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Started by Cosmic Latte, August 05, 2009, 07:38:11 PM

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Cosmic Latte

Hello there everyone! I really shouldn't be starting any more games, but I had a interesting idea that I wanted to toss out here to see if anyone was interested in. Like I have said to people before I enjoy creating worlds, and settings its something of a hobby of mine. While they are fun to make alone its always more fun to create one with somebody else, or for somebody else. So I was thinking that I would see if anyone was interested in me creating a fantasy or steampunk world for them to play in.

I don't have any clear plots at the moment, so if your interested we can talk about it. So I just require somebody that is willing to talk about what they would enjoy, and what sort of character they would want to play. I am a detail freak, for example for my D&D group I have created a detailed calendar, money system, and even the sorts of foods, wines, and plants that live in that region.

So if your interested in something like that, a setting where you can immerse yourself into details. Or always had some vague idea's about a fantasy or steampunk world, but never put anything down about it that by all means either message me here or PM me. Just so that I'm clear this will be a free form game, and also I am sometimes limited on how many times I can post. I try to post once a day, but sometimes it takes two or three days for me to get back, so if your looking for a fast game this might not be what your looking for.

Anyways I think that's it, oh also just to satiety my own fantasies if you enjoy Breast Expansion/Lactation then by all means message me as well. It isn't required for this game or anything, but its something I have always enjoyed, and finding others that like it too is a real treat. Thanks for taking the time to read this ^^ feel free to ask my any questions. 

Queen Be Damned Sheiba

Hey, It's sounds really interesting. I actually have an idea for a fantasy realm. If you want the mock up for it I could send it to you.

Lycan Queen

Another worl builder! *tackleglomps* I am highly interested, as I have two worlds I've been building for years, and adding a third might be a good change of pace.

Last of the Great Mikeys

You know, I have a 9 page short story where I try to outline a country's history. It's a fantasy story and an erotic one too. Should I email it to you?

Cosmic Latte

Sure I will take a look at it if you like :) I always love a good read.

Queen Be Damned Sheiba

Well, I haven't done complete details, but here's the run down of it. It really simple, but it's a start.

The World of Istoria exist beyond our mortal realm, breaking the mold of what we consider normal. In Istoria the impossible is possible and the norm is far beyond you wildest dreams.

Istoria is made up of five nations, each governed by it's own daimyo, an all powerful Ruler of the lands. The realms are:

Seraph - The Land of Elves, Nymphs, and Dwarfs.
Aesir - The Land of Humans. Wizards and Element Benders.
Nepho - The Land of Angels, Gods, and Titans.
Wheis - The Land of Demons and Devils.
Outlands - The Land of the Outlaws, Old Ones, and Castoffs.

The lands have always been divided. No mixing of the species has ever been allowed. The half bred spawn of these union were dropped into the Outlands.

The Realm of Wheis has a shaky alliance with Seraph, while Nepho and Aesir are both joined in there hatred for the Outlands. Queen Valerian, the powerful demoness leader of Wheis has decided to call forth a meeting of all the Realm leaders and join Istoria in one unified world. The Old Ones, Ancient beings from a lost time, have resurrected to put a stop to this union. They are the foulest and most feared creatures in all of Istoria. Few who have ever met them have lived to tell the tale.