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Started by Oleander, August 04, 2009, 11:44:36 PM

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Avatar the Last air Bender... wait... there's another airbender!?!?!

I had this idea, just a modification of the AtLA shows. To allow some creative flow and originality. I wanted to see what the over-all feedback would be.

Canon Characters
--Canon characters are merely to help the flow of the RP (for those familiar with the series) they do not have to follow every aspect of their liscensed Characters. Their appearance, behavior, and choice of actions and differ from their original plot lines as the player sees fit.--

-Katara [taken]

--Each Avatar is still in the learning stages. They have one mastered element and must travel to learn the rest.--

-Aang [Air]
-Sauno [Fire]
-Thalia [Earth]
-Nica [Water]

Original Characters [To be named and posted]

--All original characters are welcomed into this Roleplay!


General Plot:

   Four kingdoms are in the midst of a centuries long war. The fire nation is set out to obtain power and to dominate the remaining three kingdoms. The Air kingdom has fallen completely to the fire nations early in the war, with only one remaining [known] survivor. The earth Kingdom has been over run, and the Water Nation has been scattered across the boarders! A few, Brave, few have set out to put the fire Nation in its rightful place, and reunite the four kingdoms under a single negotiation of peace.

   Along their journey they meet a number of interesting characters, encounter perilous obstacles, and merciless enemies set on destroying them. Amongst the people of the four nations are those who are adept to several different elements. They maintain the ability to master their elements aswell as the others. Only one is born in every great time of need, but somehow each nation was obtained one of these said masters. With four Avatars in existance the tides of war are at a standstill as each nation begins to wage war for the ultimate power.

--Side note--

Air Benders are more than welcomed in the Original Characters section, however I must limit the amount of them, depending on how many players we receive for the RP. Air Benders are a rare race, and not  likely to be seen, so if you wish to create an Air Bender, please please please let me know!

*Each avatar represents a single kingdom. That kingdom is their most powerful element, when it comes down to the final hour, the deciding moment of which kingdom is stronger, each power cancels eachother out, they level the playing field, and create an equal power between the four nations. If they can see past their own greed, they can bring peace to the nations, and change the world.

*Their developement depends on their allies. It is up to each player to  gain and maintain the trust of other players of each element. They have to work their way into the other elements, it's going to be their job, to convince members of other nations to teach them, and how well they learn that elelemnt, and how powerful it becomes, depends on their teacher.

*Basically they would be ordinary children and are probably visited by a spiritual being about their destiny. Or perhaps before they are born their mother's or parents would have a vision of this child they are bringing into the world, will bring peace, etc.

*I want to give them a chance, to develope their characters, to express their emotions, their feelings. Their lack of wanting of their destiny, and I want them to enjoy the journey of learning to cope, to understand it, to understand the importance of it, their self importance, and how much responsibility falls upon them. I want them to learn for themselves to depend on their allies, their friends, to learn they're not alone.


Character Template


Highest Rank Obtained: (If Part of Kingdoms Political Army)
Place of Birth:
Visual Age:
Date of Birth:
Blood Type:

[.II] Physical Characteristics

Hair Length:
Skin Tone:
Identifying marks:

[.III] Additional Information

Ability to Bend: (yes or No)
Element: (If able to bend elements)
Innate Ability: Other Abilities
Learned Abilities:



[.V] Combat Abilities

Rating System -
Extremely Poor

Weapon Proficiencies -
- Unarmed
- Daggers
- Short Swords
- Long Swords
- Great swords
- Hammers
- Maces
- Spears
- Whips
- Claws

Weapons of Choice:
Favored Weapons:


Artifact Weapons/Armor

Weapon style:
Primary Basis:
(May be repeated per each item carried)