Troubled Hearts

Started by Ivoryedge, August 05, 2009, 07:52:28 PM

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"Come out, come out where ever you are..." Duncan McLoyd walked as quietly as he could, stepping over trembling bodies of people laying on the ground after a shoot out that had just gone down in the middle of the city square after a bank robbery. All units called to the scene had been short or were taking care of victims of the scene. Even Duncan's partner was laying with a bullet in his leg and shoulder. "Your buddies are dead screw head so it's just down to you...and me." He stopped as he heard noise under a stage that had been put up for a ceremony that was to be taking place in a few days, some sort of dance awards for some teens. Suddenly the last robber came out after cutting a hole in the plastic trim around the stage. He dragged a teen age girl out from under the stage with him who was frightened out of her mind. She was one of the girls who had been decorating for the dance ceremony. "Let me go or I swear...I'll kill her!" Duncan raised a brow and looked from the robber to the girl and he smirked. "Close your eyes honey. You don't want to see this." The robbers eyes widened but fell backward as Duncan fired a shot right through the girls shoulder and in to the robber's heart. He caught the girl as she fell forward in pain. He moved to his knees with her and set his riffle down. "Shhh, just a flesh wound it's okay now honey. That bad man isn't going to hurt you. It's okay." Had he wanted to wound the girl? No. But when it came between a chance of her losing her life or having a wound, he chose wound. He brushed his fingers through the girls curly hair and smiled at her. "Come on." He picked her up and carried her toward the paramedics that were showing up to help with the victims. He handed her off to the paramedics and then retrieved his rifle.

The next day...

Duncan McLoyd walked in to the chief's office and sat down. He shoved his fingers through his unruly brown hair and then rubbed his hand over his stubbled chin and jaw before his bright blue eyes turned up to the woman behind the desk. She did not look to pleased with him. In fact she looked rather aggravated. "I know what your going to say...and your probably right but I didn't see any other way at the time. I wasn't going to let it happen...I wasn't going to let her die." He stood and took off his gun holster with his gun and his badge. He laid them on the desk and then sat back down. "So if your going to suspend me....go ahead. I don't have any regrets." He was always getting suspended for stunts like this and worse. He was ready for it, expecting it. He looked over the woman behind the desk a moment. Damn did she look good. She always looked good. She hadn't changed a bit. She no longer wore her ring, which was why he was now working under her. He had been rather surprise to find out she was going to be his boss when Richards had retired. The reason they had separated and divorced, wasn't because they didn't love each other but, things happened...horrible things. The most horrible was him not being able to save their daughter. She had only been fourteen, the same age as the girl he had shot in the shoulder to save her life. Was it really he had seen no other way or...something more personal? That was a question that someone had to ask themselves.

Guess you could consider this would be the first post. I would be playing Duncan. He is a cop, his ex-wife is now his boss. Still love each other but a lot of things have happened between them like their daughther was killed and the killer was never found. There could be a lot of good things that could be done with this. Guess there would be some discussion with my partner. PM me.