A Game Of Chase

Started by Janus Belmont, July 30, 2009, 11:27:47 PM

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Janus Belmont

A Game Of Chase


"Hands where I can see them."

Within the confines of a dark alleyway stood a man clad in a brown trench coat, his arm outstretched with a standard issue firearm in hand. His finger hooked the trigger, ready to fire on impulse or reaction. His hand was perfectly still, his aim was dead center on his target's back.

There wasn't a cloud to stain the bright moonlit sky. While the alleyway was dark some sections were illuminated by the rays from the sky. The man was clearly visible, the light of the moon outlined his frame and created a curious effect with the shadows of the buildings.

"I won't say it again, Miss. Hands in the air."

His brown eyes peered through the darkness at his target. Tracking her had not been easy...and with her record, he wasn't about to take any chances. The man raised his badge from his coat with his free hand as he waited for her response. Detective Gabriel Garcia.

This one had eluded him far too many times. Now that she was cornered, he was almost certain he would make the catch. Still, she had eluded him twice so far. There was always a chance that she would slip away. His eyes never left her for a moment. The officer was ready for anything.

A chilly breeze picked up and blew through his shoulder length brown hair. Gabriel didn't look too bad for a man his age. At thirty his face appeared to be a bit rugged and handsome, complete with a fresh five o'clock shadow. He was a tall man with broad shoulders and a tone, trained body. The brown trench coat he wore danced in the night wind as his feet, clad in brown boots, seemed to dig into the concrete ground.

"What's the matter?"

((Feel free to send me a Pm to continue the plot! This can take any direction we see fit, and from what I can tell the possibilities are abundant! Another random idea...perhaps we can get it to work.))