Seeking creative female for fantasy rp [MUL]

Started by Batsose, July 13, 2009, 12:06:16 PM

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Story idea #5

The thief and the Mistress

This set in a more fantasy kind of setting with humans, elves, dwarfs, etc...

It is about a crime lord who among many of his endeavors, specializes in exotic brothels.  Exotic in that the women often come from far away lands.  He was one special prize that he will not allow anyone to have and he keeps her for himself.  She lives in a luxury chateau that is heavily guarded by all kinds of creatures he employs.  She is very lonely and unfortunately sexually not gratified, so she anonymously hires from a guild of thieves someone to come steal her coveted emerald blue diamond.  The thief has to risk getting past his guards, only to find that to earn the prize they must also sexual satisfy her.

One of the places the crime lord gets his women is a far away elvish kingdom.  The elvish king suspects that under the guise of training his beautiful women to be great international diplomats this suspicious man is actually trafficking women for ungodly things.  So, he sends his most trusted warrior who infiltrates the guild of thieves to gather information.  This elvish warrior is very successful as a thief and he is called upon to steal the emerald blue diamond, not realizing what is behind this lucrative job.

The plot could evolve in many directions from there, like she could fall in love with him and begins using him by feeding him information secretly not wanting him to go away.

The female role is a pretty intelligent woman who has learned to be manipulative to get her way and very good at seduction, but was also fooled by the very charming crime lord into servitude so has her own resentments that she keeps stuffed away.

I hoping to work with someone who is pretty creative and really wants to help shape the plot.

PM me if interested and describe to me ideas you may have about this character.
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