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September 26, 2022, 05:45:24 pm

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Author Topic: Portal To Incest Two Ideas that id like to try  (Read 951 times)

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Portal To Incest Two Ideas that id like to try
« on: July 12, 2009, 12:43:40 pm »
I have a slight idea revolving around Portal. It would be the love story of a girl. And her inattiment companion cube / lover .. IE.. the erotic story of a girl and the voice in her head.

Also. The cake is a lie.

Sue Awoke, It was the second day in that hell hole.  She was looking for that dammed computer, and to be honest she could do with a spot of that cake.  She was really starting to get hungry and was sure that the water that she had found the other day would probably make her sick before long. She had the aperture gun Witch would have been great had this place not been designed specifically as a maze to get out of using it. How many times did she  almost break her legs. Hell she should have.. but those dammed scientists did something to her legs. If she ever got a hold of them.. whoever they were. It cant just be this Gladys figure.. is she even real. Is she a computer or what.

"Morning Subject" the crackling digital voice came over... more through ..  all over and inside at the same time "I have for you today a gift.. It's your companion cube to keep you entertained and to have something to talk to. Rember There will be cake once your done. "

Sue looked at the cube.. metal.. aluminum, a pink heart painted on the side. the cube hand soft and sharp edges,, and a few designs of ridges on it. It didn't say anything. It was just a cube. But she figured she would need it for some puzzle ... then part way through the day she found a body of another test subject. Inside her head.. not the same sound Gladys made came "Go ahead sue. You need it.. there wouldn't be a burial for him anyway.. not with that computer gone mad"  it was a strong male voice.. not synthesized at all.. and it reminded sue of her father, in a close loving way.. made her feel oddly safe... but what was it.

Im thinking of a game set in the Wild Wild West. Think Stem Punk in a slightly pre Victorian era in the wild Wests of America.  Magic exists, but its not all that effective, expensive and ritualistic. And not many have any talent for it, there are cultural biases though, The Chineese tend to be verry good with Luck, and longevity magic, The native Americans tend to be good at Information gathering and Hiding. The Irish excellent at illusions , and so on.. but a very minor tone to it. Whats more important Is the Technoligy . Steam Power is every were, from Clock work servants and railroad slaves, To a steam operated pistol . To a fifty foot tall mechanical tarantella raiding Towns . So join me Yall, for your interest and creativity in this endevor ... Differnt story lines will be discussed depending on the person wanting to play. All peroples and styles will be considered.


You've been dating the nicest guy for years, high school sweethearts destined for marriage. He's handsome, smart, funny, a lot of what your looking for in a boyfriend, well at least he's 1everything that you want to want in a boyfriend. He's also very religious and thinks that the two of you should save each other for marriage, he even thinks that masturbating is "cheating god".It was only a couple of months ago that you cheated, you met an older guy, it was a one night stand, but he tied you up, hog tied you, spanked you untill your bottom was blue, then fucked you silly, you cried for days over it... but the strange thing was you weren't crying over the cheating or the pain... but rather the lack there of.

Over the past few months you've been looking at other outlets, other ways to express this new found sexuality of yours playing on the internet, and even went to a BDSM party, with a fake id that you had your brother made for you, claiming that you wanted to go to an 18 and over rock show. You made a few internet dating profiles and began to live a double life, not relay thinking about its consequences, simply "knowing" that you will grow out of the bdsm thing soon, and the wonderful boy that you love will marry you and never be the wiser.

I am a Nerd, a Geek, a dweeb, but I'm fairly athletic, I play football, I'm on the cross country team, do track ect... but am definitely a nerd, a couple of years older then you, and in college, having decided to stay local because the programs I want to go to are all available here and most of my friends decided to stay as well. I've had the occasional girlfriend, nothing very serious, it's only relay been recently that I've discovered my sexuality.I am a Dom, sexually. I'm not exactly the most Alpha male in society, not meek, not cowardly, but definitely willing to negotiate, talk things out, and not be overtly demanding, but, in my sexuality I want a total slut to do my bidding and love me for it.

Something that I was very conflicted about until recently, one of my friend's who happens to be a girl and I were talking and discovered this about each other, after the obligatory me hitting on her, and getting the "too much like a brother response", she pointed me in the direction of some books I learned a lot about he sociology, and terminology of it, and came to terms with my erotic imagination not having a lot to do with my real life persona.One day I'm surfing the Internet, and I discover your alt profile, while searching for someone to have fun with. Its you, it's a photo of you, and your even bound in it, a self tie, a stare at it a long long time, and even send off an email to it, not as me of course, and get a positive response to my profile that no longer has a face shot of me.

The next day, Friday , I'm surfing the Internet again, doing some research on my feelings and everything , my doors open, you walk by and see that I'm looking at your profile, you go to your room scared .You think and debate, and panic for the hour before dinner, it's quiet and awkward, but would be any way since tonight happens to be the night that mom and dad are heading off for a week long second honey moon, the two of us stand awkwardly in the living room until I hear the car pull away "Sis... I need to talk with you.."

These are of coarse just ideas and i would be happy to try something else, or edit them to fir your tastes better.