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Author Topic: Looking for players for a Dungeons and Dragons type game!! (interest check)  (Read 4639 times)

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Offline Haibane

As I said to GreenHavock, I'm in as long as it's freeform, I'm out of here if it's system. I also have no issues with lesbians either ;)

And hi, Butterfly and welcome!

Offline GreenHavokTopic starter

So the general consensus so far seems to be freeform, so i'm completely ok with that. I think it allows for easier play, and also more unique situations.

Offline Bayushi

I enjoy my system games.

But considering I just got into two system games, I figure it's best that I go easy on getting into more system games, and should say/vote for freeform.

I was thinking that I could play an Elven freesword(merc?) who tends to encounter trouble with people thinking she's a whore(prostitute, not 'easy'). Just for a bit of laughs in the story, I think.

I'd also guess that demi-humans are rarely seen by the humans? Such as Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, and the like? So that an elf maiden would be a rare sight?

Offline GreenHavokTopic starter

Hadn't really thought of that, but yes, demi-human populations may be sparse, especially with elves and gnomes, because of their fondness of arcane magic.

Offline GabrielM

I just realized that I should maybe throw in my two cents so the people interested know who the male that you talk about is Green.
Hi every one!
I will be playing a human who travels selling his skills as a swordsman/bowmen. He does not like the term mercenary because he has a past and a thin set of morals he believes sets him apart from your average kill anything for money mercenary.

Offline Haibane

I just wanted to drop in a note that although my druid/healer type girl may appear to be a 'good' character, she isn't necessarily that way inclined, its just that she has currently settled in a community where the work she does gives the appearance of being 'good'. Essentially she is self-serving though so if you wanted to consider her in terms of D&D alignments she'd be lawful-neutral.

Green, would you like me to put my girl's character bio up here so others can see where I'm coming from on this?

Offline GreenHavokTopic starter

Sure it would  be good if everyone could fill out the form i posted in the first post. It will help flesh out the characters and me with the story.

Offline Haibane

Here is Ryuuna. I added in the headings you asked for and tweaked one or two small parts:

If we go with the travelling caravan idea she can easily fit into that role travelling from town to town selling herbs, spice, potions and healing presses and in between times going out into the woods to gather ingredients, quite a nice peaceful life in fact. I just placed her in a rural settlement as a starting point because that suits her character. It can easily be changed. In my mind she has no magical power whatever, the druidic aspect of her nature comes from her religion and approach to life more than a magical or pseudo-magical cult. In her work she's calling upon spirits and gods rather than reciting spells and calling on 'forces'.

She'll be careful to gather herbs and berries at certain phases of the moon and seasons and in particular places and using a sacred blade and will brew her herbal remedies in time honoured ways but she's no witch.

If you want her to have specific game skills she can be a healer, a low-level form of guide or tracker in rural places, especially woodland and she can make up hallucinogenic drugs from fungi which could give another character temporary strength, fight fatigue or be an offensive weapon such as mild poisons. I wouldn't want a powerful skill such as fatal poisons though we can add that if it doesn't unbalance the game.

Name: Ryuuna Umthelemaar ("Ree-you-na Oom-thel-eh-mar")
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Alignment: Lawful-Neutral (maybe some good tendencies will emerge as the tale grows, maybe some evil ones, she can drift in either direction)
Age: Mid twenties
Profession/Class: Healer/Druid/Pastor/Travelling herbalist
Physical Appearance: Ryuuna is pretty in an earthy simple way, she stands about five feet three and is proportioned for her height, though on the curvy side. She has long straight black hair to below her waist that she commonly wears tied back in her druidical hair bands and her costume is almost always that of her order of Druemo-Gruarna-Skuursuur ("Dray-mow Grew-ar-nah Skers-oohr") (The Druids of Grass and Sky = think ancient Romano-British/Celtic druidical orders). Please see the attached image.

Brief Background: Ryuuna lives in the village and each morning goes about her rounds visiting the community, she normally returns near the end of the day to talk with ailing people who come to her home where she dispenses herbs, potions and advice. On market days she sets up her herbal remedy stall and does some trade and keeps in touch with the travelling community, though on non-market days she can usually be found in the Market Tavern where she’ll drink tea and conduct her ‘counselling’ sessions.

She is the settlement's resident healer. She's also a species of community carer, offering her small home to travellers to stay if the inns are busy or women travelling alone don't wish to stay there. She does some counselling, spiritual guidance and such, being a general source of comfort to those in difficulty or who need a shoulder to cry on or to dump their woes; she's a kind of spiritual scratching post and cesspit.

