Five Men & A Lady

Started by LadySky, July 02, 2009, 09:33:49 AM

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RP based on my current avatar. I had one character drop out so we are short one male character! Check it out and if your interested PM me! Please!!!!!!!

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~Five Men and a Lady~

England, 1588

It is a dark time for all of England and frequent wars among the nobility keep lands changing hands. Just such a war has occured. The new ruler of Neville Castle wants to prevent any revolt so he turns the wife of Lord William Jonathon Henry Neville IV, his slain enemy, over to some of his men. They are to humiliate and use her in any degrading means they so desire so she will be unable to use religous authorities to make a claim to the throne as wife and the people will be frightened to revolt.

Five men have signed up for this task...and so our story unfolds.

Name~ Lady Skylark Neville (called Lady Sky)

Age~ 24

Physical Description~ Small and gentle Skylark is the perfect noble Lady. Brown hair filled with golden highlights falls in waves past her bottom. She has never however had her hair loose in the company of others, always keeping it tightly braided and pinned. Soft moss green eyes that gaze cold and unfeeling at all she meets. Her body is small and though her breasts are not large they are high and firm, perfect handfulls. Small hips are supposedly to blame for her inability to conceive a child for her husband though many say it is indeed the Lord that is to blame.

Personality~ Quiet, distant, aloof. The perfect Lady in every way. Keeps to herself and does her duty, never shows emotion of feeling.

History~ Lady Sky's mother died 3 days after giving birth to her one and only child. Naming her Skylark for her favorite bird was the only gift she was able to bestow upon her daughter before death. Her father was aloof and unfeeling, devoting himself to his lands and money. In order to make a profitable allegence he betrothed his 4 year old Skylark to a Lord known for his evil ways. Sky was raised to be the perfect wife, mother, and Lady, taught to never show emotion, never ask questions, and above all obey her husband. At 15 she was given in marriage to Lord William Jonathon Henry Neville IV. Her husband was 46. Cruel, angry, and vicious Sky soon learned the true nature of hell. Unable to maintain an erection Lord Neville beat and abused Sky blaming her ugliness for his problem. Throughout the years of her marriage she has endured almost every humiliation imaginable, or so she thought. Loyal to her father and determined to make her mother proud she has spent her life hiding every emotion and appearing to be the aloof, spoiled, noblewoman all except her to be.
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