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May 20, 2018, 10:10:09 PM

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Author Topic: The 9 Gates. (Ninth Date inspred, DEATH GORE NON CON)  (Read 494 times)

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The 9 Gates. (Ninth Date inspred, DEATH GORE NON CON)
« on: August 07, 2009, 08:17:47 PM »
There sat in Europe a large Estate , it was on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in France. Its construction had been Italian, and it had been very very old. It was owned by no one, the French government would not acknowledge it if asked, and they never were.  It layed outside the jurisdictions of all municipalities, and was hidden from maps by plotting errors. Yes it could be scene on the new satilite maps, and the area had a long history of markers being a bit off do to it, but it had become tradition. A small host of the Nobel families from all over Europe held properties around it to minimize the complaint of any errors that this might cause.

The house was built as a church of sorts , it was, technically a christian church , though it was also the inverse. The church of the fallen, dedicated to the Angles who fell in the name of there freedom in the only holy war that truly mattered. It had started in 1300 , simply enough as a small gathering of nobles who saw themselves as necessary evils in the world, and grew to include 9 families  each with a very degree of membership ofer the years, but they would always find a couple in each generation to Join.

There rituals , in the begining were dark, mysterious, dedicated... but as with all things secret, over time it devuldged, by the 1990s it had become nothing more than an excuse for orgys of the flesh, no one died, no one realy red alowed the rituals, most sad of all, no one realy belived any more. That is till a young woman was admited.. a distant cousin to the Tepish line of members. She was attractive, fairly wide known, and the men all wanted a go. She was fasinated from the get go, and found her way into the hearts of a good deal of the men, who were all honest with her... she read the old books, she studied the old rituals, her fame faded quickly as she was spending all the time in the church, incognito.

She hatched a plan, and went through the member roaster quickly, she knew almost every one on it, she had dirt on all of them of course.. she seperated the ones that still belived out, they were few, very few, and some of the families she had a hard time finding one member that she could trust... than.. the rest died in a mysterous fire in the church... death certificates were issued.. and ashes returned to non member families, but there real ashes were turned into an Ink, in witch the charter was re written, as well as Nine new copys of there holy book, The nine gates... and they were in buisness once more , the Buinsess of worrishing the dread lord Satan, in exchange for his favor in the afterlife... they were all going to hell, they had zero doubt.. but at least they would be going as management.