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Started by maniac, July 31, 2009, 12:18:03 PM

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Greetings! I'm a MarvelUltimate Universe fan, and I was curious if anyone else was or was interested in RPing that. Like Ultimate Spiderman, Xmen, etc. I had oodles of ideas playing combination of created characters and cannon. Let me put out a few ideas. (I'm also open to Wolverine and the X-men ideas etc)

I tend to do FxF, MxF Superhero, Scifi, Fantasy, Vampires, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Horror, Adventure

1) Ultimate Spiderman: Spider-woman is trying to set up her new life in NYC including a new High-school. However even that isn't easy as A another new Superhero is just starting out in that area of NYC however he's managed to piss off the skrulls and an alien invasion is heading straight towards the highschool. (MxF) (OC/Spiderwoman)

2) Ultimate X-men, Ultimatium is here the Professor is dead and the institute is underattack. The only hope is Rogue and her makeshift team? Not quite as she has some help a new ground pounder is on vacation when he spots the attack and tries to help! (MxF) (OC/Rogue)

3) Ultimate Spiderman: (FxF) (Gwen Stacey Kitty Pryde) Spiderman has run into blade, and Morbious and survived. But not everyone has, accidently he lead a survivor from one fight to his high school. Gwen Stacey is bitten and turns she disspears but visits Kitty during the night turning her too however...she decides she wants to be a type of superhero...to help Peter but her idea of what being a superheroine with Kitty working in NYC isn't your normal type or even very hero like.