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Author Topic: Let's open the history books? (Open)  (Read 559 times)

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Let's open the history books? (Open)
« on: July 06, 2009, 04:27:52 AM »
I'm a big fan of historical settings, and they are probably my most favorite thing to set any kind of roleplay in. I have an idea at the moment, but I'll update this topic as I come up with some more. I'm not going to be overwhelming about historical settings, a brief understanding is all that is required... I want it to be interesting for both of us, not something makes you groan when considering the idea.

A Very Merry Restoration
Setting: Paris, 1817-1818.
Pairing: M/M

It has been two years since the fall of Napoleon and the restructuring of Europe at the Congress of Vienna, and the Bourbon dynasty has been restored to the throne of France, and after many long years, the continent of Europe can breathe in peace. France, humiliated and ruined by the Napoleonic Wars, is given a chance at recovery. Bayonets and the roar of cannon are replaced by the sounds of the beautiful sopranos at the opera, and the string quartets of the symphony.

François de Laurent is just one of the many young men living in Paris at this exciting time. Around twenty, and from a very privileged family, he has no idea of work and fritters his time away at a variety of persuits, knowing he will be provided for from the fortune his father has worked so hard to build. However, all this changes quickly on a cold December evening when François finds himself mugged by a group of ruffians and left in the gutter, presumably to freeze to death, until a young Austrian colonel, part of the allied occupational army in the capital, comes across François and saves him from freezing to death by bringing him to the nearest barracks. François is hardly grateful for being saved, considering his savior is not a dashing French soldier, but rather a foreigner stationed in France like so many others to contain France after decades of war.

François does not initially take the colonel, viewing him with distrust, and does not even thank him for saving his life, while the colonel is taken with the young Frenchman almost immediately. Over a period of time the two continue to run into each other, and eventually François warms to his savior, sparking a romance. Yet it seems destined to be short lived, with the Colonel's regiment due to leave France and to return to Bohemia, giving both men a difficult choice--to follow the other, or to stay behind and risk it all...

I'll be playing: François de Laurent
Things that could be changed:
- The Pairing (It can easily become M/F, with François becoming a female, like Louise, Amalie, Françoise, ect. It's a minor issue, but I'd prefer M/M)
- The Colonel (This was simply a brain storm, there were many foreign troops in Paris at this time, so he could easily be British, Russian, Prussian, Savoyard, Bavarian, ect, with his regiment due to return to Dover, Warsaw, Berlin, Turin, Munich, ect, towards the end of the story. This is all up to you, but the main point is that he is foreign and he will have to leave sometime soon, maybe)
- I'm open for other suggestions to the story, as well! Perhaps adding in another character vying for François' affections, or perhaps mid-story someone attempts to steal the Colonel way, ect..

- While François already has a semi-personality established (a rather snotty, pampered young man), the Colonel is a blank slate for my partner to mold. He's obviously somewhat gentle (he saves François, after all), but he could easily be a very stern man, headstrong, a pushover, ect. Whatever you want, it can easily be made a reality!

I'd be intending for this story to be rather long, and there wouldn't necessarily be any sexual action right away... I'd be glad to see a lot of details, twists, and other turns! The main idea is there, but what happens at every little point is not. I'm up for other suggestions, ideas, to turn the story!


In Faith and Fury
Setting: The Caucasus/Persia, 15th-17th centuries (Very ambigious for a reason)
Pairing: M/F

Inspired by this wikipedia article. The general idea is a match between a Christian warrior queen from a kingdom in the Caucasus region (south of Russia: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, ect) who has been defeated in battle, imprisoned, and sent to the Persian Shah as proof of his greatest triumph. It is to the surprise of the Persian monarch that his greatest adversary, who has slaughtered so many of his troops and have caused him so many difficulties, is not a man… but a woman. He then decides it would be only fitting to humiliate his greatest enemy to show his dominance once and for all.

The two characters would be close in age (mid-20s to early 30s probably), having an intense hatred each other. Although the queen is a prisoner, she is not the submissive type. If anything, two dominant personalities are being paired together, and would have sparks there. I can’t see the two characters falling in love or anything, but rather a rugged scenario where the queen seeks to escape this hellhole she has been pushed into, in hopes to return to her people and to continue fighting. I would like to avoid any excessive abuse (mutilation, ect, are no-nos), but rather focus on two dominating personalities clashing over everything, and the Persian Shah attempting to ‘put her in her place’ so to speak, and being surprised at every turn as he forces her to bend to his will. Although it'd have a little bit of non-con action, I'd want a little more flavor than just generic rape, as the Shah would be trying to get this barbaric warrior queen to recant her Christian faith and accept Islam.

The setting for this game is fairly ambigious, as are the characters, allowing a lot of creation, and I’m open to playing either role in this scenario, although I’d be more comfortable playing the role of the female in a scenario at this (my dominating skills aren’t that great). A variety of things could also be switched around, or extra drama and twists added… just send a PM my way and we can discuss things.
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Re: Let's open the history books? (Open)
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2009, 06:20:46 AM »
Bumping this, hoping someone will take interest in it!
I'm also mulling over other ideas to add to the first post, in case no one is taken with the Restoration idea just yet.