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Author Topic: ILo's Storm of Ideas II! (Searching Females)  (Read 920 times)

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ILo's Storm of Ideas II! (Searching Females)
« on: July 08, 2009, 02:48:22 AM »
Okay, so I've been looking for someone to RP with, I have a few Rps, but first plot comes from what's most likely to get attention.:

In my time of need:
A very powerful and rich business man has been up to his head with work. Ever since he got into the company at such a high position, he has lost all normal qualities of life. His wife left him, he hasn't seen his family for three years, and his sex life has been zip for ages. This is enough to drive ANYONE insane! And finally his mind cracks. Under pressure, under great pressure, his minds creates a female [Your character] which to him is real. Every time he finds this female, he does that action to a real female, meaning he rapes women, thinking that it's this female provoking him, and it all being consensual sex. He would murder, go drunk, do drugs, without realizing because of following this female. She would get him into all sorts of trouble, and his memory would be blur. If you decide to play the role of the fantasy of Mr. Park, then you will play the victims and the female haunting him. We can start at a murder scene, or at the first time she appears in his office. Lots of drama, and action can go down!

GroupNeko Paradise:
I'm looking for a group of girls willing to play the following plot:
A big business man (my character) has had a secret and private island only known to him. Every year he seems to disappear from humanity to escape to his own made paradise. Escaping form all companies and even his family into his heaven. Waiting for him are slave of love, from which he has collected over the years. All the girls want to get with him, and do anything to be "on top". He is a warm and understanding master, but can get strict and mean at times.

Curse of the Costumes:
There is a BIG halloween event at Mr. Knight's house and everyone from the neighborhood is invited and already there! Everyone knows that Mr. Knight is a good looking guy with his newly wedded-wife, they make a great couple. They like to flirt out in public and do not care. Mr. Kngiht's house is probably the biggest of the neighborhood, and it's filled so the place more than packed! So far it's been a great time! The costumes are so great, nobody knows who is who, and Mr. Knight mistakes his wife for one of the fellow neighbors. He starts to flirt with her, and yet she flirts back... big time! Nobody realizing they were doing so they end up with their costumes off in an unoccupied room as the party ends. Will he ever find out?

Accident Next Door:
Everybody knows about the model in the neighborhood, and the fact that she's still single drives some guys insane. Everybody sees her with her some-what slutty wear here and there. She's seen with one night stands all the time, but it's her life right? Well one night stand got to her and made her a baby, that guy then ran away form that city. So she had the baby, and no one would get near her, fearing her great fall as a model, except one neighbor (my character) that dared to go see her, realizing that she had been left just as attractive (even more due to breastfeeding) and even friendlier due to her newly-born mother spirit. Yet since the last time a guy paid attention to her was before the baby, will she desperately take his as more than just friends?

A shoulder to cry on, a bed to release on:
A wife brags all the time about how great his husband is in bed. One of the women from the neighbor hood get's envious and decides to go see if it's true one day that he's left alone, by claiming to be looking for her friend, needing someone to talk too. The husband offers his help, and the envious neighbor takes advantage to judge for herself on the neighborhood "legend".

Making a Nymphomaniac:
Landing upon a book a college student finds out that a women becomes a Nymphomaniac when she has had at least 5 orgasms straight. Interested in this the student seeks out a women of which he can see if this book if full of rubbish or has struck gold. Upon his search he tries to go at it with his girlfriend, his girl friends, and maybe even a teacher.

Too much of a resemblance:
A mother had been left by the father, leaving her with only a child. The mother still deeply in love with the father refuses to look at anyone but him. As the boy grows older, the mother becomes lonelier and lonelier. Until one night she realizes that the boy is exactly like his father, both physically and psychologically. She tries not to look at him in such a way, but can't help but love him in a different way. One night as the pair come home from a neighborhood party, the now late-teen man being nearly wasted, and the mother somewhat tipsy, she can't help but take advantage and fulfill her needs with him. Upon waking up the boy is skeptic... but soon enough, his mother finds a way to seduce him for her own, as he did with his father.

