Halloween Mixup

Started by Hyde, July 31, 2009, 12:51:52 PM

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It is a classical urban legend I'd like to play out. A husband and a wife are going to go to a costume party. The wife decides not to go at the last minute due to her feeling a bit ill. After about twenty minutes or so she is feeling better so she gets into a costume (her husband hasn't seen) and goes to the party. There she see's her husband in his costume flirting and goosing other women!

So she decides to play at trick on him. She seduces her husband into thinking she is another woman then goes into the back for some naughty business. She is amazed at how passionate he is and is willing to do things to strange women he never would do for her! After they hot and heavy starts she hears a familiar voice from the living room. It's her husband! With a mistaken identity she is now in middle of a rather naughty act with a complete stranger. Will she quickly back off or continue her fun?
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! Sounds really interesting. I'd love to rp this with you :D


I'd love to do this as well :)
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