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May 27, 2018, 12:29:57 AM

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Author Topic: For He is...The Peace That Power Brings (Sci-Fi)  (Read 590 times)

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For He is...The Peace That Power Brings (Sci-Fi)
« on: August 03, 2009, 02:26:15 AM »
One thousand years since the partial exodus, en masse, of humans from earth, the Final Empire still rules. One thousand years since a man thought a revolutionary, seizes control of earth, and then, the stars beyond.

Now, as the Final Empire expands into yet another unsuspecting miniature star empire, things are about to change. Revolutionaries, branded traitors to the Final Empire stage a daring stand-off, seizing a Final Empire dreadnought, an utterly massive hulk of a ship, and giving pause to what was thought to be a force of nature, the march of the Final Empire's fleet, and armies into the small territory's most important outer system.

Problem is, this Dreadnought was carrying something that not even the cargo manifest will list, and which remains in a sealed cargo container, which can niether be opened, nor jettisoned without rendering the ship inoperative. Furthermore, the Rebel leader will have to deal with the crew, taken hostage, but still necessary to run the ship, and of course, the Ruler's Ministry zealots, required to keep the crew in order, and of course, the ever resourceful captain, without whom the crew would most undoubtedly revolt. Its a dangerous balancing game on board, deals could be made for anything, at anytime, and betrayal could be as fast as turning one's back.


That concludes the introduction.

The game is basically a mix of opposing sides, all having to co-operate for their lives, freedom, or whatever else it is that motivates them individually. The game will begin during the onboard 'night' when the rebels/revolutionaries, take control of the ship. From there the characters, will have to deal with everything from localized mutinies, to love triangles, to the very invasion that they are supposed to stop.

Character Profile:

Affiliation: (Revolutionaries/FE Military/Ruler's Ministry)
Rank: (Explained below)
Appearence: (Picture or description)
Biography and Personality:


Rankings Overview

There are three main groups at work here, the revolutionaries, the Final Empire Fleet and Army, and the Ruler's Ministry.

Revolutionaries are organized informally, with no standard ranking system, but an understanding of commander, second in command, etc.

The Final Empire Fleet is organized in military fashion, navy specifically, with the Captain being the highest ranking officer onboard the ship.

The Ministry is organized by function, Minister (the equivlent of a political officer, ensuring the discipline of officers, and the belief of the crew in the Ministry's teachings), or Inquisitor (A specially trained ministry hunter, trained to seek out revolutionaries and rebels very analytically, often disguised as normal ministers.)


Technology Overview

Ships are generally large, ranging from a 200 man crew on a cruiser, to the 20-25,000 onboard a dreadnought. They use wormholes for FTL travel, allowing the largest ships, capable of opening the largest wormholes the shortest trips from system to system. Smaller vessels must use multiple jumps to reach a destination. However, wormholes are limited in size by proximity to a gravity source, like a star, planey, or black-hole, and therefore larger, dreadnoughts in particular may have to travel days out-system in order to make a jump.

Weapons in ship-to-ship combat are mostly kinetic, rail-guns mounted on airless gun-decks and operated remotely in batteries by gun crews. In emergencies, gun-decks can using local shield to re-air the deck and fire the guns individually, directly from the cannon.

Shielding is magnetic, allowing the shields to repulse or deflect anything given forewarning of its trajectory. Advanced computers track offensive enemy fire and direct the shielding to compensate, as keeping the shield at full strength constantly would be impossible to maintain, and hazardous to the system itself. For this reason, attacks on the largest of vessels often require overwhelming force in order to suceed.


Minimum Role Requirement

FE Captain - PtPb

Revolutionary Commander - Open
Revolutionary Second in Command - Open

Additional Roles

As recieved.


Please PM me with your character sheets.

I'll also take any questions either here, or as a PM