On special days when the moon and planets are aligned to her purpose she will go out alone into the nearby hills and woodlands and carefully collect plants, fungi, berries and insects to use in her trade.

She came here only three years ago, arriving on a caravan one day with some people she had met on the road. She liked the place and chose to set down her roots although the urge to journey on still makes her restless. Originally from a city a week's travel to the north, she was intending to travel on southwards to warmer climes but liked it here. The place lacked a local healer so she chose to stay.

She is unmarried and due to her pastoral work, avoids romantic entanglements though its common for male travellers passing through to speak with her and try their luck, she is after all, a handsome woman and can frequently be found relaxing in the taverns, though she is teetotal and will drink only tea.

Druemo-Gruarna-Skuursuur are a pragmatic order and practice an understanding of the balance of all things: Beginning and ending; birth must end in death; growth is balanced by decay; joy in one person is offset by despair in another; yin and yang if you will. The order is deeply rural, peaceful and caring, they practice medicine with herbal and fungal compounds, compacts and broths as well as the usual use of clean water, cleanliness, bandaging, splinting and a number of other obvious and well known medical practices. They do not practice blood letting or the use of leeches.
Family: Her parents are from the tradesman class. They still live in the city (name to be decided by GM) some miles away. She had a baby brother who died as a toddler from an infection. This incident prompted her to go down the route she has taken in life. Her mother is a herbalist and potion maker and druidess, her father a brewer. In the city druids are less accepted than in more rural regions so her mother hides the sacred side of her beliefs and works merely as a herbalist and potion maker. From her mother's and father's trades combined Ryuuna has picked up some ideas on adding herbal fusions into beer to make some interesting drinks... Other more distant family members are scattered about in the city and contact varies from frequent to rare. Some parts of the family do not see eye-to-eye.
Fears: Fire, falling.

Offline GreenHavokTopic starter

That looks great Hai, I have finally decided on a name for the starting settlement, Meadowvale. And for the major neighboring kingdom, Krynnberg. Meadowvale is a artisan thorp by definition, with just under 200 people living in the main settlement, but more spread out farms scattering the hillside. The population is 99% human, with just a smattering of travelers and half-human residents. Krynnberg is a bustling city with a population of around 9000. Many bazaars and festivals fill the streets the majority of the year, celebrating culture, religion, and life. The kingdom is a theocracy with the church leaders also leading the city. The large cathedral in the center of the city also serves as the main political building and main worshiping venue. I am currently working on characters to fill major roles, if there would be anyone you would regularly interact with, please pm me with a list of people i need to make.

Offline Bayushi

Name:Alloren Lesa'dreima
Race:Silver Elf
Profession/Class:Wandering Sword/Bladesinger
Alignment:Neutral Good
Weight:95 pounds
Backstory:Alloryn is the only child of a well-established elven family of rich traders and farmers in a small elven village. As a child she saw the injustices and poverty among the workers on her family estates and resolved to alter things. She also defied her family’s wish for her to partake in the running of the family business, and attended an Elite Bladesinger’s Lodge, learning the art of magic, swordcraft, and bladesong. These combined lead to many clashes with her father, and she was eventually cast out of the family completely. The order became her family but Alloryn is driven by a sense of restlessness, that there is always something more she should be doing. She thus spends most of her time wandering in search of illness, evil and injustice. Her innate certainty of what is right and what is wrong helped her survive the clash with her family, but has made her a difficult woman to live with. Although she would never admit it even to herself, Alloryn is a somewhat sad and lonely woman.
Alloryn is from what is to all intents and purposes an aristocratic background and is a noble, but she has no delusions of the innate superiority of her class. In fact she views most aristocrats as money grabbing cowards. She has very clear personal views on what is right and what is wrong. She has an instinctive distrust of those who have taken up the thieving profession, but bears them no ill will, feeling that their actions will spell their own disaster.
Family:Alloryn is the daughter of noble house Dreima, which has great influence with the Elven court by way of their trade prowess.
Fears:The two things Alloryn truly fears are failure and rape. She knows that as a beautiful young elven woman, should she fall to a male, she would likely be raped at his hands.
Abilities:Given her ability at bladesong, Alloryn is capable of weaving arcane magic into her swordplay. She tends to avoid using magic in the presence of humans, instead employing the traditional Bladesong: a stunning display of swordsmanship laced with haunting song.
Appearance:A woman short for an elf, she is lithe and lightly muscled. Despite her youth she has hair of pure silver, and her grey blue eyes that can be steely cold or remarkably compassionate. Her face is classically beautiful, but shows a hint of impishness and laughter that no longer exists within her, yet is interesting and somewhat compelling.  She has often been described, not just as beautiful, but also as sultry and cute.

