Wanted! (MUL; details inside)

Started by Cherry Ronde, July 09, 2009, 01:17:33 PM

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Cherry Ronde

I figure I may as well write up some scenarios that I have an interest in doing.  Player gender is no issue for me, but I would like thoughtfulness and coherency in posts.  My two character gender ons tend to either be M/F non-consensual and rape, or F/F romantic and fluffy.

1. The Big World of Warcraft List (Looking for M, F; usually NC/BON)

I love the WoW setting, and the player character models and the perils and dangers that you typically are thrust into.  I think a lot about bondage and getting into non-consensual and rape situations in run instances and raids when something goes wrong.  I can think of a lot of fun to have here, starting with as simple as a blood elf paladin getting in trouble behind the Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin as several horny druids entangle her down with vines and take her against her will to... more complex situations.  Inquire with your ideas.  I love playing humans, night elves, blood elves and draenei women.

1a. Death Knights! (M/F, F/F, or gangbang; NC)

Yeah, they're technically dead... but in the same way as vampires are, and they're still wholesome and expressive, so.  I like this in a variety of ways - a female death knight who has to offer herself to her superiors (her instructor?  the Lich King himself?), or is defeated in a training duel and told by her masters that the acolyte that defeated her has total control over her for the night...

  Or it could be post-Ebon Hold, and the death knight is kidnapped or captured and taken aside in the Horde or Alliance's very town by a distrusting gang of thugs or bandits or brigands who fuck her against her will.

1b. Instance Mishaps (Varies)

Oh, there's too many to list.  Just about every instance has someone that is vaguely capable of fucking a group of bodilicious and hot adventurers who've gotten in over their heads, whether it's the pirate ship and the Brotherhood taking in a fine piece of night elf booty as a show of dominance to something more grand...

2. Magic: the Gathering (M, F; NC-E/BON)

This is kind of like WoW up above, except I tend to think bigger and grander with Magic's setting.  I think of figures like Akroma and the Serra Angel and other angelic beings being stripped of their dignity, bound into helplessness and subservience by huge eldritch abominations and tentacled creatures that want to besmirch their honor, or sexy necromancers or druids or other kinds of powerful women being dethroned and left to the mercy of their enemies.  Planeswalker/thematic original characters and in-universe characters are both good for me here.

2a. Akroma, Angel of Wrath

As mentioned above; I love the character, and I love thinking of getting her into various kinds of trouble, whether it's the forces of darkness getting a hold over her and trapping her in a twisted bondage contraption while she's done over and over again, or a cunning psychopathic mage who traps her in a series of his own spells or devices and reduces her to a helpless beautiful angel who can't resist his desires...

3. City of Heroes/Superhero (M, F; NC-E/BON)

I admit I'm not much of a Marvel or a DC fan - I don't find their characters typically too seductive, but I've taken to the original character creator of City of Heroes and it provides a lot of fetish and thought fuel to the party.  There's a lot of villain groups and plotlines that just invite kinky goodness, from a simple powerful superheroine of renown getting in above her head and letting a bunch of no-name thugs get the better of her (maybe by accident or on purpose...), a group of secretive Malta agents out to capture and restrain down a sexy heroine that's a thorn in their paws...

4. My Characters (M, F, NC, NC-E, BON)

I have a little thread of my own art on Elliquiy (Linked Here), including some illustrations of characters I've played in the past; if these designs and looks attract you, feel free to PM me with some ideas.  I'm typically more receptive, as the thread trend is, to subbing on non-consensual ideas, but if you've got other things in mind...