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Started by Caity, August 05, 2009, 10:55:22 AM

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These are some of the ideas I've had recently.  Some I've really been craving.  Please don't post in this thread, instead, please contact me if you're interested in a story.  Before you contact me, however, please see my must/must not list.  I decided to take out my specific (HUGE) list of ons/offs and instead just put in generalities that I look for in a roleplay partner.  I'm versatile and will play just about anything for the right partner.

I am a little picky about my roleplay partners (but don't let that scare you off), though I will play with males or females playing either gender.  My picky-ness correlates with the amount of time I have to write, which isn't often a lot.  I like to write with people who can write well and hold a conversation.  Someone who doesn't mind communicating about the story we're writing to get things right.  I have also found that it is best to write with those whose interests and on/offs are similar to my own.  If not, I will feel pressured to write about subjects that I am not comfortable with and you will eventually be dissatisfied with our story.  Though I don't consider myself submissive, or dominant for that matter, I try to please my writing partners to the best of my ability.  Also, I prefer to write with people who are at least my age (27) and older.  Not to say that I will refuse to write with you solely because of your younger age, but it's just a preference I have that I haven't quite pinned down the reasoning for yet. 

Finally, I have found that most stories, if not all, require the use of NPCs, or non-playable characters.  For some reason, there seems to be a strong aversion to playing more than one character in any given game.  I much prefer stories where there are others, it makes the story more believable and realistic as opposed to stories that are populated with only two characters.  Please note, that I don't expect these characters to be fully realized, most likely, they will be mentioned only in passing. 

Now, the ideas:

Note: I do not mind at all if anyone uses or takes my ideas.  All roleplays, regardless of origin, tend to end up in different places.  If you do use any of my ideas, please let me know as I'd probably like to read it. 


Please Do Not Post in This Thread
PM Me if You're Interested in any Games

Familiar Face

Plot:  A man begins to be plagued with letters and phone calls from a mystery person from his past.  Someone who he had an intense relationship with, perhaps someone he shouldn't have and they were torn apart against their own wishes.  This is a bit more of a love story than erotic roleplay, but still plenty of room for naughtiness.  I have an idea of who I would like for them to be, but I am open to others as well.  May require NPCs.  PM me if you’re interested.


Plot:  I've tried playing with this idea a few times but it never panned out for one reason or another.  The basic idea is a married man starts up an affair with someone he probably shouldn't.  It may be his babysitter, young neighbor, secretary, maybe even wife's best friend.  Somewhere along the line, he decides he doesn't want to continue the affair but his partner in sin isn't too happy with this decision and decides to make him pay for his rejection.  I am willing to play with this idea using different pairs.  May require NPCs.  PM me if you’re interested. 

A Whole New Me

Plot:  A woman, 20-30 or perhaps younger, discovers that she has the ability to change herself drastically, every detail about her face and her body.  She's always been a rather plain girl, so it's something she has a lot of fun with.  The plot and other characters are open-ended.  She could be a different girl for the same person without their knowledge, or the same girl for one or many.  The possibilities are endless. May require NPCs.  PM me if you’re interested.

The Painful Truth

Plot:  A young girl, 16 or 17, learns that she is adopted after the death of her parents.  She is used to an upper class lifestyle as her parents were quite wealthy, and she's inherited everything upon their death. However, she can't claim her inheritance until she's of age.  Rather than going to live with her father's sister, she decides to seek out her birth parents who she discovers lives quite a different lifestyle.  The story is about her discovery of how "the other half" lives.  Open-ended.  May require NPCs.  PM me if you’re interested.

Losing Time

Plot:  A woman (20s - 30s) begins to 'lose time'.  She disappears for hours, and then days at a time with no memory of where she's been.  It's only when she's returned home that she realizes it's been days or hours since she can last remember where she's been.  I don't know what's happening to her or where she's going, but if you have an idea, this is a good game for you.  I'd like to be surprised as well.  May require NPCs.  PM me if you’re interested.


Plot:  A young girl, tired of her home life, possibly an abusive situation, makes the ultimate decision to run away.  She is walking along a dark highway in the middle of a cold, rainy night when you’re character, a veritable Knight in Shining Armor rescues her.  It is up to you how your character treats her.  I’m open to a nice, gentle guy who is honestly just trying to help or someone whose armor may be a little less than sterling.  Few NPCs.  PM me if you’re interested. 



Plot:  This is kind of the opposite of the Runaway story.  A woman, 30s to 40s, is driving along and happens upon a man hitchhiking.  Normally, she is a very shy, conservative, and safe woman but something makes her stop for him.  This story could go in many directions, if you’re interested, I’m sure we could work something out that makes us both happy. Few if any NPCs.  PM if you’re interested.


Plot:  I admit this idea comes from a not-so-popular TV show called, The Riches starring the brilliant Eddie Izzard and gorgeous Minnie Driver.  It was canceled long before its time.  Anyway, the basic idea is of a group of Irish travelers, con artists, etc. who use their talents to make it in the world.  They live a life of secret identities and have a fierce loyalty only to their families where tradition rules.  There are many ways this story could go.  Maybe one or two of the travelers break from the group for some reason, maybe the story will be about how they take over someone’s life, or even just a story of their life at camp.  All in all, it’s a story of a specific subset of society, people living on the outskirts of the mainstream.  Some NPCs will be required.  PM me if you’re interested. 

The Little Woman

Plot:  This is a very basic story with the potential for a lot of growth.  The main character is a lady who has gone from being her parents’ little girl to her husband’s little wife.  This can go a few different ways.  She may start going out and having affairs, or maybe she looks up an old boyfriend, etc.  Or maybe she gets mixed up with petty crime.  In any case, she’s looking for a few thrills that she didn’t get when she was younger.  Multiple characters may be required.  PM me if you’re interested.


Introducing Alison

Plot:  This is an introduction, but you already know her.  She's the mysterious girl who transferred and instantly became popular.  She's the girl every guy wants to date and every girl craves for a best friend yet secretly hates.  She's the kinda girl who shows up to church every Sunday and you spend the whole service wondering if she's wearing panties.  And she's the girl who will try anything once just to stay one step ahead of everyone else.  I'm looking for someone to play her best friend (female) or a love interest (male/female).  Depending, this could go either non-sexual - non-con.  Alison is somewhat dominant, just something about her exudes power, it makes any good sense just leave a rational person's head.  Multiple players preferred (NPCs).  PM me if interested. 


One Shots

Who could it be?

Plot:  I'm picturing an office setting.  Rows and rows of endless cubicles, people - none of them doing what they expected they'd be doing in life, and the noise.  Chatter, clack of the keyboards, and the smell of toner fill the air.  You're kind of new, and kind of really young, and your mom made you get this job.  You like to sleep in... everyday, and this 9-5 is killing your gaming time.  You're shy and reserved and can never picture you going out with anyone for drinks after work.  Then someone catches your eye, or rather falls into your lap.  She's the office flirt, the one every guy makes sure he smells good for and curiously goes parched every time she's at the water cooler.  She's the one you fantasize about worse than the head cheerleader.  The thing is, she's thinking about you too.  PM me if interested.