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Author Topic: Melee or Brawl? A story based RP  (Read 453 times)

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Offline PokeprofTopic starter

Melee or Brawl? A story based RP
« on: July 19, 2009, 02:26:28 AM »
Hey all, finally, after some thought, have an idea for an RP that I would like to do. As a few of probably guessed, it's going to be based off of the Super Smash Brothers Series from Nintendo.

Now, especially considering the size of the cast, I'm sure a few people are questioning me placing this within the One on one section. Truth of the matter is that I've had some pretty bad experiences with multiple person RPs and rather of one person I know will reply and be a part of this then a few people who will be a hit and miss.

As for the idea itself, What I'm thinking is a Story Based, plot driven RP based within the Universe of Nintendo, starting off with the interaction of two characters from different universes and it growing from there. Now, while I've got nothing set in stone and I do want my partner in this to supply their own thoughts and what not, I do a general idea of how I want this to flow.

As for who I want my partner to be in all this, there are a few things I would like to make sure that they have for this, since while I'm wanting to enjoy it, I'm also wanting to be faithful to the games.

First, You must be able to play both Male and Female characters. Even if we were just to limit the universes we are using down to three, there's more then enough characters for both of us to use. As it is, I know at least one of each Gender I would like to Play as.

Second, You've got to know your Nintendo History. I don't want to go about explaining what a Pokemon is or something like that. These universes are connected to each other, even if they don't always interact, and they know each other if at least nothing more then rumor. For example, the Star Fox Team are familiar with the Bounty Hunters Samus Aran and Captain Falcon, with all of them being Space Based heroes.

Third, Story, Character and Plot is a MUST! This isn't something that I want to see Link meeting with Princess Peach for the first time and them doing it in the Rose garden 3 seconds later. This also goes in with Point two, as in I don't want Samus to be acting like a bubbly little Air-head, but to act as the intelligent, strong, Bounty Hunter she is.

Forth, and FINALLY, we aren't limited to just the characters from the games. Let's say you're really wanting to include a Nintendo character that wasn't in ANY of the Smash Bros games. Talk to me about it and we'll discuss how it should fit into the story.

I know that my things seem a little demanding, but I kinda have an idea on how I would like this to go and while it will have sex and what not, I want to have a fun adventure and interactive story to go along with it.

Hope to hear from ya soon,


Offline Zadaris

Re: Melee or Brawl? A story based RP
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2009, 10:25:24 AM »
After looking over this I'd be very interested in playing this with you.

1. I've rped as many different characters across many different boards so I'm confident in being able to portray both male and female characters.

2. As I've been a Nintendo fan since I was 3 I more than know the history and greatest games that have come out to present so exposition shouldn't be necessary with me.

3. I completely agree. Throwing around character personalities and having them do things ooc just because its fiction is a no no to me, unless it's intended for purely comedic effect. That said I'll be able to portray characters as they should be.

4. This was the only question I wished to ask and you have answered it for me. Thank you (always thought Skull Kid from MM should've been a character.)

So I'd be up to playing this with you so if you'll have me you can pm me any specifics that I may need to know.