Wanted: A Roleplay, If Found Please Return To Moi [MUL]

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Wanted: A Roleplay. If Found, Please Return To Moi

After a year of my old Roleplay and Request, thought it best to revamp and make it even more better than before. Once again, I am open to anything that has not been placed on my O.O though it may be overhauled as well.

There will a key to show which items are being craved and what others not in the mood to play. The keys will be placed next to a written idea, genre, book, movie, etc and placed in bold. Now, if for any reason those give the keys with lower ratings, I can be persuaded if the way of handling the idea, genre, book, movie, etc is thrown and put together a different way.

^^^^^: Craving and will hand a mini-crop as a gift for making a roleplay.
****:Still craving a lot and hand a mini-paddle for bringing the game to life.
&&&: So-so on the scale, may have gotten a few of them at once, almost over burned on.
@@: Have gotten burned out on, too many have seeked it, not in the mood to play it.
!: Burnt to a crisp, has been crossed off until further notice, will get a jab in the eye.

Now, read and if an interest is piqued, PM or reply in this thread to see if something can be worked out.

I am not doing any type of D/s type of game. I do not engage in D/stype of roleplays because I already enjoy it in my real life as a Domme and Dominatrix.
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Genres I Can Do & Make A Roleplay Out Of From Scratch...

Incest- [Though not the uncle/niece, aunt/nephew, mother/son/daughter, father/daughter/son]
Three way roleplay
Forbidden romance
Arranged marriage
Abusive relationship
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Original Story Ideas:

Red Riding...
With the movie coming out with Amanda S. I was wanting delve into the myth of the supposed red riding and her werewolf. Instead, I want the werewolf to be able to shape shift back and forth from wolf and human form. I am not really fond of furries but throw in the shape shifting and I can see a one shot of either red riding dying from being attacked or the two of them ending up murdering one another after of course the two fucking.

One Shot: Ms. Jack The Ripper

I have been in a really stabby mood and want to roleplay a female serial killer going on the hunt for victims a la Jack The Ripper style. I want to get the victim or victims into a false sense of security before ultimately murdering them. It is for a one shot since it really cannot sustain itself into a long-term roleplay.

One Shot Idea: Love The Way You Lie ^^^^^:

A One shot idea came up from this music video:

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

As you can tell, the lovers are volatile and it alluded to the two either committing suicide together, murder/suicide, or even going their separate ways. For this, I consider it a one shot since it might be only the two of them going out to screw other people, screw one another all the while dealing with their inner and outer conflict. Nonetheless, I want to try this idea out with someone who knows that while it might be filled with sex, I want the internal and external anguish to be played out as well.

A Dist Best Served Cold ^^^^^

The idea follows a female chef who is trying to get good business into her new restaurant. However, she finds most of the critics are unwilling to give her a review without their 'master' critic giving the green light on her place. Annoyed and angry at the situation, she heads off to meet with the head critic only to find out the head critic used to be a former lover of hers who she dumped in order to run off to Paris to study her craft of being a chef. A few years later and with her restaurant hanging in the balance, the female chef has to come to a decision about the critic. Now the story line can go in three different directions:

-She seduces the critic back into her arms in order to get a good review all the while either one, or both falling back in love with one another
-She tries to ruin the critic by fabricating the two had a love child and she lost it after he beat her up which could ruin his career. Love can be thrown into the mix given the way it is written.
-He seduces her with the guise that he will give her a good review all the while knowing he plans to exact revenge for the past.

Oh so many ideas can run off from the plot line. Though those three came to my head immediately. The idea came courtesy of Braioch and his weird factor about pork rinds.

Black Dagger Brotherhood^^^^^

BDB Thread]

Bordello Marguerite Takes A Client & A Lover^^^^^
A one shot or a story based around this one shot in the Bordello is up for grabs. The idea revolves around the Bordello Marguerite finding herself involved with a client. Take over the role played by the member in the one shot or aid in tweaking it to make it more easier. It can be a male or a female 'client' who feels he or she can fall for the Bordello Mistress and not afraid of being pushed.

