It's the end of the world as we know it... [UN]

Started by Jude, July 04, 2009, 06:32:52 AM

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I'd like to start by emphasizing that I really enjoy character-driven stories, dialogue, and exploration of ideas every bit as much as any erotic elements (if not a tad more at times).

This idea is based off of a play I wrote, so while I'm going to give a very detailed description of what I'm looking for, compromise is not only accepted but encouraged.  I do want the core idea to remain intact, however, but as long as the basic theme is preserved and you're a female playing a female, I don't have a problem with you changing your character.  The premise is this:

Sometime in the near future a pandemic sweeps the world; killing over 99% of the population.  It is extremely contagious, travels by air, and wipes out practically everyone.  Only a few people remain untouched.  They watch as the world unravels around them.

Very little is known about the disease.  Finger pointing is rampant.  Conspiracy theorists claim the government created it, animal rights activists blame factory farming, and far-right commentators claim failed border security is responsible for its spread.  With politics continuing as usual the survivors are bitter and polarized.

Less than 1000 scattered people are left in the entire continental United States when all is said and done.   Most are on their own (due to the astronomically low chance of being immune to the plague), excepting two individuals in the remains of New York City:  a conservative male who used to work on Wall Street and a militant feminist bisexual (leaning lesbian).  The two are polar opposites, but they're alone for hundreds of miles in every direction and as far as they know the only living survivors of the human race.

I don't mind if you alter the female character to be straight (that was more of humorous twist about procreating in the play) or be the "conservative one" of the two.  All that matters is that they remain at odds so that the core of the experience remains; two very different people forced to band together to survive.

As for what I expect to happen sexually, I don't know.  Anything listed as "off" in my O/Os definitely won't happen.  I could see extremely light NC happening (nothing cruel, excessive, or violent).  I also don't have a conclusion in mind for the story.  However, I'm not interested in the female becoming pregnant as a plot point.  Should that happen, it would be as a conclusion to the storyline.  I'm excited to play out the setting, watch the character development, argue as the characters, and see what happens between them.

I'm looking for someone who can make at least 4 posts a week (preferably once a day on average) and is willing to write in as much detail as is reasonably necessary.  Dialogue doesn't require paragraphs and paragraphs, and I expect this to be dialogue heavy; but I still want someone capable of doing longer posts if it's needed.  In terms of perspective I'm looking for third person and not present tense.  I don't mind if there are some omniscient elements, but I do prefer to be "shown" what a character is thinking to being outright told.

Thanks for reading this post.  Send me a PM or respond here to let me know if you're interested.