for now. I'll update later.

Speaking of Updates, where would I start a thread for Discussion? Would that be in IM, kinda thing? I'm always interested in other peoples opinions and 'Spellchecking' or proofreading what I've got done.
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