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Author Topic: Female Roleplayer Needed (high fantasy)  (Read 514 times)

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Female Roleplayer Needed (high fantasy)
« on: August 05, 2009, 09:07:52 PM »
*send me a PM if you're interested

The Price of Power
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Before his conquests, the continent of Zenith was a violent and savage place. The various nations constantly at war over religion, resources, territory and petty ambitions. At the age of 25, Adamus Cain discovered an ancient source of power.  He first used it cease his body from aging.  No longer burdened by time and disease, he shifted the power to create a nation in his image, a nation he named Adamor. Gathering the finest minds the world had to offer, he created a nation dedicated to bettering itself. He instituted mandates on the populous for education, advanced irrigation and agriculture, industry, shipbuilding, trade, banking, architecture, medicine, music, and art.  Adamor prospered quickly under the protection of Adamus's great power, and soon created a military to match the advancement of its culture.  Slowly but surely, the enlightenment of Adamor swept across the entire continent, making the nation an Empire.  Adamus, now 100 years after beginning his rule, is regarded as a benevolent, wise, and powerful Emperor.

Adamus looked forward to a golden future, a future of peace and prosperity.  However, no power comes without a price, and Adamus must pay for his. The age of dragons is long over, but Adamus had found their graves and used their fossilized bones to siphon his power. Far out to sea, an Island is discovered shrouded in mist. Explorers set foot on the soil and awaken the only resident, a female dragon long at rest.  The dragon senses the desecration of her ancestors and seeks retribution. Assuming a mortal form, she enters the capital of Adamor and searches for the Emperor. After observing him and his kingdom, she feels admiration for the society he has made. Even so, it is her duty as the last dragon to deliver vengeance.  On a day of great celebration, the empire of Adamor watches in horror as a mighty dragon claims their emperor and flies away. Adamus becomes the prisoner of the dragon, and for the first time in his life, he faces a foe he cannot hope to defeat.  His magic is useless against her, his strength puny in comparison.  He is her property now.  Her slave.

Need someone to play the vengeful dragon.  You can decide whether you want them to develop a love story, or if you want them to be enemies throughout.  If they are enemies, then Adamus would likely try to escape for the majority of the story.

*By the way, the first post was already finished a while back when I thought I had a partner.  To read the sort of story you'll help to create, go to this link:


The Ice Mage
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Myst Rahl is a mage unlike any other.  From the moment the spark of magic surfaced within him, this orphan from across the sea found he could craft and control the element of ice unlike any other.  His power grew exponentially during his early training, and soon outpaced any mage who sought to mentor him.  At a young age, he realized his power would allow him the freedom to pursue any life he wished. If he so chose, he could have conquered nations or become the champion of kings. Instead, his close bond with frozen magic turned his emotions cold, and he retreated from the rest of the world.  He made a home for himself on the ice-continent of Rime, only venturing away to collect treasures that he desired. He stole such treasures from kings, noblemen, merchants and dragons. He never left doubt that he was the one responsible, and few were foolish enough to try and steal back their treasure.  The world had seen many times over what became of those who raised the ire of the Ice Mage.

Myst's most recent theft was from the Kingdom of Zenith, an empire of warriors. Their jewel of jewels, the Star Diamond, was taken by the Ice Mage. The Emperor dared not send his armies to retrieve the jewel, for he knew it would only earn him the loss of any army. The Ice Mage's Magic was too strong.  But the Emperor's daughter, Jade Ling, dared where her father would not. She set out on a small ship to Rime, determined to find the Ice Mage and demand back the jewel of jewels. Though a great warrior, she is no match for the mage's power.

Need someone to play Jade Ling, the Emperor's daughter.  I'm open to ideas of how this can go. He can capture her and make her his unwilling slave.  Or he can make a lonely-man's agreement with her to give back the Star Diamond in exchange for staying with him for a time, which would turn into a love story.  I'm open to other ideas as well.
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Re: Female Roleplayer Needed (high fantasy)
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Added "The Ice Mage"