Modern SL in France, involving sadist-cult mid-late-1700s estate

Started by calixazhure, May 11, 2005, 06:00:11 PM

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Nicquele Colisse d'Eglantine awakes in a room, appearing as an attic yet kept dusted though furniture, boxes, etc are unorganised in the room. Her host.. (you choose name & appearance, although preferably male) is.. ? (erotically, a vampire?) .. you choose.

due to nature of estate, would list in heavy. up for anything. looking for player to be original and very creative. i prefer not to know the nature of your character nor the intentions of your character until pieces are revealed through story-play. this is somewhat player-submissive rather than character-submissive.. with myself being the submissive one to what you have in mind for the story based on the background, nature, demeanor, personality, occupation, etc of your character. i would rather move through the storyline based on each others' posts than discuss via PMs, however, I am open to questions or non-sl talk via PMs.

Portrait of Nicquele will be uploaded as my profile pic, as soon as I obtain artists' permission.

Other questions, comments regarding storyline, please PM!

NPCs might be necessary (ie: maid, butler, guests, etc). I can provide a previous version of this SL for aid in idea.

If interest is high, a submission of your characters' bio (description of apperance) may be required for me to choose as this story is best done one-on-one.