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About Me:

I am not seeking any new plots or partners at this time!

  • Roleplaying for about 7 years.
  • Plays a female in heterosexual pairings
  • Enjoys historical, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal settings
  • Enjoys characters that blur the lines of a proper moral compass.
  • Posts can be quite lengthy, although I try to supply just as much as my partner
  • Villains. I love a good bad guy and their attraction to uncorrupted women.
  • Currently, my posting rate is rather slow and most of my writing is done Friday-Sunday.
  • Anything else, consult my Ons and Offs or send me a PM.
  • Please PM me instead of replying. Things are much easier that way.
    • If I do not respond to you within a couple days, don't hesitate to send me another message. Things tend to get lost in my inbox.  :-[

    Game Ideas

    *Ideas are listed in the order of what I want to do the most, the first being my largest craving. Nothing is set in stone and I'm always willing to hear different or alternate ideas associated with my plots.  :D

    The Artist (Modern)

    Every week, she’d show up, looking to be sculpted, painted, molded. She was his muse, something to inspire. They wouldn’t speak and his guiding touches on her body never delved toward the boundaries of impropriety, but her curiosity grew and grew for the artist with the elegant hands and quiet eyes. Weeks pass and she doesn’t show up, missing appointment after appointment until she collapses at his doorstep, bruised and nearing unconsciousness. Their polite professionalism begins to crack as he takes her in and her secrets come to light, but will she turn away from him when he divulges a few of his own? He hadn’t always been an artist. Obviously, his secrets are yours to decide, though the more dramatic the better, in my opinion.

    Sullied (Historical)

    He was a bastard, both in station and temperament, but the only heir to the kingdom. The former king, willing to set aside his pride for the sake of lengthening his rule through his own bloodline, appoints the bastard prince as king, quite aware of his son’s lecherous habits and fondness for things in excess; wealth, women, and wine. However, the princess of a neighboring kingdom, a land rising within the ranks of power, has no love for her betrothal to the half-blood debaucher. Haughty and stubborn, her cold elegance hides a boiling hatred that can only erupt into a battle of the sexes.

    Heads Will Roll (Historical/French Revolution)

    The revolution has begun in France and two people, their pasts intertwined, will have to table their simmering hurt and regret to make it out of the city alive. He, an aristocrat denied by his first love and in a fruitless, political marriage, must learn to trust the one woman he never wanted to see again, his disgraced, former betrothed and disguised advocate of the rebellion. She can keep him from the guillotine, but the consequences may send her own head tumbling instead.

    Off My Property (Modern)

    Real estate attorney, Jules Buchanan, has been placed on the worst assignment in the history of her career. Sent to the wilds in the heart of Montana, she has been instructed to save a man’s ranch, expecting to see some old, backwoods hick who doesn’t know his own ass from a hole in the ground. Instead, she finds a man hellbent on sending her packing the moment her uptight, neurotic leather heels step foot on his property, refusing to need the help of a greedy lawyer.

    This can be played a variety of ways. It could be on the lighter side, where he tries to torment her by getting her to clean out stables as a part of getting to know the land or it could be a bit darker, wherein he adapts a more dominant rather than trickster type persona. I’m always willing to reverse the roles as well.

    All In (Modern/Crime)

    Her husband’s gambling addiction had gone too far. Gradually, the bookies had stopped calling, replaced by the occasional surprise visits instead. Blood shed. Bruises blooming. The violence started with her husband, but it didn’t stop there. Her own safety was in jeopardy, threats abounding after the disappearance of her spouse. He either skipped town or was nabbed for a ransom, the collectors directing their attentions to an innocent woman. The only thing she could do was find her husband and turn him over, if he truly was on the run, or cough up the $100,000 herself. The last person she thought would be a pillar of support, the man who seemed to detest her since her wedding day, was her brother-in-law. Thrust together in dangerous situation after dangerous situation, the two come to realize that their hatred bordered awfully close to other, more favorable emotions. I’m up to discussing more of their history. Violence, gunfights, and sexual tension galore! Playing the husband isn’t a necessity, either, as we can easily jump right into the middle of things.

