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Author Topic: Scenario for a game with Owl.(Looking for male, UN, MUL)  (Read 764 times)

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Scenario for a game with Owl.(Looking for male, UN, MUL)
« on: July 19, 2009, 02:59:29 PM »
I'm wanting to play out this scenario. I've done it before and it was GRAND fun.  It does involve Lycantheropy. The only animal type I've found that really works for this is were-hyenas, reason being, they're a matriarchal society with very submissive males that really don't have any say in the pack goings ons.  This game can be played with or without  the anthro-form sex. I dont honestly care one way or the other. I purposefully made them were-critters for that purpose...and for the duality of nature it imposes. I like long, thought out posts between players. This is originally a one on one game, but if others want involved, we can definitely talk about a bigger game.

This is a good model for the kind of games I like to play, and the interaction between characters that I love to have, for future reference to all readers.  I prefer to play this with a male, but if I decide on a bigger game, there are (obviously) female roles that could be thought up.

The scenario is this:

The male character (I dont have a name for him. You can make one up, but I"m going to call him Robert right now for ease of narration) is mated to Tryste, the alpha of the hyena pack.  Tryste is a particularly cruel, snippy yena female, which is what makes her such a good leader, apart from her fighting skills nad physical strength (her size isn't important, but she's short, and slender, and slightly muscled. There's a few pics I can show if it helps. Shown at the bottom of this post.) 

Robert before he was infected by the lycantheropy gene, was a high ranking marine officer.  He's used to being a dominant figure, and therefore struggles with the duplicity of being a dominant human with an instinctual submissive beast living inside him. This causes MUCH conflict between him and the hyena society as a whole as he's seen as difficult and arguementative--death sentances for males. Even more so, he'll challenge and fight female yenas. The only one who ever has been able to control him is Tryste, and that's only because of his love for her. Between the two, there are lots of bloody fights that usually end up with raucous love making. The relationship is very love hate, and both are felt very fiercely and passionately. He hates her dominion over him. He hates when she's snarling and moreso that hte hyena in him wishes desperately to appease her while the human in him wants to kill her for making him the way he is.  And yet, both sides love her, love her with every ounce of their being. One can see how frustrating his life must be.

A bit about Tryste.  Before she was a hyena, she was a daughter of a male and female evangalist that came to the african savannahs to preach the word to the primitive people.  Tryste was about seven when she came to africa, and lived there for another two years before one night during a villiage celebration there was a hyena attack on the village. She was mauled, but found alive by her parents. Two moons later was the first night she changed, and her mother was killed in the midst of her first bloodlust. 

Since then, she was taken into the hyena pack, after a lot of wandering on her own, and her vicious nature quickly caused her to rise in the pack to the head.  She has killed, numerous times to keep her position and no one thought there was any softness in her...least of all her...not unil she met Robert, a high ranking marine who had come to africa for a peace keeping mission.  He saw her one night in the middle of a local village buying fruits and asked her to dinner. A reluctant Tryste accepted, finding herself uncharacteristically charmed by him. For a while she forgot her very nature as a dominant creature, and the first few nights in bed with him were bliss, and romance, and love. Her heart very quickly belonged to him.

On the third night, she accidently shifted in bed with him, goring him on her teeth and claws in the effort to get away before she'd kill him. THe hyena in her hated him, wanted him dead, the stink of human too much for it to bear so close to the full moon.

He didnt' die. Instead, he was infected, and three moons later he came for her. They mated furiously. He was inducted into their pack.

Tryste struggles with her hyena's nature to dominate or kill with Robert. She loves him fiercely as a human, but forces him to stay apart from her quite often, not wanting things to get out of hand. It creates a distance between them, and a coldness that only dissipates during and just after they mate.  The human in her loves his dominant nature. loves his strength. The hyena in her hates it all.  It leaves her confused, often bitchy, spiteful, and strangely sad.

Robert is a particularly difficult male hyena. He's killed a few of the females and as such was forced from the pack. He was lucky he wasnt killed. However because of this, Tryste left him for his own good, and sent him away, as she really didnt want to kill him either. However She has left africa 2 years after he did, her very mind being torn apart by that dual nature, making her unstable and no longer an effective leader. The lycanthropy is driving her faster and faster to madness, and she doesn't know how to fix it, or how to come to t erms with everything that has happened.

It's in a bar in trinidad 2 years after tryste left africa, (four years total in being apart from one another in total), drinking her sorrows away that she comes across Robert again....

Tryste pics. (use whoever you want for the male)
  and a few others seen at My Photobucket
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