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Started by Alysanthia, July 30, 2009, 05:58:23 PM

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Sand of gaara

Hello there I like the "Back Again Plot it sounds very interesting to me, I would like to know where you would like this to go.


I would be interested in doing the wow theme idea with you if you like for me to be your shaman i can be that person for you so please let me know if its been taken or if you would like to try it with me.
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That Study Break one looked interesting. Nice and simple, and easy to work with.

Would you like to?



Hi, I'm very interested in The Toy, if you'd like to chat about ideas for it? x


Your idea about the young lady sold to a warlord is very similar to a roleplay I have wanted to do. I just posted about it in fact. Perhaps we can find a lovely compromise between our two ideas.
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Hey Aly...the idea you have of the masquerade would be awesome to do. I have some links here of roleplays I believe I did well in. Just samples so you can get a feel of my writing abilitys.

Just read the first opening posts


Added a new idea and fixed up the list a bit.