A taste of your own medicine:
A very attractive young women has skipped from husband to husband stealing their money offering fake sex. She's become very rich, in the past years until she inevitably falls in love with a college kid, but this time it's real love, and she's the one that get's dumped. Now that she knows what it's like to mess with love, she'll do anything to get him back.

Unorthodox Sex Ed.:
In a prep school with hihgly traditional ways, there comes a time for all girls and guys to take the next step to their potential. This school has always known that sex can move humankind, thus seduction being a key in goal accomplishment (sometimes). So to help their students, they teach the ladies and guys on how to seduce and completely turn a situation based on sexual actions. At first the students don't know but to even be in that school the parents sign the permission slip and allowed it to go on. We can both be teachers and students on their on going classes.

About that Raise You've Wanted...
The secretary of the big boss to a company has been doing everything to get that raise. She's done everything so well, she's even gone and went to the last means (or nearly last) flirting. The boss thinks that she's been doing so well altely, she mus trecieve the raise, but it isn't your typical raise. At first she's skeptic, and thinks it must be done to get her raise finally, but then she wants more and more.

Succubi must live on!
In the current modern (or postmodern) age the succubi have no longer been even named. They are on the verge of extinction. And to not die, this succubi (your charry) has forgotten the pleasure of sex and has one month left to seduce the purest of all men around (my character) who is just engaged and still a virgin. He is the only one who can see her for now. She will only succeed once she is pregnant form the guy, but what will happen if they both end up liking the intercourse more than thought?

Good Morning... hotty
Mom was out partying and had let a co-worker stay over. The late-teen son (my character) is up early as mom goes away to work. He's told by his mom to be quiet due to having company over before leaving for extra work that morning. Will he decide to go check her out as she sleeps nearly naked in bed? Or is she already up with just a shirt in the kitchen? You decide as these two feel the immediate attraction during a Saturday morning.

More than a babysitter
The babysitter is somewhat attracted to the baby's father. On one occassion the wife leaves for a week on a business trip leaving the father alone meeting with the babysitter each night. The teenage(or maybe even college) girl starts to flirt and appears the later days with more tempting clothe until she ends up "sitting" somewhere other than the baby.

The Influence form Friends:
A guy (my character) who is suddenly getting popular has a lucky night with one of his sister's friend (popular girl) as she sleeps over. Unexpectedly, she had just stumbled upon a sex god. She tells everyone about it and all the girls start to get excited about him. At the next sleep over their parents are gone and his sister's friend convinces his sister to do a slumber party and he 'meets' everybody and his sister is turned on so much by some moans (while he get's lucky with any of them) she decides to join the giant fun.

A different Senioritis
It's nearly the end of senior year, and everyone wants to get out of class!!! Or do they? Well it depends in this school, if you are a girl and in senior classes, all you want to do is get into this guy's pants to see if he's what every girls says he is (a sex god!). Some of his classmates seduce him on their own, others do it together, by inviting him over and/or skipping school together.

Open to other stuff, just PM if you are interested or would like to do something else.

So any women interested?


Who knew family could be so close?:

After a lot of hectic family events, there seems to be the need to calm down the family. To strengthen relationships a late-teen guy is sent over to his uncle's place and make bonds that were nearly lost. After many hours of traveling to the middle of nowhere to a huge mansion, the young adult finds out that his uncle has gone for a month away to a big business trip and must spend the rest of the the month with his aunt. Yet due to their exile from the rest of the world, and desperateness from the aunt (okay and the guy too) they end up having a very close bond.
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Re: ILo's Storm of Ideas II! (Searching Females)
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 06:02:46 PM »
updated =)

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Re: ILo's Storm of Ideas II! (Searching Females)
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2009, 10:07:52 PM »
WHoops, sorries! >.<
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