Girl Gang Rip Off Game ;) [Freeform, Bond-H]

Started by RubySlippers, August 11, 2009, 08:01:27 PM

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He some people didn't get into the last game and I wanna play. We need three gals and some ideas for a setting:

1. 1960 Girl Power Band Slash Kick Ass Motorcycle Riding Agents (kind of funky like the old Batman TV Series or the same period Green Hornet could be interesting)

2. Future Space with the Solar System Colonized Pretty Well and the Girls Have a Little Ship Trying to Earn a Living

Any other ideas welcome.

Oh can use a Moderator to come up with ideas and lead this a bit. If not well we can take turns maybe in the story creation.


Interesting ideas. :) With the future setting, how do you envision the ladies earning their living? Would they be enforcers of galactic order, smugglers, or what?


Hmm, I might be interested, do tell a little more, what kind of roles for example would be interesting?


Nice idea. Are you only wanting female players, as well as characters? If not, I would love to play the spaceship variant!


Well depends on the group I was thinking  the solar system was colonized by either governments and corporations with various guilds and unions. As for the crew think Firefly in that if they can make money its a job from trading goods to other kinds of work like privateer work for a government or company. I figure many smaller colonies and outposts might need small merchant ships to fill in recreational needs like smokes, narcotics that are not horribly illegal and other luxuries besides chartered cargo hauls. But I want to keep this kind of flexible.

Its up to the girls if the ship has an AI and is male, I'm not opposed to it maybe it can have a human brain actually running it an ex-con after some conditioning and plugged into the system. So he can be tormented seeing hiot lesbians going at it and not get to do anything save oogle. :)  *unless they get a male android pleasure companion he can take over*

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I'm interested fo' sho if there is still a need for a Jackie-of-all-trades!
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Ok I got the first slot among the crew.  :P

Captain Jane Helos: Owns the ship, her name is on the ownership papers so is the Captain and sets the few rules.

I'm not a meanie I will take a few women and a token male, for those women that like men and want a stud around.

Technology level think cyberpunk and bladerunner sort of tech. Human like androids are fine but only one, the man would be a nice choice for that if we have one.  ;)


If still looking for that stud, i'd be open to the role.

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if you could do with another gal hon just pm me :) I adore firefly :)


I have an android I could throw in, not completely human looking but he has tools of various assortments which could prove useful.
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