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Author Topic: RP idea [NC-H] +/- [BON] or [VAN] depending (looking for M for M/F)  (Read 764 times)

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Offline anastaciaTopic starter

Looking for a Male for a M/F RP on the forums (full on IM and email RP right now, thanks)

To interested parties, please:

1. read my O/O's before responding

2. respond via PM, not in this thread.

3. understand that I am not first come first served. I will be choosy.

4. think about what you would like your character to be like and do not hesitate to offer any changes to the original storyline if have them. It is a collaboration after all.  :-)

Thank you for reading and considering!

Psychiatrist/Patient M/F (I would prefer to play the patient, but can be convinced otherwise)

Couple stories that could go with this or you can present your own:

Darker theme [NC-H] +/-  [BON]
1. Jenny is a patient committed to a Psychiatric hospital for killing her abusive boyfriend and his father. She was improperly diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and is serving her time under a medical director [your character] that has taken a 'special interest" in her case. He uses the her diagnosis and illness to control her and get away with his exploits.

Lighter theme [VAN]
2. Jenny is a patient of yours that is experiencing a sudden and very dramatic change in sexual appetite. This has caused her to act out  doing things that she never envisioned herself doing. She comes to you for help, but with her overt sexuality and constant flirting you become obsessed with thoughts of her and her desires. If you succumb you are risking everything you have.

Cougar on the Loose (looking for F or M) Partner Found for first installment. Becca is enjoying her 24 yo handyman. Lucky bitch!  ;) Link to thread if interested

Overall theme: Humor and lust, mood is light

Becca (played by me) is a 40 year old divorcee who's cheating bastard, fat cat lawyer, husband finally got caught by one of his dalliances when the girl got pregnant. He left Becca for his 22 year old, pregnant secretary. On his way out, he told Becca the real reason for the nickname he had given her years ago, 'mouse', wasn't because she was cute as he previously stated, it was because she lived under the radar. Unnoticed and uninvolved.

Devastated, yet relieved, the newly single Becca decides to have some of the fun she missed out on in her 20's when she chose to marry and put her asshole ex-husband through Law School. She gets a boob job, buys a new wardrobe and sets about seducing the young, innocent people of her fair town. She is 'mouse' no more.

I originally thought of doing a multiple player for this and that seems too hard for me to keep organized so I am opening this up again for one partner that is interested in a lighter story line, there are a lot of you dark SOBs out there and as much as I love you, I want light and humor for this.

Your character: Up to you. If you are interested PM me your ideas or lets brainstorm and see what comes up. 

Read my O/Os and PM me if you have questions or are interested!

ABANDONED - May revisit at some point. You can try to convince me. Here is the first post I made in the abandoned thread {Anastasia Intro Post}
The Russian Princess and Her Guard (I must give credit where credit is due, inspired by a prompt from Battle Shambler)

Overall themes: Suspense, mood is dark.

Includes: bondage, torture (no mutilation other than whip scars she bears on her back and buttocks), forced and reluctant sexual situations

Anastacia (played by me) is the princess of the fallen Russian Romanoff family. When her royal family was over thrown, they were imprisoned and Anastacia was taken as a slave by leaders of the new regime. She has no memory of her incarceration, but when she was taken she was a virgin princess with a chastity belt attached to special 24 karat gold piercings called the 'Royal Rings'. All royal women are affixed with these rings. It is the only trait that remains and that marks her as a royal.  She was smuggled out by a fellow slave and has started to remember who she is and is now returning to rescue the rest of your family from imprisonment. She "befriends" a guard that helps her in her quest. After her encounters with the guard, Anastacia has vivid flashbacks of her enslavement

The guard played by you can be played in several different ways:

1. Good guy with bad desires that he cannot/will not control, ultimately falls for Anastacia and helps her in her quest

2. Bad guy that pretends to help Anastacia, but ultimately as Anastacia remembers turns out to be her original captor that has been toying with her emotions and psyche until returning her to the

3. Any other scenario you can think of as long as it makes a twisted and more complicated story.  With both characters having many facets to their personalities and desires

Please read my ONs and OFFs.

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Offline erin 27f

Re: Revamped RP ideas (looking for F for F/F or M for M/F)
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2009, 06:18:22 PM »
If you're willing to do a F/F one for 'Cougar on the Loose', I would be willing to play the younger female

Offline anastaciaTopic starter

Re: RP idea [NC-H] +/- [BON] or [VAN] depending (looking for M for M/F)
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2009, 09:42:22 PM »
Added new story idea/request

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Re: RP idea [NC-H] +/- [BON] or [VAN] depending (looking for M for M/F)
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2009, 10:53:03 PM »
updated again