Where It Starts

Tango de la TraiciĆ³n-Tango of Betrayal

After watching El Tango De Roxanne in Moulin Rouge, an idea came to me:

The thought of how sensual and seductive the tango it can be that it might bring two dancing partners together into a relationship. The two meet by chance on the dance floor leaving their partners with no grace for one another. Each cannot help but connect themselves on the dance floor, finding it releases them from the roles each has to play in society. Even the pair makes these 'meetings' into a secret affair as they only meet by night and in the same club at the same time to indulge themselves in the "forbidden" dance. However, one night one of the partners doesn't show up on the dot and to the club. Instead, the stood up one comes to find out the other has started to dance with another partner. The miffed partner is angry and more than betrayed because he/she had assumed the partner would never find someone else to feel these emotions nor the passion in the dance. It isn't later that he/she learns of the reason why the other left.

Just seeing it, I knew I wanted to start an idea on that. Who knows, someone might want to pick it up.

Black Dagger Brotherhood ^^^^^

Had a love for BDB for as long as the books have been out. I want to start a roleplay where an OC character of mine finds her way with one of the characters. Those who know it can pick the man and those who do not, I will be happy to supply information. What I want is not to have to reenact word for word or action for action of these characters. If I wanted to stick to that I would rather read the book then want a game of it.

A Vampire's Flesh, Blood and Love ****

For years, vampires has been able to take the nourishment they have needed without ever having to apologize but as the world modernized, vampires have seen what it has done to their beloved food. Their fleshies or human donors are now grouping together to fight against the unjust ways of how the vampires treat them. Fleshies want to be paid for their services and even live through the donation rather than die at the hands of the Damned.

Dracula and the head of the Fleshie Coalition have talked and offered a peace offering, a gesture of good faith. A young female of eighteen is given to Dracula to consider as his fleshie to give him the nutrition and everything else he wants so long as he makes sure his 'offspring' keep to the new laws. Never does Dracula, the first and great vampire to fall in love after the death of his wife Elisabeta long ago but he will take from the fleshie her blood and her mind but never her heart and body.

His female fleshie does not want to have any intimate contact with him moreso than to feed this horrible monster. She had different plans for herself, much better than becoming a cast off and a servant to Dracula. Nevertheless as one year and a half goes on she starts to see him in a different moonlight and slowly falls for him. However, Dracula will have none of it and casts aside any feelings she has for him, even going so far as scaring her from ever thinking she could love a monster. Dracula succeeds in scaring her, enough that she runs from his side and into the life she had wanted for herself.

Five years passes and though Dracula has taken another fleshie, he can never stop the damn longing he has for her. He hears of her success from everyone around him no matter how much he wishes she would fail and come running back to him. Dracula has had enough when he reads in the newspaper her engagement and finds it necessary to stop it because of the treaty placed between the Fleshies and the Vampires. If she marries this other man, it will mean the end of his reign for if the first Master Vampire cannot keep one of the first fleshies of the new treaty by his side then how can the Father of Vampires hope to keep his 'offspring'. This reason and other reasons for which he will not admit to bolts him to go and claim his fleshie once more.

SOA vs SAFSOA ^^^^^

The FX hit show Sons of Anarchy is going to be getting a new candidate to help lead one of the various chapters of SoA. Though SoA might accepted all men of different races what about the notion of a female joining the ranks? Not as an old lady but an actual SoA member? Well meet Shah O'Hara, a female member of the San Francisco Sons of Anarcy aka SAFSOA. The president of SAFSOA needs a new sergeant at arms after the last one died of a heroin overdose a few months back and the perfect candidate for the job is none other than Shah O'Hara. However, Shah must be approved by SAMCRO because of wanting to make sure this new head of arms will not mess his life over with drugs and put the SoA above everything. Funny how SAMCRO thinks Shah is a man but as one of the members of SAMCRO goes to meet up with Shah to pick him up, the member becomes suprised that Shah is not a man but in fact Shah is short for Shaharazad. A female no less. How will it go down knowing a female has been accepted into the SAFSOA and wants to get into the major leagues with the big boys. Will Shah be able to show her determination and not crack under pressure? How about the one who came to see her will it affect how she keeps the line of business and pleasure separate?

This one either Jax, Opie, Half-Sack, Tig, Clay, Juice, Happy or Chibs are available to be the lovely man who picks up Shah in San Fran.

