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Started by Lady Kalypso, August 09, 2009, 05:03:25 PM

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Lady Kalypso

After a nearly 2 year hiatus, I am back at E. Hopefully I'll be better at getting plots and finding great writers to write with. As it is, please note that any previous stories I had with anyone reading this, they are null and void and will be restarted if you wish. That way I can get back into the mindset and not pick up from something that happened 2 years ago.

Below, you will see what my interests are, but they are not limited to just that. When I discover more interests, they will be added accordingly. A few things to note before we begin:

  • I am a heterosexual female who feels most comfortable playing heterosexual females only. However, if you convince me of a good story or give me some cookies (chocolate chip please!) I might play a male. Please see my Ons/Offs and Rabbit Hole to see what I'm comfortable with.
  • On average, I post around four or five paragraphs, maybe more if I'm in my element. I expect that my partners will match or exceed me in writing, giving me enough to post. If you feel like you cannot give me more than three thick paragraphs, please do not PM me. I hate being rude, but there is nothing worse than putting forth a lot of effort into a story, and getting a thin two paragraphs back. :(
  • The stores are listed as follows: Craving and really, really want to do!, Interested in, and if the discussion goes well, I'm willing to start., Still willing to do, but since it hasn't gotten a lot of interest, it's on the back burner. If you find that you'd like to do any of these stories, please PM me! Thank you!

Interests and Where I am Most Comfortable:
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Romance - Fairytales, sexy steamy stuff, etc.
Light BDSM - must have a good plot with it though, I will always be submissive in these stories, but willing to experiment with being a D.
Western - Pretty much anything goes.
Pirates - Mostly sexy/romance plots.
History - Medieval, Georgian, Regency and Victorian
True Blood - Mainly Sookie and Eric, but I am open to anyone.
If I think of anything else.. I will definitely add it! Please PM me if any of these interest you! :)

I'd like to play a submissive role of some type. I have a few ideas of how it could go down:
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* a fallen angel is captured and sold at a slave market to a demon.
     * a vampire finds an innocent human and seduces her, only to turn her into his slave
     * the same as above, but with a werewolf.
     * anything from American/British history
Anything else you can think of, please PM me.

Deceive the Deceiver M x F (or F writing as a M), historical, 12th century-ish times (think in the time of Robin Hood), Light, some NC
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The Plot: Lord Alaric Canis, Earl of Aerundel, deceiver of many and the only one to hold the secret to his brother's disappearance. Enter his betrothed, Lady Eleanora (pronounced Elly-a-nora) de Montbray, a widow of the Earl of Constance at the age of 20. Eleanora has no idea the deception Alaric has played on the entire area of Aerundel, but rumor has it that Alaric had a younger brother, Lucien, who mysteriously vanished one fateful night after a sword fight and blood was shed between the two brothers. Little does all of Aerundel know that Lucien is very much alive, older, stronger, and always, always plotting his revenge. His tactic is to kidnap the Lady Eleanora on her route to her wedding and soon to be home of Aurendel Hall, holding her ransom for his plan to be set in motion.

Where To Start: We will start shortly after the engagement is announced with a letter sent to Eleanora, and her traveling to Aerundel Hall. From there, Lucien and his men will hold up the caravan, kidnap Eleanora (knowing who she is, but her not knowing who he is) and sending one of Alaric's guards (who traveled on the caravan to ensure the safety of Eleanora) onto Aerundel Hall to reveal that she has been kidnapped and held for ransom.

Where To Go From Here: His grand plan is to use Eleanora, holding her ransom until the Grand Tournament of the King is held the month after, bringing her forth in front of all of Aurendel and the King to reveal himself, his brother's deception and claim his rightful title of Earl of Aerundel. The only problem is, he didn't realize he would be falling in love with his prisoner... and she him.

This is meant to be a realistic fantasy-ish world (Think Robin Hood or something like that), and meant to be one hell of a love story (at least I saw this in my mind.) I am more than willing to play both Eleanora and Alaric, seeing as how I have their plots in mind. You would play Lucien (and if you're comfortable with it, we can throw in a mistress/lover for Alaric so he's not feeling left out. ) This will have elements of non-con at first, because Lucien will want to take Eleanora to further shame Alaric (already lost his fiance, hell, let's just have sex with her too to really put the salt on the wound!) but will ultimately be a love story, full of deception, romance and sword fighting all set in the 12th century of fantasy England. :)

A Twist in Time M x F (or F writing as a M), historical and present day, time travel/fantasy elements, Light
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The Plot:We can choose from Sleeping Beauty (A favorite of mine), Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or Snow White as our fairy tale. Somewhere along the lines of the fairy tale, my Princess got lost from her Prince and their world. She's thrust into the present day, where none of her world is even remotely evident.

Where To Start: We can start at the end of the fairy tale we know and love of whatever princess we choose. The marriage has started, the love is grand, and there is someone lurking in the shadows hell bent on sending the princess out of here. Through trickery and wickedness, the princess is hurled through time to the present day.

