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Started by Boots, July 24, 2009, 04:31:51 AM

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ok, i am finally done what i wanted to do. i had to do it twice. sigh. my pc crashed when i pressed the post button, and i
lost it. here is the gist of what i posted, though. they're very simple easy plots, one you've all probably done already. i
have never roleplayed these though, and I'd like to do them. as i stated in them, I'm up for doing several versions of
each, and up for suggestions for all of them. they all have many possibilities with them, as they're pretty loose-ended.
i think i am open minded, i dont mind anal, bondage, deep throating, things like that. i dont like stuff like incest though,
with any sort of family relation - even distant cousins. i dont like the eating or swallowing of feces/urine. just ask, you'll
get your answer. :-) feel free to PM me or post here with your ideas and interests. just try me. beware? I over use the  :-)'s

  • yes, sir..
you're basic french maid fantasy? man hires girl from maid service based on her
appearance / sexuality / big breasts / whatever, and she needs the money. the
guy is likely to be rich, and I'd like him to be at least under 39. he can be single
or his wife can be away on a business trip. I'm up for playing the girl as your
beloved nympho or the shy girl with glasses, one who doesn't realize just how
sexy she can be. her uniform will be slutty... and I'm up for doing several versions
of this. just try me :-)

  • you got mail !
boy meets girl - on the internet. myspace/facebook/whatever, and they're
attracted to each others personality. they have no idea how the other looks,
or how old they are, and when it comes to them planning to finally meet, they
fear that the other might be some old man/granny or overly obese, whatever
their imagination takes them. when they meet, they find each other physically
acceptable, they eat dinner, they go home, and get it on. the sex can be tame,
or kinky, with the man giving anal sex while a dildo goes into the pussy. we dont
have to roleplay the dinner part, unless you want to. there are many possibilities
with this one, the guy can be 18 and the girl is 25 (or the other way around), and
the two can have known each other previously, and didn't like each other (like the
movie), until they realized that s/he was on the other side of the computer. I'm
up for suggestions, just post or PM me. :-)

  • i got a question..
I've always had a crush on my English teacher when i was in high school. when i
found this site, i know I'd like to try a student/teacher role play. the guy will be in
his late twenties or in his thirties, and he's brilliant. I'd like him to be witty, smart,
and with big eyes that just draw you in. they can be deep, bright, or unique, such
as gray or violet. he'll have that Sargent look, with a short hair cut and arms that
my character will spend a lot of time ogling at. ;) I'd like the RP to take place in
the school, either his class room, office, or some back stage auditorium. I dont
care who advances in this RP, the professor or the student, but the student will
be more than willing. This can be a high school one, where the girl is 18 and
graduating, or a college one, where the girl is somewhere from 18 to early 20s.
he should be an English teacher. I'm always up for suggestions.  :-)

  • bedtime !
the babysitter plot. this one can also go in many directions. it can be the one
where the parents couldn't get the older brother to babysit, and he comes home
when the kids are asleep and the babysitter is alone on the couch. it can be quite
arousing, to be on someone else's couch, and the danger of being caught. her
touching herself can be the starting point that gets the guy aroused. the guy
can also be the kids father/guardian, one who's wife is away on a business trip
or something, or he can be a widow/divorced. really the other person's choice.
I'm willing to do several versions of this, as usual.  :-)

  • the right to remain silent..
i can either be the cop, or the civilian. the cop can just pull the civilian off the
streets, a person of her liking,  and pretend he is some sort  of wanted  felon.
s/he  can  take  her  away in  the car,  then just  make sexual  advances and
succeed. the civilian can be willing, or just afraid of her gun and tasor, though
the cop doesn't  really  make any  threats? or the  cop can make threats  and
there can be light bondage. the sex can be done in the car or whereever you
would like it to be. this one has more loose ends than the other plots, so feel
free to suggest things, as always :-) again, i am willing toplay the cop  or the
civilian. you can choose to be which you want.
simplest plots
new world | make a porno | blackmailed | non con bon
if i owe you a post, send me a pm. i'm still trying to make order with all my stuff ><

Sand of gaara

I would like to do "Yes sir" with you, her begin the shy girl but a nympho under neath. I would also like to ask if you'd like to try play as two girls I have something I want to add but its okay if you can't.


Id be up for a variation of the babysitter rp if you're up for it
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simplest plots
new world | make a porno | blackmailed | non con bon
if i owe you a post, send me a pm. i'm still trying to make order with all my stuff ><


I wouldn't mind trying out The Right to Remain Silent if that's not already taken :) PM me and let me know your thoughts on it and I'll give you mine! ^^
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I would like to do one but am kinda new to this type of roleplaying and still learning how to para so if your willing to teach me i would love to try out one
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remember, people, I am up for doing more than one version of these, with different users. :)
simplest plots
new world | make a porno | blackmailed | non con bon
if i owe you a post, send me a pm. i'm still trying to make order with all my stuff ><


The student/teacher one looks more than interesting. PM me, and I'll get back to you later today.


The right to remain silent one looks like it could be fun, if your interested.  I would enjoy being the civilian in that case.


I would like to do. That baby sitter one if you would be interested in working with me to do one with me you can pm if you want or not so i will wait on your answer OK bye
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samurai Gomei

im up for any one of those you posted pm me. also im new and yet to have done an rp. but if your interested and you want to do a specific one with me im up for it.
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Hi, Your first one sounds great. Always had a thing about French Maids!!! I have some thoughts on the solitary rich French Count. Lives in  big old rambling chateau. A bit of a loner- but is known to have 'appetites' which local village girls are known to enjoy. He can have staff who participate- gardener- chef etc. I am glad to play several roles, maybe introduce other characters. If this does not sound to your liking- I am easy- I will have a go at any role you like.  :D
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I don't know if this is still open, but I would love to do the babysitter one or the maid one with you
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love the french maid yes sir one.   could start out mea and then fall for her or just be mean its all fun either way

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The 2nd and last ones sound interesting to me, I'd quite like to try one of them?

Flash Gorden

Wow, talk about a lot of replies. And now, would you look at me, just gonna add in another one.

yes, sir... and bedtime! sound amazing, I'd love to roleplay either one of them out.

Thanks in advance!