Living in a different world, how to communicate.

Started by Fragile Dreams, July 14, 2009, 07:24:30 AM

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Fragile Dreams

Hello and welcome to my first blog. I’ve never done anything like this, neither I kept any form of diary in my life, but now I felt I should write about something that got in my mind recently. As most of the people in Elliquiy know, I reside in Greece for almost all my life, I was  born in Germany and raised in Greece since the age of 3. While to some, being a Greek means that is something cool and awesome, because of the history and the myths, there is another issue that clearly troubles me and I’m sure some of the people I know, The language. I talk and chat with people from America, god only knows how long, but still I feel that is not enough. In the Greek educational system, kids have to start going to English private schools, along with the daily schools, in order to learn to speak the language, there are 3 diplomas they need to get, to use them for work in the future, those are, Standard, Lower and Proficiency, though the third is optional, for the ones who want to teach. The thing is, that I went to one of these schools and dropped out of them as soon as I learnt the basic, such as grammar, vocabulary, meanings and stuff, while the other kids in my class, went more, learnt more and got more. I don’t want to start bragging about myself, but through music and through internet, I’ve learnt how to communicate with people across the Atlantic, and they have been the best teachers anyone can have… And that means you too, people of Elliquiy, because you have been some of those teachers as well.

There have been many times that I couldn’t find the right words or the write expressions to give people to understand what I mean, or what I want. Also there have been many times that I couldn’t realize what was said in the game or the chat I’m in, that’s why most times you will see me lurking or not talking at all, I’m not doing it because I don’t have opinion over something, neither because I’m afraid of criticism, I’m hiding because of my lack of responding, because I don’t know how to express my opinion correctly without offending someone, unwillingly. So I’m asking from everyone, bare with me and my language, because English is not my primary one, nor I can think everything in English right away, I have to read, translate, think a response, translate it again and then type it or say it to the person I’m talking with. There was a week last month, that everything I did or said was in English, even to my family, who can’t talk a single word, I don’t want to lose my first language, I love Greek, but throughout these years, I’ve put an effort to learn to speak your language, and with a great help I admit it, but what I want to say is, I’m still learning and if you want to help me learn please, I would appreciate it, but I’m begging you, don’t make me feel like I’m using netspeak when I’m saying something in English, that might not making any sense to you.

That’s all I wanted to say about my language and the difference between us, I’m sorry if it sounded like a rant, that wasn’t the intention. All I wanted is to give a brief view of what is like, to be a foreigner, a stranger from all across the globe from where most of you people are, but I’m not talking only about myself, I think I cover many of the not-English members of Elliquiy, we are minority in here, but we ARE here.