Vampirism + f/f? [ EX ] updated July 31.

Started by Hemingway, July 29, 2009, 05:41:42 PM

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In keeping with my efforts to keep these searches short and to the point, here's what I'm looking for; vampire and a human blood slave / pet / whatever you prefer. It'd involve blood, duh, some degree of bondage ( most likely, but not a requirement ), seduction, and possibly a tragic love story.

It can be more or less any setting and time period, the human character can have any position in society, though I tend to prefer somewhat unusual characters, meaning an average girl of average appearance and an average profession isn't what I'd prefer, given the choice.

There you have it, now take interest.


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I'm interested. This sounds like my sort of thing...


Well, don't just stand there, PM me, and we'll work out something! : p


Updated, because getting too much of the same sucks, and getting nothing at all is even worse, and wanting something and not getting it is plain awful.


Thread seems to have been relegated to the annals of history. Time to bring it back to the present tense.