wanton wordplay wanted with willing women : M seeking Fs : [MUL]

Started by rick957, July 07, 2009, 06:13:15 AM

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***thread has been locked, outdated***

Hi, welcome to my one-on-one roleplay story ideas

First, here's some pertinent general info about me.  I'm a straight male looking to roleplay with gifted female writers.  I generally avoid fantasy and tend to prefer modern, real-world settings, with occasional exceptions.  My minimum expectation in terms of post length and frequency is 5 full lines of text, once or twice a week; I will usually do more and appreciate when you can, too. 

Anything below can be tailored to suit you; all details are negotiable.

Please have a look at my Ons and Offs, which are linked in my signature, and peruse my posts for examples of my writing style.  Then, if you see anything here that grabs you, please reply here or PM me.  I will respond as soon as possible.

I hope to hear from you.  :-)

Update circa September 21, 2009:  Currently I'm not actively seeking new partners for one-on-one roleplays.  However, the truth of the matter is that if you're a good enough writer, I'll probably want to roleplay with you anyway; I seldom pass up a chance to collaborate with a gifted female partner.  So feel free to contact me if you think we'll make a good match.

This page will be updated eventually with more specific one-on-one story ideas once I start actively seeking new partners. 

In the meantime, I am currently craving group roleplays and would be happy to hear from anyone about starting or joining one of those.  I'll have a thread up soon with some of my own group roleplay ideas.

Below is an extremely long list of generic relationship pairings that appeal to me as the basis of one-on-one stories.  We would improvise the specifics of the scenario together.

In all these relationship pairings, I play the dominant male character (listed first in each pair) and you play the submissive female.  Also, my character always coerces yours into sex acts; i.e., there is always some degree of sexual reluctance or nonconsent.  My descriptions of the subgroups below contain deliberate repetition of phrases for the sake of clarity.

In the first group of pairings, your character may show some willingness and even enjoyment in the sex acts. 
These relationships could be milder and more pleasant for your character.
boss X employee
citizen X cop
employee X boss
intern X politician
jock X nerdy girl
jock X popular girl
judge X petty criminal
jurist X petty criminal
married man X married woman
nerd X popular girl
patient X nurse
platonic friend X unfaithful married woman
single man X married woman
student X student
teacher X student

In the second group of pairings, your character has little or no willingness or enjoyment in the sex acts. 
These relationships are usually harsh and unpleasant for your character.
cult leader X follower
doctor X patient
jailer X prisoner
judge X major criminal
jurist X major criminal
politician X intern
rapist X victim

In the third group of pairings, your character may be willing or unwilling, and may enjoy herself or not
These relationships may be mild or harsh, pleasant or unpleasant for your character.
(The third group are relationships that could fall under either of the previous groups, depending on your preferences.)
athlete X coach
coach X athlete
cop X citizen
criminal X cop
experienced male X innocent female
fan X celebrity
interrogator X captured spy
master X servant
master X slave
military commander X soldier
non-fan X celebrity
older man X younger woman
shrink X patient
younger man X older woman

Thanks for reading.  :-)
-- Rick