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Author Topic: Looking for people to take over roles of inactive partners! [MxM Pairings]  (Read 953 times)

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Looking for people to take over roles from games already started

I will be taking 1-2 versions of each plot. If Version 1 is struck out but Version 2 is not that means I will accept one more person for this plot! If both are struck out that means I'm not interested in picking up any more partners for that particular plot. Thanks!

Promised to You - w/

Master/Slave RP revolving around M/M pairing. It is an underground slavery ring that specializes in buying/selling humans to others. The RP starts off as non-con and ends up with the slave wanting to please in order to gain pleasure for himself since the one who buys him teaches him that if he works to please his master he will in turn please himself. This could go in many different directions. I'm looking for someone to play the master since I already wrote out the slave role in my first post and have an idea for him. I am also trying to replace my inactive partner ; ; (They never wrote one post to me ; ;)

Version 1
Version 2

Hogwarts: Together at Last w/

Harry Potter based RP revolving around M/M pairings. James Potter/Sirius Black/Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy/Will Avery x Remus Lupin (lots of pairings, can do more than one, perhaps start out with one and progress to more) I am looking for someone to play anyone! It starts out with me playing Will Avery and we can proceed from there. I am trying to replace my inactive partner ; ; (They never wrote one post for me ; ;)

Version 1
Version 2

To Love Or Not To Love? w/

Two princes meet in the guise of commoners, fall in love and have to face the consequences when their relationship is exposed. I am looking for someone to play the other prince obviously! I am trying to replace my inactive partner ; ; M/M pairing. (They never wrote one post for me ; ;)

Version 1
Version 2

Forbidden Love - w/

My guy is watching your guy. He tries to get him to go out with him but your guy says he is with someone else. My guy watches to see if your guy is lying and sees him go out alone but meets up with someone at a car and he feels jealous. So he follows your guy and your guy's boyfriend. He continues to keep tabs on your guy and your guy's boyfriend. After about a week of watching he has decided to approach you again and tell you to break up with your boyfriend and go out with him. Your guy refuses. My guy decides to kidnap you and make you his own. Your guy's boyfriend starts wondering where he is but can't find your guy and starts trying to find out what happened.

Meanwhile my guy is dominating you and making sure you know who is boss. You guy resists but as time goes by you start to like him and my guy starts liking you but he tries to deny it to himself. Once he 'breaks you' so that you are fairly obedient or at least knows enough not to run the first chance you get to escape, he brings you to a bad part of the city and turns you over to an underground slavery ring.

This is my guy's job - he needs to capture suitable young men and teach them the basics before giving them over to the slavery ring so that men or women can buy them off the market for their own personal use. The only problem is he has fallen in love with your guy and wants to keep him as his own personal slave and lover.

Your guy is sold to this other guy who is a sadistic man who buys men to use and abuse them until they die from his overuse. When a slave dies or gets hurt enough to require hospital treatment he simply throws them away and goes to buy more slaves. My guy knows the reputation of that guy and doesn't want that to happen to your guy. So he goes out of his way to track you down and find out where your new owner is going to keep you and keeps tabs on you. His plan is to wait until your new owner hurts you enough so that he will leave you alone for a bit to recover and then take you away from there and run off with you to another country where no one knows either of you two.

Little does my guy know that his defection will cost him his dominance because the slavery ring sends out slavers to capture and bring my guy back so that he may serve as a slave for the rest of his life. The man who buys him could be a dominant man who is nice but firm and makes sure my guy knows his place but does not tolerate disobedience or revolts against him. He owns my guy for a few months during which my guy finds himself starting to like his new owner. But he still longs for your guy.

Then one day your guys finds my guy somehow/someway and my guy has to decide who to pick! We go from there.

I am looking for someone to pick up Izu's role once again since Izu no longer has any muse for this either ; ; I'm so sad! So any takers? Obviously M/M pairing. (When I say 'Izu's role' I mean the role that he played not the actual character Izu made up, you'll make up your own ^^)

Version 1
Version 2

Catch the Falling Star w/

Being a star is not what most people think. Yeah, there is money. Yeah, there are fans. Yeah, you are famous. Yeah, you can have anything you want. But, no – you are not truly free. Being famous not only gives you loving fans, but crazy ones, obsessed ones as well. Ones that only want to hurt you and kill you because they can’t have you. When young star is almost killed during one of his concerts he is forced by both his music company and the police to get a bodyguard. But the youth wouldn’t want this one. After all – who would want some stranger to follow you everywhere you go?! But even against his will he gets one. Not much older, but a real professional. At first the star hates him, tries to fool him around, acts as if the bodyguard is nothing but a maid. This would piss the pro bodyguard, but he would stay next to the youth’s side. Slowly from hatred they would pass through friendship to reach the peaks of love. The bodyguard would have to control himself not to kill the star himself. The star would have to learn that he doesn’t own the world. The bodyguard would find out that even stars have big problems. And the star would have to learn to trust other people and let them help him.

I am playing the bodyguard and you would be playing the star. I'm trying to carry this on with someone since Izu has no more muse for this RP ; ; M/M pairing. (When I say 'star' I mean the role that he played not the actual character Izu made up, you'll make up your own ^^)

Version 1
Version 2

Writer's Dilemma w/

Long ago two college friends, now both teachers told their classes that they will be exchanging letters with students from the other side of the country. This was supposed to help the students to learn to communicate with people through written words. Little did Character A and Character B know that even almost six-seven years later they would still be exchanging letters every couple of weeks or so. They knew everything about each other and they did consider the other their best and closest friend. Character A was older than the other, graduated and moved to college, a year later he got a letter from Character B saying that Character B has been accepted in the very same college as well and that they were finally going to meet for the first time. Both excited, both thrilled, both secretly hoping that they were about to meet their soulmates… But! As always there is a huge But. Character A never realized that he was writing to another boy. Character B’s handwriting had been always neat and girly, and then when they were at highschool Character B mentioned ‘boyfriend’ every now and then, so Character A simply assumed that he was writing to a girl. So he was quite shocked when he went to meet Character B on the train station and found that his old friend was a cute gay guy. Of course Character B had always known that the other was a guy, but as the other never mentioned anything about him having boyfriends and so on, he simply thought that the other had nothing against gays, and as he had always thought that maybe there was a bit of flirt in Character A’s words and letters, he even thought that the other might be bi-curious… So now that the two have finally met they pretty much have to get to know each other all over again, and poor Character A would have to question his orientation as despite Character B’s gender he still very much likes him for his heart…

I am playing Character A - the straight guy or supposedly straight *winks* and I'm looking for someone to carry on the role of Character B - the gay guy. Unfortunately, Izu no longer has any muse for this RP either ; ; M/M pairing. (When I say 'Character B - the gay guy' I mean the role that he played not the actual character Izu made up, you'll make up your own ^^)

Version 1
Version 2
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