New Idea from a New Member Trying Things Out [NC-H] - F seeking M

Started by Tyolka, July 15, 2009, 08:47:32 PM

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Let's see if I can get creative...who wants to break my board virginity?? :D

No Where to Go

Raised in an orphanage with no idea of her lineage, Anya has worked unnoticed for years in the kitchen.  A late bloomer, she mostly dressed in boys clothing to avoid the lewd stares that her friends seemed to receive as they were growing older.

She is now eighteen and it's becoming harder to cover what she has become.  She has been told she has only a few more months to find a way on her own unless she wants to come under the employ of the orphanage - and she's not sure where she should go from here.  She begins to look in the city for more work as well as notice more interested looks from the Head Master of the Orphanage...

Set in medieval times somewhere in a typical castle/village.  Help developing the idea is welcome...check out my Os & Os and PM if you're interested.


Tyo  O:)