Where To Go From Here: Here's where the fun starts. Your Prince needs to come find his Princess in order to put their world back to order. Since the Princess has left her world, she technically doesn't exist except for in the mind's of the princes and those who are evil, as they sent the Princess forward to the modern world. Your Prince finds a way to come to the modern world, eventually finds the Princess and goes back to the old world to put it back to order. Fantasy, romance, time travel and perhaps some interesting twists are involved, such as: What if the Princess has found a lover? What if she's happy in the modern world instead of in her old world?

What If? (True Blood): M x F (or F writing as a M), heavy True Blood, Sookie/Erik, Sookie/vampire, werewolf or faerie, could be from Light to Extreme
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I have always wondered what Sookie's life would have been like if she met Eric first, instead of Bill. In my story, Sookie (played by me), would be working at Merlotte's when she was attacked by (insert something vicious here) and was saved by Eric. Eric, still being his usual arrogant self, would take the place of Bill in this story. Would Sookie fall in love with Eric? Would the two annoy each other to never become a couple? What would happen if Eric lost his memory (like in the books/TV series now), would Sookie's feelings change?

Modifications are welcome, just please talk to me first. I'd like for this to be something long term, but depending on how the thread plays out, it can easily change. I'd like the other player to have a significant grasp on the feel of Eric and the book/show so that it will run smoothly. :)

Living Dead Girl M x F (or F writing as a male), multiple writers or writers having more than one character, historical (Regency era - early 1880s), romance, NC
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The Plot: Born to Reginald and Susanna Ballantyne, Baron and Baroness Hull, Portia was the fifteenth and final child, the eldest child being twenty years her senior. Portia was as much loved as all the other fourteen Ballantyne children, but because she was the youngest and still living at home, her father doted upon her more then his other daughters. When she was thirteen, her father and mother decided that it would be high time that she find (more like they find) prospects for her future husband. Three suitors were interested in her young body and dowry: Lord Orson (son of the Marquess of Southend-on-Sea), the Baron Wickham and the Earl of Ashwood. There would be three years of negotiation, courting, and teaching for Portia on how to be that "right wife, perfect mother, and earnest housekeeper". At the age of sixteen,Portia's father decided that the Earl of Ashwood would be the best husband for her (despite the protests from Portia that she would have enjoyed being a baroness). Thus, at the tender age of seventeen, Portia said her "I do's" to the wicked Earl of Ashwood and started her life in misery. Their wedding night was nothing to sniff at, it went smoothly as it could, but several weeks after their wedding night, Portia's husband would berate her because she could not conceive. She would always calm her husband with the "its in God's hands now" card and would leave it at that. After a year of marriage, the earl became increasingly aggressive with his wife in bed, despite the pleas to stop, he would rape her nightly, leaving her crying and used. Lydia soon became quieter, a shell of the girl she used to be. She still hadn't conceived and her husband was so desperate, that he ran off to his mistress and demanded a child from her, that he would use their child as the legitimate heir. Portia could say nothing against it, for the constant abuse from her husband led her to believe that everything was her fault, that she couldn't conceive a child for him because she was a "spawn of the devil".

The glorious day arrived when the earl's mistress bore him a son, a spitting image of the earl who was no doubt pleased that he could pass him off as a legitimate son. Sending his mistress away to his estate in the country, the earl went back to Portia and once again raped her for the last time, desperate to even see if she could conceive. After he'd raped her, he spoke to Portia and told her that she was nothing to him now. His mistress was more of a wife to him than she could ever be, that because she was so disgusting to look at, she would be shipped away the next week. This wasn't going to happen according to Portia. She was still a woman with thoughts, despite the heinous abuse she was subjected to. She planned out that each morning ride she took, she would take things with her such as clothes, jewelry, anything that could be pawned or used to hide herself. The night before she was to leave, her husband vanished - most likely to his mistress and new son - and Portia took this opportunity to leave. The clock struck midnight and Portia mounted her horse and moved off into the woods, where a wagon was waiting by a trusted servant. It was all packed and ready to go, and before Portia could even think about looking back, she was galloping her horse down the lane away from Ashwood Estate. It took her three days and four nights to get to London, and Portia was sure that no one would find her, and was immediately drawn to how intellectual and free spirited the town was. She knew that she couldn't stay for long, for no doubt her husband would have his men after her, but for now, she could reside her, perhaps start a new life, find a new name, and live a life she never was able to have.

It didn't take long for Portia to find a proper home in an aristocratic inn, find herself a new name (Lydia Balcombe) and the sudden joy to start living her life. She would always have to look over her shoulder, but for now, she was content being Lydia Balcome.

Where To Start: We can either start RP'ing at the end of this point, or we can RP everything from when the Earl of Ashwood marries Portia/Lydia and beyond. It is up to you. :)

Where To Go From Here: I was hoping that someone would be interested in playing her husband who finally finds Lydia.. or quite possibly the man she falls for in London. We can discuss further via PM or AIM. :)

Double Trouble M x F (or F writing as a M), historical (Regency/Victorian era), romance, Light
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The Plot: Much to their father's dismay, Felicity and Lilith Sutherland are the only two children that the Marquess of Wickhamshire have. Their mother died quickly after birthing their third and only son, Lucas, who also died. The good news? Felicity and Lilith are twins. The bad news? They constantly trick their governess' and equally - their suitors.