Three Way Love, Really? ****

Anna had been best friends with James and Nathan for as long as she could remember. Having met them in her freshman year of college, she found her awkward way with their guidance. The two of them were there for her during the good and the bad times. Especially the bad times after she dealt with the divorce of her parents and the several failed romantic relationships. With her parents, she had been caught in the middle of the feud but James and Nathan made sure she knew there were at least two people in her life who would not use her as a pawn like her parents had. Though it was hard to stop her from herself since Anna somehow managed to find the worse men to date who later left her brokenhearted and at times broken in certain places of her body to match.

James and Nathan care for Anna, sometimes more than the two care to admit but after seeing her come out of her most recent relationship which ended her up in the hospital they made a decision. They want Anna to know what a true relationship can be even if it was with one of them. Nathan and James each think they can be a great man for her but there are many questions to answer. Will Anna love one of them? Take them both? Or lose one? Even both for good?

This will of course be a three way roleplay in which it follows the lives of three best friends. The best friends consist of two males and a female. Either the two males are bisexual and together while the female is their friend or all of them can be single. This can even work as solely two friends, male and female without there being a love triangle.

Please, Don't Hurt Me !

Sarah cannot take it anymore. The nights crying. Hours spent in the emergency room. Money spent on globs of make up to hide the evidence. She cannot take the abusive relationship she is in with Erik anymore. Two years of her life she spent with him only to wish she had gone back in time to decline his offer for a date. Though she knows she cannot take one more night with Erik, she is still in love with him and because he has taken her away from anyone she knows, she is ultimately trapped. Trapped until one night after Erik slapped her in the parking lot had a stranger come to her aid to help.

This stranger, a recent addition the city's local police came to Sarah's help after seeing the force to which her boyfriend struck her. Hard enough Sarah fell against the car, slumped to the ground and started to cry. He knows he cannot do much but to arrest the boyfriend and help her fill out paperwork to which she declines. This starts off how the stranger tries to get her to see that there is no fear in standing up for herself even if he has to show her that she is an admirable female.

Come My Angel of Music, No, Really, Come...

That is what Kallista thought she heard as she glanced up from her psychology textbook. Stuck in the library on the eve of her finals, she prayed the extra cramming would do her a bit of good for a final in social psychology. What she had not expect was to have other people in the library. The place was practically empty save for the librarian and the night janitor shuffling about but she must have been hallucinating. The same voice calls out to her and she wonders who it could be, stepping up from the chair and heading in the direction of the lurking person. When she came upon the romantic fiction section there was no one there but a fallen book on the ground. Thinking the janitor bumped against the shelf and knocked the book out, she bent to return it to its rightful place. Upon turning the book to see the title of the book, it opened with a crack of thunder. "What the?," she started but never finished what she wanted to say as she was soon sucked into the pages of the book. With another crack, the book fell once more to the ground showing its cover.

She has been sucked into a book but it can be any title placed here:

Phantom of the Opera^^^^^
Dr. Jekyll and Hyde^^^^^
Pride and Prejudice
Wuthering Heights
A Walk To Remember
Arabian Nights !
Beauty & The Beast^^^^^
Sleeping Beauty^^^^^
The Princess Bride^^^^^

Will You Be My Dodger? ****

A Jess/OC pairing of Jess getting over the lost of Rory telling him that she is in love with Logan. Helps if one has seen the last scene of Rory and Jess in Philadelphia. Now a new female is in Philly to push herself to be a published novelist but first needs a job. She meets Jess who will hire here and there the sparks or hatred will fly.

QuoteAmelia Wentworth wondered about many things as she made her way into the city. One was how much money she had in her pockets to feed and house herself. Another was whether she might get mugged in this place. A few of the thoughts led into making it big in the city. The last one was a nuisance about whether she could make it in the city. That last one she pushed to the back of her head, hoping it would not haunt her because of the last minute decisions she made. Not only had she dropped out of college to pursue a career in novel writing but she had packed up that same day, got into her junk yard of car and drove all the way to Philadelphia. A place where she hoped would accept her and have editors and publishing companies throwing themselves to put her work out.

She was not arrogant or thought highly of herself but she had to think of herself as somebody if she wanted to get her work published in the cutthroat industry that was novel publishing. Though first she needed to think about finding a place to live, a job and maybe some  food stand to buy a burger or a hot dog to feed her for the moment. Stopping at the nearest place which was a park, she prayed there was a cheap vendor selling food that would not give her the stomach flu and have her end up in the hospital. If Amelia thought about it, she had only enough to get her through for another day before she was in desperate for any type of job. She was even ready to shout out loud to see if anyone would hire her. What kind of female gives up everything for writing? Well, for her it was the chance to get her voice heard in the novel industry.