Offline GreenHavokTopic starter

That looks really good Akiko, now we just need Gab and Butterfly to post theirs

Offline Butterflykiss

Name: Meredith Songstress

Race: Human

Profession/Class: Minstrel/Bard

Alignment: Neutral Good

Backstory: A wandering minstrel, weary from travel, came to a small and picturesque village. He fell in love with a farmer’s daughter, and his son became the town’s woodcrafter. The woodcrafter was renowned for his skill, especially in the creation of musical instruments. The instruments had perfect tonal quality. The bows never snapped, the harps never warped. People from far places would come just to purchase his crafts. His daughter would inherit his love of music, and as she grew she became proficient in many of them. She would spend hours in the garden outside the shop, singing in a charming voice as she plucked the strings of the child’s harp he’d crafted specially for her. He named her Merry, after the sparkling songs that she loved to sing. After her father died, Merry decided to make spreading music her life’s calling, and with her violin in hand set out to see more of the world and hear all the songs it had to offer.

Family: Meredith has no living relatives.

Fears: Illness. Watching her father succumb to age and disease has made Merry wary of plagues and contagions.

Abilities: Voice inflection: she can go from soothing to screeching, commanding to convincing. Meredith is a master of many musical instruments, and can play a wide variety of tunes, from dirges to battle hymns to lullabies.

Appearance: Pretty with a womanly figure; rich dark hair and dark eyes.

Offline GabrielM

Name: Orrel Flinn

Age: 28

Race: Human

Profession: Swordsmen for hire

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Backstory: Orrel Was raised in a small but big enough house on the edge of a nobleman's property. He nor any of his family were slaves no they were very welcomed by the Noblemen's family. Orrel's father was a teacher, he was a teacher of the sword. Before Orrel had been born his family had been better off but their small port city was attacked and most every one lost everything. Orrel's father vowed that never again would his wife be endangered because he was helpless. He became a master swordsmen and traveling helping others so that they might never share his fate. When Orrel's mother was pregnant with him his father looked to settle down and a Noblemen hired him on to teach his children and as the years went by Orrel learned. When he came of age he decided that he wanted to go out and make his own way. He wanted to see the world and live an adventurers life. He now travels were the wind takes him selling his skills to who ever may want them. He however has rules as to which he lives by, he will not just kill anyone or do anything.

Family: His Father and Mother are now dead but he does have a sister Marelle who is a traveling singer.

Fears: Spiders

Abilities: He is known for the speed in which he handles a sword some even say that he fights faster than any man and that it might be some kind of magic. He also has eerily good luck.

Appearance: He has dark hair and a rugged charm.

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Offline GreenHavokTopic starter

Name: Derik Von Rathman


Sex: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Age: 25

Profession/Class: Captain of the Guard in the kingdom of Krynnberg

Physical Appearance: A seasoned man, he has a handsome, worn charm to him, but his dingy blonde hair is stained with the taint of battle. The kingdom has been the home to many conflicts, and Derik has been enlisted since he could firmly hold a sword. A large scar runs the length of his face, drawing a line from his right brow to the edge of his mouth. His body is usually covered with a polished armor and many tabards, showing his allegiance to the kingdom.

Brief Background: Born into nobility, Derik was raised with the best. He was taught to read and write, he was educated to the fullest of the city. His mother passed when he was just 6, and he turned to the gods to find an answer. During his time spent in the large central cathedral, he was exposed to the paladins training in the cloysters, quickly he fell in love with the sword play and began studying to be a squire.  He progressed into the ranks and eventually took up the head of the town guard, the highest position available not at the direct command of the High Priest. He was sent to Meadowvale and has been posted there for unknown reasons.

Family: Noble father who is a merchant in the Upper district of the city. He deals in foreign art objects and hand made crafts.

Fears: Falling to corruption, Water.

Offline GreenHavokTopic starter

Ok that's all interested parties, present and accounted for. I am going to make links to topics for OOC and IC. Below you will also find a rough map of the setting. The small black dot indicating the starting city of Meadowvale, and the white and black symbolizing the city of Krynnberg.  I will also be PMing everyone with the links as well.