Where to start: We can either RP up to this point, or start at this point. Doesn't matter to me. This can either be two people playing several characters, or I can put this on the multiplayer board.

Where To Go From Here: When the Marquess decided that enough is enough and arranges a marriage between Lilith and the Earl of Shrewbury, Felicity and Lilith find their ultimate adventure in tricking the young earl... but will it be Lilith or Felicity who finally says "I do" to him?

You Can't Always Get What You Want M x F (or F writing as a M), historical (we can discuss the era), I will play both females, possible Bondage or NC depending on plot discussions, but mainly Light
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The Plot:This is an interesting story line that  was written out with me several years ago with a fellow RP'er. Korianna is the stable hand's daughter, who is in love with the lord's son. However, the lord's son is engaged to be married to another girl. The story line I had thought about this was how Korianna (I would play her) and the lord's son (you would play) meet, fall in love, but cannot be together because of the fact that the lord's son is engaged to another girl (I would play her as well). This is supposed to be romantic, but can be turned towards a darker side if the fiancee wants to keep the lord's son away from Korianna. I am thinking bondage, perhaps NC, if you want to go that way.[/color]

The Englishwoman and the Cowboy M x F (or F writing as a M), historical (Victorian/Wild West era), could be from Light to NC depending on plot discussions
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The Plot: Caroline is an Englishwoman searching for something new and exciting in the Americas. Having been born in the aristocracy, she has been told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it since she was born. Now, on her 21st birthday, she has decided that she will set sail to America and enjoy one entire year there before returning to England to marry the man that she has been betrothed to since 16.

Where To Start: I would like to start when she's already settled into the West, possibly putting herself in a predicament that requires saving.

What's To Come: While she's in America, she'll find sights and sounds that she's never encountered before. On her way across the country, she'll find cowboys. This is where the story can take a twist. Does a greedy cowboy see Caroline and want a piece of her, only to be saved by you, another cowboy?  Or will you find her exotic and intoxicating and want to woo her into bed upon first sight? This was designed to be a love story, because ultimately Caroline wouldn't want to return to England, but stay in America and spend the rest of her life with your character. I'm open to modifications, just PM me!

Chevalier des Poissons

The three ideas look very interesting. I would just love to play anyone of them if you are interested. I will PM you so we can discuss more details about it =3
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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Lady Kalypso


QuoteAnyone who has read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne N. Roquelare, I am fully interesting in doing a female/male plot with them. Sleeping Beauty/the Prince, Sleeping Beauty/Alexi, Sleeping Beauty/Anyone, Any female slave/the Prince, Any female slave/Alexi, Any female slave/any male slave. :)

AHHHH! *screeches* My Kalypso, darling you and I must talk about this! xD *winks* I'll send you a PM *nodsnodsnods* :p
I'm back!
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Lady Kalypso

I added "You Can't Always Get What You Want" to the plot list. More to come!

Lady Kalypso

Lady Kalypso

Updated Living Dead Girl

I need a player who can be the husband in my "Living Dead Girl" plot, please! :)


I'd love to have a shot at either the Living Dead Girl scenario, Taming the Wild Child scenario, or both. I don't have much on my hands and even though I disappeared last time, I should be fine now. If you want to, we can PM/IM, and talk about it, so, drop me a PM if you want me to expand. ^_^

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Lady Kalypso

Lady Kalypso

Updated, I re-opened "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Lady Kalypso

I still have one plot open, but updated it to offer something for those who are interested. I guess I'm looking for something to open my eyes. :) Thanks!

Lady Kalypso

I re-opened "Wanted: Male dom to subdue haughty girl".


I'm willing to take up the male dom one. :-)

Lady Kalypso

Updated, re-opened Living Dead Girl and Taming the Wild Child. Please read my note, though.

Lady Kalypso

Just wanted to say I'm back, and I've updated my plots. PM me if you're interested please!

Lady Kalypso

I took away a story, and added some more "Interests" to open up more plot ideas. Also color coded what I really want, what I kind of want and what I'm so so on.

Lady Kalypso

I added "What If?" to my plots, and changed some things around! PM me if you're interested!

Lady Kalypso

Lady Kalypso

I'm bumping because it's been more than one month since my last substantive post. :) Also, to let others know that I'm back and RP'ing full time now!! :)

Lady Kalypso

I added "A Twist in Time" to my story ideas. PM if you're interested!!!

Lady Kalypso

I'm back! :)

Like I said in my original post, if you had a story with me, and want to either continue/start over, please PM me. :)

Lady Kalypso

Modified my post a bit by taking some things away and adding a few "cravings" to the list.

Again, for those who used to RP with me and would like to continue our stories (please!!!!), feel free to PM me.

Lady Kalypso

Added Deceiving the Deceived. I'm going to make it look prettier here in a second.. after I figure out how the hell to do that. PM If you're interested!

Lady Kalypso

I am back after a 2 year hiatus and ready to start again! :) I won't be disappearing either. You're stuck with me.

Lady Kalypso

Updated! Re-opened "Deceive the Deceiver" for anyone who will be interested.