As The World Falls Down... &&&

Sarah from the Labyrinth has returned ten years later to see the Goblin King. She wonders if he still remembers her and wants to play with her again. Though her body and mind has aged, her thoughts still recall the first time of meeting Jared. This time she wants to go back to the Labyrinth and become his for the first and final time.


Jareth has seen Sarah grow up and marry, always watching her and always regretting losing her. It is until Sarah becomes with child and finds it to be a baby girl that Jareth has a second chance. He watches Sarah's child grow up to become a young woman of eighteen and is even in the form of an owl to comfort her when her mother dies.

(This idea is still in the works but left here to come back to finish)

This will be a Sarah/Jareth pairing or it can be a Jareth/OC pairing.

The Wheels of Love &&&

Emma and Jay were once happy and in love like the usual couples who had the best of one another. However, it all ended the night Jay was hit by a drunk driver. Problems started to come up after Emma's invalid husband who cannot use all of his functions below the waist starts to become bitter and hostile towards her. He was in drunk driving crash where he has lost partial use of his legs. If he goes to therapy and rehab, he would only have to use a cane but he has become depressed because of the doctors telling him there is the possibility he might not have children. The reason being was Jay had to lose both of his testes because when he was in the accident a piece of fiberglass had cut into his lower crotch cutting off blood supply and damaging his sexual organs that necrosis of his testes came about and had to be removed.

Now Emma has been supporting him, hoping he would be able to get through this depression to get out of the wheelchair to work on working his way to cane. Years have gone by in the marriage with him snapping and telling her that how could she know the pain he is going through. Whenever she wants to cook him dinner, he becomes agitated and wheels out of the room. She loves him very much but she wonders if she is supposed to be living her life this way. While she takes care of her husband, she has met a man who eats at the same park bench where she had thought it was her spot. The two come to an agreement to each lunch together and have even meet once every two weeks to even chat. However she starts to have feelings for him. She wonders if her marriage to her husband is something she truly wants to contend with or start something with the new stranger though she is afraid to be shut down. Who will she pick? Jay, the husband of eight years who she stayed with through the hardships or with the new stranger who makes her feel alive again?

Broken Vows, Broken Marriage ^^^^^

She knows he cheats on her. Every night he comes home with the smell of sex and perfume on him. He rarely denies his affairs but he goes on as if nothing is the matter. For two years he cheated on her in their five year marriage. She wondered what made him go out at night and leave her alone in their bed. What pushed him to sleep with other woman and break their sacred vows?

He knows she knows about his affairs. Every night he reeks of the women he was with and their perfume. There is no use in denying what he had done but he tries to keep things normal for the two of them. His reasons for cheating varies but he realizes what all of this is doing to his wife. Yet, he cannot stop until another man walks into his wife's life. A man who threatens to break up his marriage and pushes him to fight to keep his wife no matter what.

This stranger never knew she was married but he could see there was someone else in her life who kept her heart locked up. The stranger wanted to help her, wanted her to see she did not need to hold herself back because of another foolish mistake. He wants her even if his own life has its own ups and downs. Will she have him knowing his secrets? Would she leave her husband to be with a man who may break her heart with his own secrets?

Internet Connections... ^^^^^

Pisces243: My hands run along your inner thighs, stroking and kneading them. I can see the fire in your eyes. Do you want me?

Experience has taught literary critic Aida that office affairs always end in disaster. Which is why her online romance with Libra27 is exactly what she needs right now. The anonymous, steamy, and sensual encounters helps her forget the secret urge for her best friend and partner in a joint business, Sam, she gets every day. It is when she signs up for AstrologyLove.Com where she finds an outlet for the forbidden desire she has for Sam, a man who has been her best friend for ten years and partner in a business the two created from the ground up. She assumes her friendship with Sam is only platonic for she has played wing man to Sam whenever he needs the female perspective to snatch the ladies and bring them on home. Yet, she has no clue the virtual woman in his life is someone she knows all too well.

Libra2790: Always, Pisces, always.

