Looking for female: Love/Hate Sci/Fi [VAN]

Started by Soul Truth, July 25, 2009, 07:06:53 AM

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Soul Truth

I'm new to this site, I thought I'd throw that out there, first.

I want to improve my writing skills of course and I'm looking for someone slightly off the normal but not too bad. Honestly I'd love to work on a story involving steampunk elements futuristic with two hard characters that seem to have a love/hate relationship. The type of roles I imagine them having is, of course, something that would make them cross each others path frequently and a role that gives them both power and demands confidence.

I'm only capable of getting online on the weekends, so I'm looking for something to respond to when I do get on, and I don't go out of my mind with boredom.


Sounds good to me. I haven't had a good love/hate in too long. PM me to discuss details, pretty, pretty please with sugar and me on top! :P

Much love,
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