Vampires and Louis XIV [MxM] (terrible title. please look inside!)

Started by Sho, July 27, 2009, 01:17:49 AM

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So, vampires have traditionally always been depicted as creatures who live in the lap of luxury. I've always been interested in the court of Louis XIV - the height of French luxury (think men with ruffled shirts and curled hair and cold and jewels everywhere) - and I've always thought a vampire could have done well, there. Aside from daytime hunts, most of the activities were done at night - balls, parties, late-night gambling parties - and a vampire could easily hide himself within the hundreds of silk and velvet-clad courtiers.

I'd love to play a young courtier in this court (the historical accuracy isn't a particularly large thing for's mostly just the setting that I like. Think the movie Marie Antoinette for setting.). This young courtier would be relatively new to court and looking to make new friends, though he would have a few who he had known from childhood.

This is where I'd like your vampire to come into the picture. He could seduce or befriend the young man, or even force him into a relationship [NxC with blackmail]. This could include light to heavy bondage, or anything, really, that we wanted to work in.