Virtual sex with Sam is Pisces24 is sinfully hot, it takes his mind off of Aida, his business partner and best friend. While he wants Aida, how can he throw ten years of their friendship down the drain if she recoils at his advances? No, better to keep up the persona of playboy, best friend and business partner to her. Twice a week, he keeps to his online dates with Pisces243, a virtual lover found through an anonymous site geared toward private and discreet chatting. Aida does not know of Pisces24 for if she did, he fears embarrassment and pity but he cannot help seeing this virtual lover. It aids to keep his hands off his best friend and onto other things. However, a remark made by Aida makes him think the unthinkable: Could the private sex-fantasies he has been indulging in for months with his virtual love be in fact Aida?

[[This can go in many directions and will discuss how the 'chats' between the two characters will go but will focus more on the Sam and Aida dealing with the silent attraction between the two]

At Your Orders^^^^^

U.S. Army/Navy/Air Force Cian Owens spent the last furlough (temporary leave of absence from the Armed Forces) between the sheets with a voluptuous psychologist, Zandra Maxwell. How was he to know the minute he walked into the bar to have a few drinks with friends would turn up with him at the nearest hotel? Not him but he was not complaining about how he spent the week of being stateside. He reveled in the tenacity and strength the strange female gave in the bedroom and even out with their small conversation and comments while in the pair stayed in the hotel.

The two stayed in the hotel for one steamy week until it came time for their week to end and for him to get back to base. On the day he was to return, he had six hours until he had to report for duty at the training base. Cian thought of how long he would be away and if she would move on with someone else made his stomach clench and anger boil his blood. He did not want to be a notch on her bedpost and never wanted what the two had this week to end. How did Cian solve this? He proposed just as the two were having their last hoorah on the bathroom counter.

The pair secretly said their 'I do's' at the courthouse and Cian shipped out on a thirteen-month tour.

Stateside again and nursing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Cian begins a tough new mission: getting to know his new bride. In the bedroom things are perfect, but outside, the two are barely strangers, let alone husband and wife. Cian and Zandra have plenty to learn about one another. What brings them together is the passion in the bedroom but what may tear them apart may be their personalities and backgrounds. Will the two be able to handle it?

This can go three ways:

1. It can be a one shot of the two finding one another in the bar and when he leaves for his tour, the roleplay ends.
2. It starts off at the two meeting up in the bar and goes onto his arrival from the tour.
3. It skips over the beginning and shoots to him arriving from the tour and begin the storyline from that point.

Lords of the Underworld^^^^^

With the fourth book of Lords of the Underworld out this month, my craving for a storyline on the LoTu has come up. I am open to using the four Lords who have been featured in their own story lines: Maddox, Lucien, Reyes and Sabin. From there, discussion can go over in what areas to include and what to throw to the side. Here is the list of warriors including their Demons encased within their very being.

Lords of the Underworld
Maddox - Keeper of Violence
Lucien - Keeper of Death
Reyes - Keeper of Pain
Sabin - Keeper of Doubt
Gideon - Keeper of Lies
Amun - Keeper of Secrets
Torin - Keeper of Disease
Paris - Keeper of Promiscuity
Cameo (female) - Keeper of Misery
Kane - Keeper of Disaster
Aeron - Keeper of Wrath
Strider - Keeper of Defeat

Pick one or more, from there I can supply the information or if you know about the Lords of the Underworld Series, even better.

Here is also the link to Gena Showalter's website for the Lords of the Underworld.

Past Always Catches Up^^^^^
Six months ago, Emilia thought marriage with Shamus was a dream come true. It was a whirlwind courtship having just met a few months prior while she was abroad in England for school. When he popped the question, she accepted. Never had she thought their marriage would come to a sudden end but it did when she found Shamus with another woman. With a broken heart, she packed her things and moved back to the states.

Shamus never wanted his marriage with Emilia to come to an end. He had been set up by his secretary who wanted to get in between the marriage he had with Emilia. Since he saw Emilia abroad in England while on a business trip from Ireland, he fell in love with more than outside appearances but he fell for what was inside of her beautiful heart. When he was caught after his secretary tried to come onto him, he was devastated to see his new wife think he would ever cheat on her. However, when he came back to their apartment in England (the one he rented while she finished her study abroad and applied for a university in Ireland) to try and explain to her the mistake, she was gone. All she left behind was a few pieces of clothes, her gold band and a letter explaining her hatred for him and to never try to locate her.

