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Author Topic: [UN] The City Lights  (Read 568 times)

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Offline CrimsonxKissesTopic starter

[UN] The City Lights
« on: July 11, 2009, 11:31:23 PM »

The harsh glare of the setting sun caught Madelyn's eye as she looked onward, trying to sort through the crowd of people walking down the clamored, begrimed streets of the city. You see, as Madelyn sighed, she noted how this would soon be her life, searching through the littered streets trying to find her way about. It was quite depressing, being horded about as various people try to make their way around you in any possible way, their priorities first on their own mind, of course. As her head swirled, much like the thick sheen of some gassy substance in the air, Madelyn had already decided she needed to find somewhere to sit down, relax those sore, aching muscles for at least a few moments. The winding streets had dizzied Madelyn to no end, not to mention having to bear the steep uphill and downhill curves. Deep, chocolate brown eyes searched for something near, yet found nothing within range. Thoughts swarmed in her head, but there was one that really stuck out: Would she ever fit in here?

Ten minutes had passed, and she was still debating on that question, but it was quickly forgotten when she'd found a place suitable for a coffee; needless to say, she took the chance at hand. The place looked abandoned, desolate besides the few checkered-covered tables and the barista leaning against the counter. After taking a seat and letting another sigh cascade forth from red, full lips, the thin male had sauntered to her table of choice. "We're closing soon, Miss... but I do believe we have some coffee left, would you like a cup?" The way he suggestively leaned his elbow onto her table made her want to sneer, for this typical boy was almost making a pass at her... Against her will, Madelyn nodded her head. If she were home, Mama would've never let that happen! Back in Oklahoma, things were different, but coming here was for the better. She'd get an education, and a damn good one, too! She was attending Vassar, the famous Vassar college... 'the school of Liberal Arts!' It was expensive, even with her Financial Aid and scholarship... but she'd make it--

"Here you go, Miss!" The Barista exclaimed, slamming the cup of coffee onto her table and shattering her thoughts within seconds. Her drink made somewhat of a 'splash' noise, and a few droplets fell onto the table. 'Excellent,' Madelyn muttered under her breath, before grabbing a napkin and dabbing at the spots of warm, soil-colored liquid. Though the waiter stayed leaning against her table, obviously hoping for some conversation, Madelyn placed a few crumpled up one dollar bills on the table, grabbed a few packets of sugar, and rushed out of the cafe. The poor girl had to be back to her hotel at a decent time, because tomorrow she would leave Manhattan for Poughkeepsie, where her school was located, seeing as the first semester was approaching nearer and nearer. But something about the shimmery glare of the city lights had made her want to think differently, and just have some fun while she was in New York City...


Let's start by saying that I had an excellent time with putting together this roleplay, and it would be a real joy to actually play it! 'The City Lights' needs to be played in a group setting -- I have in mind many characters and I'm pretty sure another player and I could not take it all on. I would like to start off with another female, and was contemplating if, as the story progressed, a male would be added in. This story takes place in the crowded, busy state of New York, starting in Manhattan for Madelyn and eventually moving to Poughkeepsie, where the college she will attend is located. Living at campus are [insert number of characters here] students, and mostly problematic ones despite their intelligence. Madelyn, the character I would play, is outcasted at Vassar college because she comes from a poor family and most of the other students do not. She struggles with the life ahead of her, but knows the outcome would be much better if she took this opportunity instead of one in Oklahoma, her home state. I'm looking for someone to play Allyna (alternative spellings Alana, Allana, Alannah), who, in my mind, is a richer, snobbier girl who tries to befriend Madelyn in the beginning, but things go sour pretty quickly, seeing as a male comes into play. In my mind, 'The City Lights' would be a story of learning to cope with betrayal, sex, love, drugs, and bettering yourself so that in the end, things change... for the best or for the worse, it's all up to the person. In the end, I was thinking of doing something along the lines of what they do in movies... the life of the person after they've graduated from college and moved on, whether it be good or bad. [Ex. Victoria married Lucas two years after, living to the ripe age of eighty-five with her six children. She was a good mother, and the children kept in close contact with their family. A park sign was created after Victoria Roberts ten years after her death in 1997, seeing as it was always her dream to clear the land and create a beautiful garden within it... something the people did shortly after.]

Critique, reply, but, at least, give me something here!
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Offline Brandon

Re: [UN] The City Lights
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2009, 11:50:29 PM »

Ya know we only see such descriptive game ideas once in a blue moon (perhaps rarer). So I have to applaud, there was some real feeling in that.

I dont think its my kind of game though, more due to not being sure what kind of game it IS after 1 read through. All the same I gotta give props to you Crimsonxkisses *claps more*

Offline CrimsonxKissesTopic starter

Re: [UN] The City Lights
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2009, 02:08:13 PM »

Ya know we only see such descriptive game ideas once in a blue moon (perhaps rarer). So I have to applaud, there was some real feeling in that.

*Bowed at the applause*

Two words, in plain and simple text: thank you! I tend to get into my roleplays, as you can see, maybe a tad too much... But, on the other hand, I'm sure everyone agrees it's easier to write when you enjoy the topic at hand!

I dont think its my kind of game though, more due to not being sure what kind of game it IS after 1 read through. All the same I gotta give props to you Crimsonxkisses *claps more*

That's clearly understood, seeing as I, myself, am not sure of the outcome and/or how I'd play 'The City Lights' itself. It's still a work under construction, but at least it's one I'm semi-proud of. ;D Thanks for the prop giving, and I hope others seem to enjoy reading it as much as you seem to.

EDIT: Updated slightly!
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Offline CrimsonxKissesTopic starter

Re: [UN] The City Lights
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2010, 04:41:38 PM »
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