I'm in a sub mood, apparently. some ideas involving D/s, doctors

Started by nomdeplume13, July 27, 2009, 11:07:43 PM

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I have a few ideas I'd like to explore. Apparently, I've been in a submissive mood lately.

Doctor and her Mistress (has been on hold since April and I'd like to give playing Melissa a try again)

Melissa Davis is an ER doctor, a professional woman who seems to have her life together, if she doesn't have the most interesting life outside of work. With a background with verbally abusive parents and very little feeling of self-worth, becoming a doctor is the only thing important to her. Until she would meet your character, a woman who is far more pulled together than she is outside of work, someone able to take control, but in a kind way. This is more of a caring, giving relationship, despite the mistress/slave (or submissive) role outside of work, which Melissa will always find important.

I would like to explore Melissa slowly giving away herself to her mistress, while maintaining her professional life despite it and possibly even exploring how her mistress deals with the parents should they come back into Melissa's life and try to exert the power they still have over her.

Experimental project (And I'm flexible on the setting of this one, though I'd like to be the teacher.)

Victoria Jones is a college professor, but what she doesn't know is that one of her students has been studying mind control and thinks she is an ideal test subject. What starts off as a way to get better grades turns into more when he/she realizes the amount of control that he/she now has over the thirty-year-old professor. This can include some changes to her body as well, if the ability/technology is capable of more than just mind control, but please note, I don't care for anything involving animals or part animals.

Prof. Jones has moments of clarity despite the control, and during that time, she finds herself embarrassed, ashamed, even blackmailed by her actions. We can work out if she gets revenge or if she ends up losing entirely to her student. I'm open to suggestion on this one.

Doctor's Visit

This one I'm more open to suggestion, but I have been interested in doing something with a doctor and patient, as the patient. Something I've never done, but I'd be interested in trying. Can be a one shot deal, or the doctor could decide to keep the patient on a more permanent basis, as a slave,toy, etc.

All taken. Thanks everyone, but if you have any other ideas, please let me know.
I have fought with reality for my entire life. I'm happy to say that I won.




Been very interested in my own version of doctors patient.  This is my idea, if you have a different version or would like to modify this let me know.

I am a doctor in private practice with my own office.  One evening I find a car with a woman who is unconscious after crashing into a tree.  She is young and beautiful.  After a long and painful recovery in which I keep her and treat her free of charge as she is young and without parents.  18 or so, she feels guilty for all of the treatment she has received over the 2 months.  As an offer of payment, though she secretly wants him anyway, she offers to be all his to do with as he will for the same length of time it took her to recover.

Let me know what you think.


It could be an interesting idea. Is the fact that he is a doctor going to be just part of his character or come into the play between the two of them?
I have fought with reality for my entire life. I'm happy to say that I won.



Just a note, the second two have been claimed. I really am dying to get to play the first though.
I have fought with reality for my entire life. I'm happy to say that I won.