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Author Topic: The Red Comet's new ideas [MUL] (F wanted, updated July 6th!)  (Read 611 times)

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Hello, everyone! I've recently had two new ideas for solo RPs that I think could be fun, as well as a few much less fleshed-out ones. If nothing in there really interests you but you think I could be fun to RP with anyway, feel free to check my O/Os and contact me!

In this world, the amount of mana reserves spellcasters can tap into are decided at birth by the whimsical hand of fate. However, about once in a thousand years, a true aberration is born, one with virtually unlimited reserves of magical power. Twenty years ago, a boy with that power has been brought into being. The problem? Not knowing a thing about his gift, he spent his life training to become a knight, becoming completely unable to actually use it (willingly). After causing several accidents he didn't quite understand, the young knight was chased out of his town and forced to become a travelling adventurer. Even though no one, including himself, quite knew what he was, word spread across the land, and more educated people soon began to make their move to get their hands on the wonder boy... One such person was a fellow adventurer, a novice sorceress with her eyes set on him, determined to make his power hers somehow.

Notes: This kind of story can be done in about any mood, but for some reason I'm imagining the setting being closer to Monty Python and the Holy Grail than Lord of the Rings. Your character's exact goals and personality are up to you, as well as exactly how the characters' relationship would play out. For mine, I'm considering making him either a naive, goody-two-shoes hero, or an over-the-top macho type lacking a bit in brain power.

Hello World!
In a far, far-flung future, the Internet has evolved into a full-blown virtual reality, to the point where it might just be called a parallel world of its own. In this half-Tron, half-dreamworld reality, romance blossoms between two people, hiding behind avatar characters. The two have been seeing each other for over a year now, and they've taken advantage of the virtual world's incredible flexibility to get intimate many times now. However... it turns out one of the two lovebirds is actually an artificial intelligence, and has never really gotten around to telling their significant other yet. Their relationship is in for a few changes, when finally, the dreaded few words are spoken...

"Let's meet offline!"

Notes: I'm open as to who would be playing the human and who would take the artificial intelligence. From there, maybe the AI could upload itself into an android body, talk a human into posing as him while being fed lines, Cyrano de Bergerac-style, or another sitcom-inspired subterfuge we could think of could occur! A possible twist could also be to, instead, have BOTH characters be artificial intelligences and somehow try to work it from there.

Super Brother Rescue Adventure Taken!
The magical land of Fungus Kingdom is ruled over by a beautiful princess, whose smile is said to bring sunshine to her entire realm. Dark forces led by the evil Dragon Emperor often conspire to kidnap her, desiring to get their hands on both of her mysterious powers and stunning body. Luckily, her lover Dario, along with his brother Weegee, always come to save the day... eventually. It's not easy being royalty, especially when two heroic brothers, an evil emperor and even your own subjects are all fighting for your affections (and that oh-so-great cake you bake)... but it does have its perks.

Notes: Obviously, this is a parody of Super Mario Bros., but the source material can be played loose with and reinterpreted. I could either alternate between all three main male characters, or focus on only one of them.

Netherworld Hospital Taken!
A man, one day, wakes up in a hospital bed. His memories hazy, his body apparently perfectly fine and the surrounding beds all empty, he has a lot of questions to ask and seemingly nobody willing to answer them. In particular, one very attractive nurse attending to him seems to be having a lot of fun keeping him guessing. The man, seeing her, isn't quite sure wether he should try to escape this strange hospital, or stay and let himself be seduced by this strange, otherworldly nurse. Either way, it seems there's more to her that meets the eye... Maybe, he thinks, he's died and gone to Heaven? Or perhaps Hell?

Notes: This could either be totally mundane, supernatural, or slowly turn from the former to the latter. The tone, I think, could be Disgaea-style madcap humor, more seriously unsettling and horror-oriented, or outright sensual from the get-go.

The Briefs Taken!
An office worker has had his eye on you, his superior, for quite some time now. He would actually be quite charming if he wasn't so... painfully shy. One day, though, he somehow comes across a pair of briefs inside of which have been sealed the powers of a mischievous god. When he puts them on, he turns into a different person entirely, bringing his secret desires and repressed feelings to the forefront in a spectacular fashion! Little does your character know that the adonis who's at her door right now is actually her meek coworker...

Notes: Continuing the trend of raping my own childhood in the weirdest ways imaginable, this is inspired by The Mask (the movie, not the comics). The exact nature of the briefs' powers can range from "anything we can think of" to something more limited, and I'd be open to the scenario being reversed, too!

Miscellaneous half-baked idea fodder:
   -I've been wanting to do something involving a goo girl for a long time now. No idea how the specifics would work out, but if that's your thing, inquire within!
   -If you're familiar with Viewtiful Joe, I love the dynamic Joe and Sylvia have going on in the second game. I think an over-the-top, witty banter-spouting crimefighting couple like the could be a blast to play.
   -In a similar vein: Endless Frontier. If those two words mean anything to you and you're not rolling your eyes yet, I'd love to bounce around a few ideas and, you know, milk them for all they're worth.

More may or may not be coming soon!
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Offline Red CometTopic starter

Re: The Red Comet's new ideas [MUL] (F wanted, updated July 5th!)
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2009, 10:58:51 PM »
BUMP: Super Brother Rescue Adventure has been added, and Netherworld Hospital has been expanded on a bit.

Offline Oleander

Re: The Red Comet's new ideas [MUL] (F wanted, updated July 5th!)
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2009, 01:49:34 PM »
Super Brother Rescue Adventure sounds like it would be quite fun.

Offline Red CometTopic starter

Re: The Red Comet's new ideas [MUL] (F wanted, updated July 6th!)
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2009, 10:01:22 PM »
All right, I've contacted you to discuss this!

The Briefs has been added. This is just getting weirder and weirder.

Offline Ms Mad Hatter

Re: The Red Comet's new ideas [MUL] (F wanted, updated July 6th!)
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2009, 10:35:42 PM »
The Briefs looks like it would be interesting. We should chat about it :)