    Acclimation (Modern or Historical/Werewolf or Shifters)

    Another werewolf plot. Go ahead and roll your eyes. They came from the south seeking a haven in the north, safety from the rapid expansion of human civilization. But adapting was more difficult than they thought, forcing them to merge with the northern pack for the sake of survival, a harsh blow to their pride. Ideally, I hope to make it a threesome (two males & a female) of sorts, not necessarily sexual in nature, but something to increase the tension with the third party serving as a character we would both share the responsibility of controlling. It, however, is not a necessity.

    Into the Wild (Modern or Historical/Wilderness)

    As part of her estranged father’s dying wish, a spoiled, upstart of a woman is thrust into the harsh wilderness on the whim of an old man on the verge of senility. A guide is chosen for her, forced into the non-negotiable company of a rugged tracker who has little patience of her antics. I’d like to have some sort of past between the two of them, one that she doesn’t quite remember and that has left him jaded.

    Cold Feet (Modern)

    A bachelorette party in Vegas easily equals a night filled with questionable actions fueled by copious amounts of shots and wads of dollar bills. Waking up, alone, in the backseat of a cab with a steely-eyed driver is not what she had planned, especially not two states away. The scrutinizing driver insists she hefted over a large amount of cash, insisting that he keep driving until she told him to stop, leaving the bride-to-be wondering if her sudden case of cold feet was more than just a fluke. After all, drunken words are sober thoughts.

    A Beast Within (Historical/Werewolf)

    Photo inspiration  Civil war has broken out amongst the clans in medieval Scotland. Horrific tales are told of warriors in the shape of beasts. Livestock is ravaged on a nightly basis while hunting parties go missing. A young widower discovers a naked and bloodied man on the boundaries of her property, an enemy surrounded by the carcasses of her sheep. Dragging him back to her cottage, she hopes to use him as a means of information to preserve her clan and village, unaware that the monsters whispered in the dark and her captive are one and the same.

    Slay Together, Stay Together (Modern/Zombies) - Taken by Adonis

    A young couple, either recently separated or divorced, is brought together by a devastating outbreak of the walking dead. With only one another to depend on, will their own relationship shortfalls hinder their survival or will this be the perfect form of couple’s counseling? There's definitely going to be more of a focus on action as the couple battles their way to safety, exercising the demons of their marriage while fighting their own bouts of sexual tension, though they may just kill each other first.

    Violent Delights & Violent Ends (Modern/Crime) - Taken by Cambrioleurs

    A woman returns to her old stomping grounds, a narcotics agent with the FBI, to expose the increasingly dangerous drug activity threatening to consume the city of her childhood. Unfortunately, the man with his hands deep within the organization was the one thing she always regretted leaving behind. Using him, she’ll have to set aside her personal feelings of the past to use him as a pawn, knowing it’s the ultimate betrayal.

    General Settings/Characters

    What I prefer to play will always be listed on the right. Check marks mean that theme is in play and bolded pairings are what I'm craving.

    Noble/Court Exile (or vice versa)
    Gladiator/Roman Noblewoman
    Roman Nobleman/Gladiatrix
    Outlaw/Texas Ranger (or vice versa)

    Teacher/student (or vice versa)
    Bodyguard/Woman (daughter of a politician, employer, mob boss, or royalty)
    Ex-convict/Innocent (quiet college student, small business owner, young mother, etc.)
    Drug dealer/Addict
    Drug dealer/Innocent (quiet college student, small business owner, young mother, etc.)

    Fantasy/Sci fi/Paranormal
    Any manner of pirates/smugglers (sky, space, or water)
    Officer/Pirate (or vice versa)
    God/Goddess (Any mythology)
    Warring shifter clans

    Unseelie/Seelie Courts (or vice versa)
    Demon/Angel (or vice versa)
    Any manner of magic beings
    Fairy tale pairings
    Villain/Superheroine (or vice versa)

    Picture Plots

    *A list of current pictures that are begging for a story. I've listed some vague ideas, but PM me should anything get your creative juices flowing.  ;)

    (Customer frequents bakery, stumbles in after hours.)

    (Gypsy. Island natives. Tropical vacation.)

    (Enslaved princess or poor thief. Usurped kingdom. Rapunzel or Rumpelstiltskin.)

    (Widow’s husband reincarnated – Ghost, vampire, etc. Themes of black magic. Demon/spirit plays upon woman’s grief.)

    (Drunken hallucination gives way to literary character come to life. Young woman trespasses in lord’s library.)

