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Started by Sand of gaara, August 03, 2009, 04:00:03 PM

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Sand of gaara

The roles the ladies will have to play are a bit compromising as the ladies will have to be open minded, the plots in the end lead to romance but that can definitely be negotiated.

This is written from the females point of view.

In the beginning she knew what sort of life she had chosen. Always she'd had her mind about her and had no never-mind's about it. She'd needed the money and this was the easiest way to get it . As she entered her house she put her keys down and bolted the door , locking it securely. She undressed and slipped into her nightdress which she called her day dress on the account of she mainly worked nights. She curled up in bed and took the red ribbon out of her hair . Setting it on the dressing table she stared at it remembering who had given it to her.

They weren't all that old at the time. Young lovers. He knew what she did he accepted it . She didn't. She wanted to be all of his and no one else's , but circumstances made her change her ways into what she was. He'd given her the ribbon on a picnic , very rare occasion for her seeing as it was during the day. Smiling and laughing she'd loved the present. It had stayed in her hair at all times. Holding back the thick curls that he loved to run his hands through. He had promised to take her away from the life she had to lead , promised her a normal life where she could forget everything that she'd done . It hadn't worked. Her owner as he called himself had caught wind of her romance with the man and had put a stop to it right away. Bad for business if your employees start getting a conscious or heaven forbid a heart.

Looking at the piece of red material she tried to tell herself that that was all it was , just a piece of red material and not all those picnics and walks in the pack. His brown eyes crinkling as he laughed at her jokes. Or his smile when he held her close. She rolled over in her bed knowing that she wouldn't sleep. Her hand went out under she sheets and caressed the space where he used to lay. Her body curled up in his arms , Till they took him away...

Sand of gaara

This one is a role play requiring the girl to play as two characters. The plot is simple can be modified if you wish, it is a f/m/f pairing but the m/f/m paring can be discussed.

The man goes out to a fund raiser for the local high school band, where they are doing all sorts of things from bake sales to car wash. He takes his of road heavy duty truck to the car wash, upon getting there two [twins or best friend or sister] approach him. He gets to talking with time and steps aside as they wash his truck he watches them in their bikinis having fun, by the time they are finished he offers to take them for lunch they agree.

from hear sky's the limit on this one.