Roleplay vs Role-player ("wanna play?") (F sks Dom.M)

Started by Bloody Paramour, July 27, 2009, 09:40:26 PM

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Bloody Paramour

"Wanna Play?"NEW[/u]
Freya Melrose Lovelace is addicted to role play, even so, when she receives a mysterious invite to attend a network of advanced role players, she cant help but accept. everything is so simple at first, but it isnt until a tournament is proposed that things start to go wrong, horribly wrong. drawn into this dark tournament of Swordplay, sex and magic....The boundaries of Internet and reality melt away.

(lol, sorry, just going on a book style tirade.)
let me explain a few things. im looking for several things in a partner for this one.
first, i need someone who knows how to be somewhat mischievous, mysterious, and seductive. i want "wanna play?" to take on a whole new meaning. once this world takes hold of Freya, and shes trapped in the "Dark Tournament" there will be rape, bloodshed and magic. while it starts out as harmless roleplay, every action is felt and experienced. (example: If you're raping my character, and shes at the computer, she feels it. ok?)

so let me ask you "Wanna Play With Me?"
"I use big words. Like......erection"-Me <3
"in a sexual conversation, Duct ape is considered a double negative ♥ "