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Author Topic: Legends of Termina[NC-H]  (Read 501 times)

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Legends of Termina[NC-H]
« on: August 13, 2009, 01:18:06 AM »
In the Tropical Archipelago of Termina, there are many legends. Popular stories tell of a time when pirate kings and queens rules the waterways and port cities flourished, each brimming with decadence or saintly virtue. These tales all took place during a century when there was no law in the Archipeligo and many isles still lay unexplored due to a heavy pirate presence. This period of history was later called the 'Lawless Era.' People who would one day be immortalized in lore lived and adventured across the islands in this age. When the century came to a close those heroes, and villains, had broken the pirates grasp and made way for the unification of Termina.

You are those Legends, living their stories in an age of adventure.

My idea for this is that we create characters and then individually we create the scenes to play (see the scene template farther down). Scene creators can decide, from those who are interested, who to accept into the scene. My hope is that we will be able to run multiple scenes simultaneously since they can take place over different periods of time even if they involve the same characters. This is a new rp format for me so feel free to suggest play alterations now and during the plot.

Character Template:

Legend Type: Hero/Sidekick/Villain/Minion
Race (feel free to have flexibility here):
Profession (If any):
Year of Birth(In Lawless Era):

Threads for this will be:
IC Thread(One per scene)
OOC Thread
Scene Advertisement & Coordination Thread: Players create and post scenes here. Other players can post here to express interest or pm directly. Post a bump for your scene here as often as you like to get it listed first at the top of the thread.
Trophy Shelf Thread: Listed Summary of completed scenes, including what scene types players have unlocked

Scene Template

Scene name:
Format: (Board, IM)
Number Players:
Year: (In the Lawless Era Century1-99)
Scene Type: (romance, first meeting, character changer,more)*
Character Goals: (for each character in the char pool, list what their goal is in the scene)
Expected Post Frequency: (Possible Values Include (None/1x a day/1x every 3 days/1x a week). If this is violated three or so times I can call the scene postponed or players can agree to change expected frequency.)

*Scene Types:
Romance: A scene involving romantic themes (not a love scene)
First Meeting: A scene that involves an important meeting between two or more characters
Fight Scene: What the name implies, doesn't need to be a physical fight perse
Character Changer: Scene that results in an important change for a character
Love Scene (Unlocked after completing a Romance Scene): More explicit romance scene
Finale Scene (Unlocked after completing at least three scenes including Romance Scene, First Meeting, Character Changer): This is the scene that will lead to the conclusion of the Lawless Era and this Plot.

I expect a number of questions, possible suggestions, or criticism since this isn't the usual so please feel free to pm me with those or post below. Hopefully a few of you will like the sound of this though :)

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