blackmail & mirrors (dom male), [bon]

Started by Boots, July 23, 2009, 08:00:20 PM

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blackmail in the ballet studio
well, the idea is a blackmailing scheme. if you've watched twilight, or seen the scene
of where the girl goes to the ballet studio and the guy is there, threatening her
mother to get her there. it's based/inspired on that scene. i'll get into stronger detail.
and just for your information, you dont have to like twilight at all to do this one.  :-)

the girl is living with her mother before she goes to college, and suddenly, girl gets
a phone call from a man who claims she has her mother tied up (she had just left
for the market or something) and threatens to shoot her unless she comes to the
ballet studio down the street. girl hears her mothers panicked voice on the phone
calling her name, and she is convinced. well, girl goes to the ballet studio as told,
there could be a part where she has to put on some outfit (male can choose this),
or she has to take off all her clothes, or whatever. she heads in, mirrors are
everywhere, the door locks outside and she has no way out. the guy comes out,
carrying a video camera. he could have her blindfolded too, if he wanted. there
can be light bondage, but nothing too extreme. he can reveal that he doesn't
have her mother at some point in the RP, or she can really be tied up in the closet.

i'd rather have the guy betweem 18 and 30, someone she has never met before,
and they have no relation. i think he will have threatened her before, which could
be why she decided to leave to the city with her mom, though he got to her anyway.
you can PM me or post here. this post has some loose ends.  :-) i'd also rather have
this someone to be descriptive, dominating, not making me come up with everything.
the replies dont have to be long, just with good detail. ;)
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