Roman delights [MUL] - Looking for (DOM) female

Started by Arkaniel, August 10, 2009, 01:19:46 AM

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The female I am looking for is a young, rich Roman widow, who has discovered the pleasures of the flesh. Not that of her old, arranged husband, who died shortly after marriage, but that of her male slaves. She regularly takes them to bed, but always soon disposes of them, because they lack something. One day, she comes by the slave market, where she sees me, a very tall, strong German slave, wih an impressive shade. You buy me. I am naturally quite submissive, as I know I am a slave, but I can be stubborn or reluctant about certain commands.

First a sexual and then maybe a romantic relationship grows. Feel free to sometimes invite other (preferably female) slaves into the mix, and try everything out with me. This is NOT an Extreme story, however.
Anyone interested?