    On Hold

    *Ideas currently set aside. If any of these does interest you, I'm more than willing to come up with something similar.

    A Godly Affair (Fantasy/Historical)

    Dionysus always throws the best parties, though a couple gods find themselves to be a little worse for wear after the festivities have ended. Artemis can barely stand up straight, as the usual reserved huntress falls victim to her loosening inhibitions. Falling into the arms of a rather questionable bedfellow, Artemis isn't sure whether it'll be a night to regret or one that should be celebrated. Ideally, I'd prefer my partner to play a stronger, dominant god (Hades, Ares, etc).

    Evangelistic Error (Fantasy/Paranomal)

    Through some mix-up, probably due to faulty heavenly paperwork, two souls are sent to their incorrect eternal sentences. An innocent and somewhat naive female is sentenced to work as a demon for the underworld, while a temperamental and dominant male must serve as an angel. How will the demon girl return to her rightful place and what happens when the angelic imposter refuses her plea?

    Trespassing through Time (Historical/Time Travel)

    Scientist, Olivia Reeves, wasn’t expecting to successfully travel through time, but after a late night of after-hours testing in the lab, she wakes up centuries in the past. Cold stone surrounds her as she awakens on the floor of some chilly, foreboding castle. Attempting to escape, Liv is discovered by a couple large men, clad in warm animal pelts and crude leather. Dragged through the halls into a large room, she stands before what can only be described as a massive Viking warlord. Will he be merciful to this intruder or make her submit to his wills? This can be played a variety of ways. It could be mostly comedic due to the differences in their accustomed societies. Maybe it turns into a roleplay regarding dominance and submission or maybe it could be something darker. Why not all three?! I’m open to many interpretations.


I am interested in both the Mistaken Offering and the Harley Quinn/Joker idea. Will shoot you a PM


I would love to do "Laughter is the Best Medicine". The Joker is my hero. Remember the little tune they played on the Batman cartoon? When I get a cell phone, it'll be my ringtone.

Anyway, PM me if you're willing to hear me out about Laughter or any of the fan-based games you have a particular itch to do.

The Baron

Would love to do the Star Wars roleplay. Am a huge SW nerd, and actually am involved in a Sith based RP at the moment, though my character is a "student" as it were.

Shoot me a PM sometime. :)

Bitter Sweet

Interested in playing either one "A Sight To Behold" or "A Mistaken Offering". Give me a PM if either are open still.

Why is a raven like a writing desk.....




New RPs:

  • Take to the Skies
  • Evangelistic Error


I think I wouldn't mind doing "Take to the Skies" with you. I think I'd like to learn a little bit more about what you had in mind for it, but PM me if I meet your criteria, I think it could be fun.
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My Desires: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=159468.0

On and Off Thread


If you are ever interested in doing Sight to Behold again with a different partner, just PM me.


I'm interestedi n Taken to the skies if you sitll looking for someone to RP with heh with your female pirate.



New RPs:

  • A Godly Affair
  • Off the Clock



New RPs:

  • Spoils of War
  • Trespassing through Time


I am a star wars fan myself so I am interested in doingThe Power of the Dark Side (Sci-fi) with you, if you are interested send me a pm.



New RPs:

  • Groomed
  • Overdue


  • Reordered and organized ideas according to my current cravings.



New RPs: I'm on a small-town, rural America kick.

  • Never the Same
  • Off My Property



New RPs:

  • In the Rough
  • Left for (Un)Dead
  • All In


  • Cleaned things up.
  • Added a disclaimer: Only looking for one or two more games and no canon pairings.



New RPs:

  • Violent Delights & Violent Ends
  • Slay Together, Stay Together


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  • Created a section for pictures that inspire plots - Updated
  • Added a disclaimer: Only looking for one or two more games. No canon pairings or settings. Craving gritty stories with emphasis on action and tension.



New RPs:

  • Violent Delights & Violent Ends - Edited plot
  • A Beast Within
  • Heads Will Roll


  • Selectively seeking new partners.
  • I'm not looking for anything superhero/heroine based at this time.



New RPs:

  • Acclimation
  • Into the Wild


  • Added two new picture plots.
  • Put a couple previous ideas on hold.
  • Emphasized sought after pairings in bold.



New RPs:

  • The Artist
  • Sullied
  • Cold Feet


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