Shamus married someone for life and he knew he would not stop to find his beloved wife. He planned to have her listen to him but would return to his arms?
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Movies that I would love to start a roleplay:

Hunger Games

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Marry Me


Bride and Prejudice

Lying To Be Perfect

^^^^^V for Vendetta: Evey/V, V/OC

Blade-Trinity: [Blade/Abigail, Abigail/Hannibal, Dracula/Abigail, Hannibal/OC, Dracula/OC, Blade/OC]

X Men: [Wolverine/Rogue, Rogue/Gambit, Gambit/OC, Wolverine/OC, Cyclops/OC, Pyro/OC, Iceman/OC]

Pride and Prejudice: [Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy]

Moulin Rouge: [Satine/Christian, Narcoleptic Argentian/OC, Christian/OC]

Bram Stoker's Dracula: [Mina/Dracula, Mina/Jonathan, Jonathan/OC, Dracula/OC, Mina/OC]

Hellboy: [Hellboy/Liz, Hellboy/OC]

The Phantom of the Opera : [Christine/Erik, Erik/OC, Raoul/OC]

&&&Interview with the Vampire: [Lestat/Louis, Armand/Louis, Armand/Lestat, Lesta/OC, Louis/OC, Armand/OC]

&&&Queen of the Damned: [Akasha/Jessie, Akasha/Lestat, Lestat/Akasha, Lestat/Jessie, Jessie/David, David/Lestat, David/Akasha, David/Maharet, Maharet/Lestat, Lestat/Pandora, Marius/Lestat, Marius/Pandora, Lestat/OC, Jessie/OC, David/OC, Marius/OC]

Dracula: 2000: [Dracula/Mary, Dracula/Simon, Mary/Simon, Lucy/Dracula, Simon/Lucy, Lucy/Mary, Solina/Dracula, Solina/Mary, Solina/Simon, Father David/Dracula, Dracula/OC]

Labyrinth: [Jareth/Sarah, Jareth/OC]

Underworld: [Selene/Michael, Selene/Lucian, Lucian/OC, Michael/OC]

Only Lovers Left Alive: [Adam/Eve]

Captain America: [Steve Rogers/OC, Bucky Barnes/OC]

Captain America Winter Soldier: [Captain America/OC, Bucky Barnes/OC, Falcon/OC]

More movies to come later....
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Shows I Will Roleplay From:

Veronica Mars: [Veronica Mars/Logan, Veronica Mars/Weevil, Veronica Mars/Duncan, Veronica/Wallace, Logan/OC, Weevil/OC, Duncan/OC, Wallace/OC, Logan/Weevil, Weevil/Duncan]

Smallville: [Clark Kent/OC]

Game of Thrones: Khal Drogo/Dany, Khal/OC

Once Upon A Time

New Girl



La Reina Del Sur

Being Human: Sally/OC, Aidan/OC

Shameless: Fiona/OC

Spartacus, Gods Of The Arena: [Gannicus/Melitta, Barca/Crixus, Lucretia/OC, Spartacus/OC]

La Fea Mas Bella

The Walking Dead: Glenn/OC, Rick/OC

Secret Diary of A Call Girl

Royal Pains

Drop Dead Diva

Cold Case

Covert Affairs: Auggie/OC, Annie/OC

The Closer: [Buzz/OC, Detective Sanchez/OC]

Spartacus: [Spartacus/OC, Crixus/OC, Spartacus/Sura, Barca/OC, Naevia/Crixus, Naevia/Spartacus, Barca/Naevia, Crixus/OC, Barca/OC, Naeva/OC]

Corazon Salvajes: [Juan del Diablo/Aimee, Juan del Diablo/Regina, Juan del Diablo/OC]

House: [House/Cuddy, House/Foreman, House/Chase, Chase/Thirteen, Chase/OC, House/OC, Cuddy/OC, Foreman/OC, Foreman/Thirteen, Thirteen/OC, House/Thirteen]

Blood Ties: [Vicki/Henry, Henry/OC, Vicki/Mike, Mike/OC]

Sons of Anarchy: Jax/Tara, Jax/Cherry, Opie/Donna, Kip/Jax, Kip/Cherry, Opie/OC, Jax/OC, Kip/OC, Clay/OC, Juice/OC, Tig/OC, Chibs/OC, Clay/OC, Happy/OC, Weston/OC, Jax/Trinity, Gemma/OC, Gemma/Nero, Gemma/Clay

True Blood: Bill/Sookie, Sookie/Sam, Bill/Sam, Jason/Sookie, Bill/Jason, Bill/OC, Jason/OC, Sam/OC, Eric/OC, Godric/OC]

Burn Notice: Michael/Fiona, Sam/Fiona, Michael/OC, Fiona/OC, Sam/OC, Jesse/OC

In Plain Sight: Mary/Marshall, Marshall/OC

Gilmore Girls: Rory/Jess, Dean/Rory, Logan/Rory, Luke/Lorelai, Luke/Jess, Lorelai/Jess, Lorelai/Dean, Lorelai/Logan, Jess/OC, Dean/OC

Ugly Betty: Henry/Betty, Betty/Gio, Betty/Daniel, Gio/Henry, Henry/OC, Gio/OC, Betty/OC, Betty/Matt

Moonlight: Mick/Josef, Josef/Beth, Mick/Beth, Mick/Coraline, Josef/Coraline, Mick/OC, Josef/OC, Beth/OC, Coraline/OC
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Books I Will Roleplay From:

Nocturne by Syrie James

Irresistible Bachelor by JR Ward

Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen

Terri Garey: Nicki Styx series 1

Maya Banks: Sweet Series 1-3

Bonded by Blood by Laurie London

Covet and Crave by JR Ward

Megan Hart Series: Stranger

A Vampire's Claim by Joey W. Hill: Danny/Devlin, Devlin/OC

Vampire Queen series by Joey W. Hill: Lord Mason/OC, Jacob/OC, Gideon/OC, Daegan/Gideon, Daegan/OC

Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland: Kara/Rhyzkahl, Ryan/Kara

Sookie Stackhouse Series

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward: Zsadist/OC, Wrath/OC, Phury/OC, Vishous/OC, Vishous/OC/Zsadist, Phury/Zsadist/OC, Qhuinn/OC, Blay/Qhuinn/OC

Darkyn Novels by Lynn Viehl

Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter

Palmer Series by Karen Chance
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Celebrities I Am Interesting In Using In A Roleplay

  • Gerard Butler
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Tyler Perry
  • Stuart Townsend
  • Bradley Cooper
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My no-no's, as in what I will never do and don't even ask me:
Anime-I will rip your heart and feed on it, with a bit of honey mustard on it, count on that.
Giantess-I have no pleasure nor want to be a tall and giant woman who enjoys tiny little men.
Breast enlargement-No I have enough of my own breasts to want to have mongo breasts for some character to stuff his face into, thank you very much.
Medieval-Unless you give me a good plot, then maybe. If not, don't even count on it.
Bestiality- No to horses, alligators, and anything that I deem bestiality
Roman Shower
Yellow Shower
Brown Shower

One Can Look At My On & Off's to see what else can be used and not
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Craving With A Passion...

  • Black Dagger Brotherhood threesome of Zsadist and Vishous
  • Black Dagger Brotherhood group roleplay of Zsadist, Vishous and Phury
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Spartacus: Blood & Sand
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Having being rereading the Tomb of Dracula series, I would consider playing Dracula in your 'A Vampire's Flesh' rp.
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Busy with freelance writing work.  Replies slow.  Feel free to prod me. 

Formally Tripping Satyr, Tripping Snake and QueenTrippingserpent.  Often known as Trip.

Ons/Offs: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=19217.0

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New Original Idea: At Your Orders is up and given ^^^^^ for want.
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"You say good start, I say perfect ending. 
This world has no heart and mine is beyond mending."
~Jay Brannan~

"Am I an angel or a monster?  A hero or a villian? Why can't I see the difference?"
~Mohinder Suresh~


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Hello Marguerite. I might be interested in "Three Way Love, Really?" if you're still looking for a partner for that one. Let me know!


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Mr Self Destruct

I would be interested in doing a role-play centered around the vampire characters from Queen of the Damned (though I found the movie deplorable).  Marius has always been a favorite, though if you're skewing more toward the book and less the movie, then we could include Armand or Louis, as well.  PM me with what you have in mind, and I can work around it. :D


More towards the movie and while the movie was so-so there are elements which I enjoyed.
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